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Thread: Where should I train?

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    well on my Assasin i did 50-70 at Hoodoos

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    Training on one monster for 20 lvls... That must have been boring.
    Btw where are they?

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    whats cpq2? i know what cpq is but the 2?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krytical View Post
    whats cpq2? i know what cpq is but the 2?
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    I've trained a NW to 60, and between 60 and 70, well, 60+, I don't know where to train. I suppose the best place to train till 70 is CPQ2, but I was hoping there might be an alternative there.
    Right now I'm working on a level 43 replacement for my 60 NW (don't ask, long story) and doing LPQ and hoping that I won't have to kill myself too many times to get the glasses. xD
    Also, I was hoping for an alternative to CPQ2 in general for level 51+ (since I know that LPQ will get me to 50/51 no problem)
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