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Thread: Elder Wraiths at Lv 77

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    Default Elder Wraiths at Lv 77

    Ok So i discovered that Elderwraiths are great experience and are killable at level 77. I'll make this guide as comprehencible as possible.

    -Awsome Exp
    -Small Map
    -Easily Mobbing

    -High Potion Usage
    -High Mortality Rate
    -Deadly Boss Area

    Map Used: Phantom Forest - The Evil Dead

    Method: Soul Driver lvl 21+ (hits at least 7 monsters). Level 26 Soul Driver works even better but 21 will still do an awsome job.

    Heres what I have equiped to do this:

    Helmet: Zakum Helm (20 Acc/15 Dex)
    Overall: Invincible Agent Suit (20 Dex/8 Acc)
    Earring: Agents Titanium Reciever (2 dex/2 Luk)
    Weapon: Maple Glory Sword (36 Acc)
    Shield: Gold Ancient Shield (5 Acc)
    Gloves: Work Gloves (12 Dex/21 Acc)
    Cape: Pink Adventurer Cape (4 Luk/3 Atk)
    Necklace: Spiegelmann's Necklace (1 Dex/1Luk)
    Shoes: Ultimate Agent Shoes (6 Dex/2 Acc)
    Advanced Knight Medal

    Base Stats:

    Level 80 (was level 77)

    481+28 Str
    5+57 Dex

    186 Acc
    196 Acc (With Sniper Pill)

    As you can see from my stats and equipment I have specifically designated Dex gear in order to get a good hit rate. Some of these Items are pretty good dex wise but some can be better.

    Although I dont have a 100% accuracy it might be roughly a 10% chance to miss, maybe a bit more. But since Soul Driver hits so many times and is very spammable the miss rate is not very noticeable. My damage range on the Wraiths is between 600 and 1200. Now Its not overly high, but It still makes short work of the Elderwraiths.

    I can even unequip the Maple Glory Sword and maybe equip something higher levelled but I find that the maple swords accuracy is much better then the damage boost.

    As Per Potion Usage I use Mana Elixirs and Mana Elixir Pills (however I've been wanting to change) and for HP Pots I use Honsters (60% HP)

    *Warning* Watch your potion use and make sure u dont run out of said potions.

    *Notice* I suggest having a Pet to loot the items and meso they drop to decrease ur costs. Its Very Helpful.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask and If your worried about training at Elderwraiths, Soul Driver is also good at mobbing Twisted Jesters in the Haunted houses Chimney.
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    Sounds good, if you have the accuracy to hunt Galloppera in Malaysia you should do it straight away. I'm 85 or 86 DW and I even miss maybe 40% of the hits but im still doing 120%/h, it's insane. Even if you spend alot on hp pots you will be happy how fast you lvl :).

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