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Thread: Soul Driver to 21 or MAX it?

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    Default Soul Driver to 21 or MAX it?

    I've built my character using OrangeGuy's DW Guide, and on his Third Job Build, it says to max Soul Driver first (it'd be maxed at level 80).

    But then debates soon ensued in the thread, comparing Soul Driver to Soul Charge.

    So is maxing Soul Driver first or is upgrading Soul Driver to 21 and then putting (?howmany?) points into Soul Charge better?

    Thanks HS.
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    I say soul driver first, because both skills raise with 1% per level (but soul driver attacks 4 times so its 4%), but soul charge will only help you against holy weak.

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    If you plan on partying with a Priest and hunting Himes, Soul Charge would be infinitely beneficial. If you don't, maxing Driver isn't a bad idea.

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    Hey, I'm planning to train at Windraiders.
    I'm level 70, and with Rage, using Powerstrike, I hit 4k to 6.5k.
    Is WRing a good idea? Or Himes, or Harps?

    I have 135 Accuracy.
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    Why dont you kill it with soul blade?

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    @above: what?

    Soul driver > Soul blade
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pandamonium View Post
    @above: what?

    Soul driver > Soul blade
    I thought you said you kill WRs with powerstrike...

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