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Thread: Dawn Warrior Build.

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    Time to try and salvage this mess of a topic.

    Quote Originally Posted by limtengyi1 View Post
    If a dawn warrior have sould blade, why add slash blast in the first place? So is it good to add iron body or soul instead of slash blast?

    Because Iron Body and Soul are one of the most useless DW skills ever. Even for a short while, Slash Blast is more helpful.

    I have another question. Why should we add the soul blade when it can only be used with sword? The damage of sword is so little. at a lv30 equip, the difference between a sword and a axe is near 100dmg. When we reach a high level, will the difference between the weapon attack be bigger? i am asking this question because i am level 31 only.

    *Points at Swords vs Axes vs Blunt Weapons Guide in Warrior section* Swords have more stable damage compared to Axes, and also later on, Brandish/Soul Driver doesn't work with Axes, not to mention Advanced Combo

    If the difference between weapon attack will be bigger at a higher level, then will the weapon attack be able to cover the difference between the damage of a maxed slash blast and a maxed soul blade?

    No, Soul Blade has range and power. DWs with Soul Blade will train more efficiently compared to DWs with only Slash Blast

    If it is able to cover up the gap, then i would rather use the skill points that should be added to soul blade on other skills

    Stupid idea, don't do it.

    PROs, please help and give me advice
    Quote Originally Posted by jacxis View Post
    Can't say that I'm a pro, but here's what I feel:

    I'll say there's no point in adding Soul. You're not going to need any extra damage from the cute little summon once you're past level 30 (or maybe even before). If you're willing to use only Power Strike (or maybe plus a weak Slash Blast) all the way till level 30, why not? It's not that hard anyway.

    Increase is so minimal, the time wasted to reuse Soul will probably make the DPS lose out anyway.

    I have a question of my own too: just how effective and useful is Final Attack? I see so many claims, ranging from minute to decent increase in DPS. Can anyone get some statistics to prove it? Oh, and how does Final Attack work with Brandish? I mean, I know what happens when FA triggers with Power Strike or Slash Blast, but I haven't seen any other versions.

    I can't find the exact place, but somewhere in Southperry I saw (with accurate calculations) that FA only increases DPS by like 1% on bossing, so it's not that much of a boost.
    Quote Originally Posted by xtreme702 View Post
    That's the build I followed, very similar to OrangeGuy's but, there's really no need to max Mastery since it only gives 1 acc. I would delay the 1 point into rush and have it all together later on. Also Booster should not be maxed because of the fact that the speed does not increase, only the time length does, and a lvl 12 Booster is usually more than enough time. I find it easy to recast.

    Recently remade a Dawn Warrior, it's much better to keep Soul Blade at 21 after Mastery and Booster, then immediately max Rush, followed by 19 Rage. Then master Final Attack, dump extra points in to Booster, max Soul Blade if you want.

    Oh yeah, FA is a must, unless you're using 1h Swords. Otherwise, Power Strike is insanely slow, same with Brandish. Sure, Final Attack doesn't affect Soul Blade or Soul Driver but, it still helps a lot.

    Not a huge lot, the extra animation makes it harder to control, but it's still cool as hell.

    ON A SIDE NOTE: At level 80, I find myself rarely using Soul Blade, except for that rare chance of luring a stray monster to my position. Soul Driver has close to the same range and does tons more damage. My newish sorta build, is to sacrifice 8 points from Blade and use them on Booster which ends it as:

    19 Mastery
    Max Booster
    13 Soul Blade
    Max Rush
    Max Rage
    Max Final Attack

    Just a suggestion, based off of my experience.

    13 Soul Blade is nearly as bad as maxing Soul, it's next to useless. Either you get it to 21 (maximum range + number of enemies attacked), or you leave it alone. The points would be better used in maxing Soul and Iron Body if you were to do that.

    EDIT: @limtengy, Dawn Warriors are not meant to use Axes, and as you start maxing Sword Mastery, your damage will start to look better.
    All in all, just follow the standard builds.

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    The reason I said to get 13 or so into Soul Blade is because at my level, the only reason I use blade is to lure that stray monster into my mob and then kill everything with Driver. I'd also rather have 13 Soul Blade than max Soul because even at max it barely hits 300s. Iron Body can be useful but since when has def mattered in maple? Anyways that's just my intake.

    And my comment about FA, I don't mean that it's good for Brandish or anything, but 2h swords are painfully slow without FA. If you're using 1h swords, then yeah screw FA but otherwise, trainings gunna be hell.

    And the top build was the one I followed, not the one I suggest, but it's been good to me so far...
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