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Thread: Where did you train?

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    Default Where did you train?

    I figured this would be useful for other members who are newer to starting off their Wind Breakers, so I decided to make one of these. It's simple: Post where you trained each level. Don't suggest! If you haven't trained the levels you, don't put anything. I know I find knowing where others trained helps me, so I figured I'd make a thread to just help others through it.

    So, for me...

    1-10: Noblesse Quests in Ereve
    10-13: Ereve quests
    13-16: Watermelon/Mini Dungeon Event quests
    16-30: Cygnus Mission Quests (with training at previous areas when I needed more level... ex. Trained at Rocky Masks until was level to do Sleepywood Mission after the Perion Mission)
    30-31: Boss PQ
    31-37: MCPQ
    37-39: Platoon Chronos/Monkey Forest II

    Will add more as I level.

    Go ahead! Post where you trained your Wind Breakers!
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    If you're above level 40, you could do the Fool's Gold quest and the Polluted Rock quest repeatedly at leprechauns. If you go finish the quest each time you get all the rocks, the experience really starts to add up. I always take my rocks to Cassandra so I can get an extra buff while I'm killing the leprechauns.

    So, Leprechauns <Lvl 40+, Exp: ok, Mesos: Godly>
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    for the low levels I just hpq and followed the quests,
    30~33 (bpq, I wanted that helm and decent xp)
    34~40 Cold eyes in sleepy dungeon 3 (good mob)
    41~49 Truckers
    50~59 mp3
    60 ~ 80? windraiders
    All of the places I name and levels are for fast xp, not money (though once you make it to mp3, it always becomes good money :P)
    Of course, you can do any of the party quests, but I didn't want to deal with the overpopulation of cygnus knights in all of the party quests so if you do not want to do them quests, then these are the places for you.
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    Instead of doing quests for low lvl's i grinded at evil eyes and curse eyes with 2x exp.. getting noob jrs from hpq

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    erm.....wher is Watermelon/Mini Dungeon Event quests?? sry im new with maple

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    Quote Originally Posted by joker101 View Post
    erm.....wher is Watermelon/Mini Dungeon Event quests?? sry im new with maple
    They ended a while ago, sorry.

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    I dont think we should train at mc2 for lv 50~70 cuz there are many scams and no one trusts each other. Especially for bowmern cuz we cant own as much as other characters like thiefs.

    EDIT: You can but its not recommended

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    this is helpful. thanks

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    10-21 that bunny pq in henesys, the cake thing xD
    21-31 kerning pq
    31-51 carnival pq
    51-57 that im now pyramid pq in ariant, then i dont know yet because im 57 :D

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    I did the Ereve quests until level 30.
    Occasionally, I would need to stop, and so I'd go to Orange mushies, green mushies, or wild boars.
    Lots of people in Scania.

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