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Thread: Can DW use m.att to increase dmg?

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    Default Can DW use m.att to increase dmg?


    When I got my skill Soul Charge I saw in my character stats that my magic raised with 12 points (20 -> 32) because of SC.

    I thought that when SC is activated you can use m.att. pots? So I went to HHG1 and tried it out.

    With only Rage my maximum dmg should be 5803 dmg with Power Strike. I tried for 5 mins, but my the maximum dmg I got was like 5795 (pretty close). Then I activated SC and used a Wizard Potion (+20 m.att.), note: if you use SC first and the use the pot, both buffs is activated (I dont know if SC is still active), but if i use pot first and then SC the SC overwrite the pot.

    Anyways, I did a new maximum of total 5906 dmg (

    Conclusion, if I use m.att. pots with SC I will get higher dmg? zomg, you can make an int-DW epic!!!!!!!!1

    Seriously, am I in to something?

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    Conclusion, if I use m.att. pots with SC I will get higher dmg? zomg, you can make an int-DW epic!!!!!!!!1
    - Epic Fail.

    No, it can never stack. M.A pots doesn't boost anything, it's only the SC damage that boost the attack. It's quite similar to the topic on what if WK uses mediation with holy charge or something to boost atk. (I kinda forget, was long time ago)
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    wrong .
    by Cryopon

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    It's a nice idea, but yeah, unfortunately it doesn't work. This crops up a lot because Nexon/Wizet failed originally by making the element charges for WKs (and now DWs) add Magic attack for no real reason.

    It's been proven that Magic attack does not raise charge damage. If you tried for longer without the magic attack pot, I'm sure you could reach 5900 without it.
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    SC gives M.Atk? OH, i think thats just the 25% ele bounus. but no, an int DW would be doing, like, 45s at level 120. >.<

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