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Thread: KoC AP distribution

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    Default KoC AP distribution

    Does every KoC start with 12 Str, 5 dex and 4 Int/Luk, or is it because the first time I linked the character t'was with my Spearman, who [I believe, I don't really remember since I just started playing again after a year or so] also had those stats when I made it?...

    If it's not the case, and every KoC starts with that AP, is there a way to change it? [besides NX cash]

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    Yep, when starting a new character, your stats are like that. 12 str 5 dex and 4 int/luk.

    Once you reach 1st job advancement, you can redistribute your AP points to the correct areas depending on your job.
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    Ok. Thanks a lot.

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