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Thread: Begginer Strategy {new}

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    Default Begginer Strategy {new}

    New MapleStory doesn't enables you to add ap or roll the dice when you are beginner.

    There are two classes now which is:
    1-Adventurer (max lvl-200)
    2-Cygnus Knight (max lvl-120)

    I prefer Cygnus Knight and I think those who is juz starting MapleStory should take Cygnus Knight. They have "KOC" quest that enables them to level up very easily. Adventurer has a lower attack. Cygnus Knight also has a 'walking dictionary" which is a bird beside them during their begginer life.

    There are Warrior, Bowman, Magician, Thief and Pirate
    All jobs have PROS n CONS
    NOTE: All job will continue with their job advancement at lvl 10 except magician which is lvl 8....:D

    Cygnus Knight

    There are Soul Master, Wind Breaker, Flame Wizard, Night Walker and Striker

    Each of them resemble something
    Soul Master resembles Dawn
    Wind Breaker resembles Wind
    Flame Wizard resembles fire
    Night Walker resembles dark
    Striker resembles Light

    NOTE: all cygnus knight will job advance at lvl 10...:D

    Thx for reading
    Additional post might be posted..

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    [Just adding this, for the KoCs, the Soul Master/Dawn Warrior uses light while the Striker/Thunder Breaker uses lightning.]

    I prefer Adventurers, kind of because I like how, if I DO get really into the character I'll have more potential than any KoC with 80 more levels to go. Also, I like the Ellin Forest PQ (for the most part) and it kind of sucks that they're shut out of it. But it's good at the same time.

    The only KoC I really like is the Striker/Thunder Breaker.

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    Dawn Warrior/Soul Master : Holy/Light
    Thunder Breaker/Striker: Thunder (htf did you miss this?)

    they don't resemble these elements, they ARE these elements.

    oh, nvm, this is for MapleSEA
    by Cryopon

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    Wrong section again . BTW there is also a difference in Lightning and Light =.="'

    And to be honest , KOCs are only for the fun of lvling especially now since the new Bless of Fairy system is implemented .
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    KOC, at least for now. I need to lvl faster, get more money, THEN I will start a new char, prolly a dk or dit. It's a jumping board for me :p:p:p

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    Cygnus are fun, especially when taking the ludicrisly crazy route of making them permacygnus. They're fast leveling, damaging beginners waiting to be exploited. I've been lazy on mine, but there are some good permacygnus out there.
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