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    I have read alot of guides saying to max out storm breaker so i did but i don't see myself using it in da long run for serious training? they have made it seem like this is your bread and butter as a WA but i only really use it in CPQ when there is alot of mobs and the occasional KB when im abt to b over run other then that i don't c myself using it as my main way to attk. is it really that great?

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    Look at it this way means you're not playing ur Wind Breaker / Wind Archer right. Sure it has Archer in the name but it only starts to shine as one after lvl 80+ .Before that you're gonna have to train using storm break like a warrior using slash blast . Just keep WW-ing to boost your attack while spamming Storm Break to imba knockback / mob monsters while you grind.
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    I guess your right im just used to xbowman thanks for the advice

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