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Yeah, they changed it a few patches back to make Maple island a lot easier, and they brought it to Erev+KoCs too. This makes training any character easy as pie. Not to mention the quests they give you get you to 10 right off the bat. If you want to save time, just hit 'auto-assign' as a noblesse. Stats get reset anyway, so go nuts.

As for the beginner skills, it's really up to you. I personally like adding all 6 of my points into three snails and nimble feet, three snails because you no longer need the shells to use the skill, so you can just spam them if you've got the mp. And nimble feet because it gives a half decent speed boost for a bit, and since they lowered the cool down to a minute, it can be somewhat spammed.

not that it matters anymore because they force you to raise your stats but,
i mean, sure, your sp gets reset, but that little extra that you get for each level depending on what stat you have where helps
more str = more hp per lvl
more int = more int per lvl
maybe it's not so anymore, or never was at all... but im pretty sure it was like that at some point in time... am i wrong?
if i am, PLEASE tell me, cuz i grinded through so many mages with 4 str 4 dex and it killed me TT>TT