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Thread: Help would be appreciated.

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    Icon4 Help would be appreciated.

    Alright, Im going to keep it as short as possible..

    Long story short, I just recently started Maplestory, And I am interested in making a Dawn Warrior, KoC character...Between Hiddenstreet and Sleepywood, I have probably spent about 3 or 4 hours on looking at guides and such...However, I still feel like I am at square one, so to speak..I have NO FUNDING whatsoever, And I am unsure at what point I should cap my Dex...One guide I read said no higher than 30, And then again by reading the posts of others here...People have a VERY hard time hitting mobs their level with 40+...What I am really looking to find out is, Without any other buffs, "Sniper Pills", Etc. I am wondering what I should leave it at, I don't want to have to scroll my equips in order to make a cut-off point for the requirements of my weapons, and other clothing...If so, Is it possible to do so WITHOUT gimping my damage.

    Nearly forgot, I seem to be looking between several first/second job builds that all also gimp out a certain skill...Can somebody explain this to me?

    Thanks in advance,

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    There are very few weapons with dex requirements (stonetooth and one of the raven wing swords are obvious exceptions, but going in fundless those are probably far reaching goals). Scrolling for acc is relatively inexpensive...acc shoe scrolls are cheap and can easily provide +10 acc on a pair of warrior boots, especially with maker. There should be reasonable dex overalls (which also give acc) for sale that you can pick up to help you out as well. Do quests and sell the scrolls so that by lvl 50, you can afford a zhelm (roughly +40 accuracy boost, depending on the stats of the helm).

    You should be able to easily cap your dex between 30 and 40. Let's assume you can your dex at 30 and look at some equip options:

    30 Dex = 24 accuracy
    Mastery = 20 Accuracy
    zhelm = ~40 accuracy (average is actually 39.5 acc, but we'll round)
    Okay scrolled warrior/snow shoes = 11 acc (or better with maker)
    Earrings (4-6 dex, cheap) = 3-4 acc
    Pendant = 6.5 acc (assuming deputy pendant....)
    Overall = 11 acc minimum (100% a 4 dex chainmail)...20 acc overalls aren't very expensive though

    So, just looking at these equips, you're looking at an accuracy of 115 (or 124 if you go at least with a 20 acc overall). The best part? You can equip pretty much all of that around level 50, when monsters can actually start getting difficult to hit. Obviously, you can increase the acc on your equips (get a better overall, better shoes, better earrings) and bump your acc closer to the magic numbers you need for the hard to hit top tier monsters. You can also use maple weapons and get another 30 or so acc boost. Or get an acc scrolled face acc for another 1-12 acc (depending on how much you're willing to spend).

    It's not overly difficult even with no funding to keep a low dex cap.
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