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Thread: Where should I train?

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    Default Where should I train?

    hmm... Night walker sounds kinda cool~

    May this thread be devoted to where to train your Stealthy Night Walker, Like the other "where should I train threads" this will follow the same system.

    So, the reason why I am creating these threads is because they have new skills, and therefore different places to train then regular Rouges.

    Let people get used to their skills and find good places to train then come back and post here.
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    L> 2x-35 training spots.

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    Ant tunnel / KPQ / CPQ
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    The Cygnus quests should get you to about 19 or 20, so from 20-25 I'd suggest going into the Ant Tunnel or Pig Farm mini dungeons. Getting the 4k extra exp after 30 minutes is nice too. The watermelon quest also makes for some great exp.

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    pig beach, acpq, questing
    not always in that order, but pig beach is pretty good leveliing 2x-22
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    Do the Friggin quests! :mad: and pq in kpq and (Apq if you are tired of w8ing for this kpq. I used the trade wins tatics )

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    Hey, I'm a level 51 dexless night walker (ftw :D) and I need a good place to train xD Mesos and drops arent THAT important. Any good ideas? :P

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    You know merc you should post where to train instead of just getting the thread/sticky to boost your thread mark. NUB!!!

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    Default Training Spots..

    Everyone says Apq... but even with trade wins.. it isnt that fast.. kpq is good.. and cpq at low 3x is amazing.. but i think for 2x your best bet is curse eyes and evil eyes.. so long as you can 1-2 HKO them.. use some family rep for 2x exp and you should level every 15-30 minutes depending on your lvl :)

    and in low 3x's if you dont want to Cpq you can always grind... which isnt as fast tho

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    Default LVL 50-70 training

    Hey.. im looking for grinding spots for nw's at lvl 50-70.. i dont want to cpq2 and lmpq seems like a hassle.. so anyone got any ideas??

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