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    Default iso info on warriors

    yeppi just started and i wanna know like the basics and such etc lol

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    Basics of a warrior... here we go.

    Firstly, I'm sure you'll realize that as a Warrior, you're going to be a melee class. You're going to be a tank, that can take a bunch of hits and dish out good damage in return. So, you'll want as much STR as you can muster.

    However, you also need to be able to hit things. To do this you'll need DEX. DEX is complicated, and it might take a bit to get down how much you'll need, etc. But don't be deterred. Until level 30, you can just add DEX points so that it is double your level (if you're level 17, you want 34 DEX, etc), and the rest into your STR.

    In first job, you will have a number of skills, 6 in total. The first skill you need to max is Improving HP Increase, but wait. The game won't let you! It's because the skill has a pre-requisite, a skill you need points into before you can add into the next one. In this case, you need to add 5 points into Improving HP Recovery first. So do that, then add into Improving HP Increase until the game won't let you anymore! Haha.

    After that, you'll want your attacking skills that make you so uber leet. Start by adding a point into Power Strike, only one. You can now use it as your 1v1 attacking skill to take out single monsters. If you are low on mesos/potions, then you don't HAVE to use it. You can keep using your regular attack.

    You now want a mob skill; one of the fames of being a Warrior is you're one of two classes that can mob in 1st job, Pirates beign the other. Begin adding points into Slash Blast and use it when there are many monsters in front of you rather than just one.

    Remember that you will have a lot of HP if you do what I said, but you can still die. If you're out of potions, don't hesitate to pull out your chair for a quick rest, or just stand around to heal your HP. Every 10 seconds you stand without attacking or getting hit recovers you 10 HP while standing (25 after you put into HP recovery) and 50 if you're sitting on your green Relaxer you got on Maple Island.

    Aaand finally, you'll have to make a choice on weapons. In 1st job, your weapon doesn't really matter. I've heard from credible sources that Two-Handed Axes and Two-Handed Blunt Weapons are best, but I can't say that I've done research into that. When you reach level 20, a weapon called the Iron Mace becomes available at the Perion Weapon shop. It carries a faster attacking speed than other available weapons, so you should definitely use it. At level 25, the Fusion Mace becomes available, and you can use it until level 30 when you have to make your choice on 2nd job advancement.

    I understand that's a little text-heavy, sorry. I got a bit carried away. ^_^"

    If you want more on 2nd job advancement when you're approaching level 30, then there's a link for that: Click here!

    If you want advice on where to train at your level, then post here: Clicky clicky!

    And finally, if you want to get advanced on us, you can check out this amazingly helpful guide on what your DEX should be: Capping DEX

    Credits to Morgana about the 1st job weapons, NegiWarrior for writing the DEX guide, and vladekxbootes for the 2nd Job Choices guide.

    Oh, and by the way, this is the beginner section, not the Warrior section. To get to the Warrior section of the forums, click here.
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