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Thread: Is a BW worth it?

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    Default Is a BW worth it?

    Hello people! I have a couple of questions about BW that will decide if I continue on with my BW or not.

    I was wondering if not having MP Regeneration and MP Eater as opposed to getting an AOE spell worth being a BW. I don't have funds for him to buy pots, so I was also wondering if there are training spots that give you more than enough money to buy MP pots. Thanks in advance for any feedback!

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    If you want to train and level quickly you'll have to spend tons of money on pots. If you want to train and level at a moderate pace, the pot expense shouldn't be too much. Not having Regen and Eater is a big set-back for the BW. You're going to have to spend more on pots (aside from leeching and such) than any other mage class because of it.

    If you want to make money by training hunt at Leprechauns or get Ele Reset and do Sakura Cellions. Although they're not that great for training passed 35ish.


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    Thank you for the input!

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    If you want to train fast and level fast , all you can hope on is the drops of your monsters will cover your pot costs (and of course Funding) ...

    or you can choose to train at a medium pace ;you can do what i did and lmpq all the way from 51~71 [No money on pots and profit gained]

    But towards level 80+ you will need to spend mils and mils on pots if you want that 80%/hr exp rate

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