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Thread: Low Dex Vs Reg Dex

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    Default Low Dex Vs Reg Dex

    Quick Question, If low dex people scroll their items w/ dex scrolls, than shouldn't scrolling your items w/ str scrolls almost be the same if you're regular dex???

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    Probelm is you cannot scroll everything for the same thing.
    *Note, this is only related to Dex/STR/Acc, not int, luk, etc*
    Dex is really only needed for accuracy, as STR adds much more to your range.
    Shoes can be scrolled for Accuracy and Dex, but not STR.
    Helmets can be scrolled for Accuracy and Dex, but not STR.
    Overalls can be scrolled for both STR and Dex, but scrolling for STR is MUCH more expensive.
    Bottoms can only be scrolled for Dex, while tops can only be scrolled for STR.
    Face/Eye Accessories can be scrolled for Dex/Acc, but not STR
    Earrings can only be scrolled for Dex, not STR.
    Weapons can be Makered with 3 slots, generally Att, STR, and either black crystal (works like a chaos), accuracy, or dex.

    Without a doubt, low-dex/dexless is much more effective given funding. If you plan to spend the money scrolling for STR, you would be MUCH better off making most of your equips dex/acc and staying dexless/lowdex.


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    Thanks for the help, that question was just bugging me.:o

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