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Thread: so since im going to be a FA wind archer

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    Default so since im going to be a FA wind archer

    like the title said i will b a fa wind archer! and yes my mind is made up! so im guesing about this build max bow mastery max storm breaker. max final attak. max wind walk and i think 5 booster 10 sould arrow and 15 thrust if that equals 110sp i think.... so any1 have a better build or suggestions? like should i max storm breaker or windwalk?

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    You'll definitely need more booster than that , minimal lvl 11.

    I won't be spending my time in this post trying to tweak and form a feasible FA Wind Archer build, because there isn't one that exists. FA only works with Double Shot, which becomes useless for training by lvl 35 at most once you've gotten a decent lvl of Storm Break, and even loses its function for long range single target DPS after you get Strafe / Windshot . Even Strafe might be gone from your keyboard once you get Hurricane.

    Lvl 5 booster will cause you to have a slower Wind Shot. Lvl 10 Soul Arrow is OK I guess , just troublesome to keep recasting, especially when spamming hurricane.
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    thanks alot. i think ima put the sp from thrust into booster and soul arrow! thanks :]

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