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Thread: Crossbowman/Sniper/Marksman Guide

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    Default Crossbowman/Sniper/Marksman Guide

    Crossbowman/Sniper/Marksman Guide
    By Wheels1 (Denny)


    (1) Introduction
    (2) Class Descriptions
    (3) Pros and Cons
    (4) Ability Points
    (5) Skill List
    (6) Skill Builds
    (7) Skill Books
    (8) Tips

    Disclaimer: Please do not plagiarize my ideas, meaning steal ideas or use any
    information, claiming that this is your own.If you are trying to take this
    guide, please give me some credit! Thanks!

    (1) Introduction

    Hello, this guide was created to introduce new and experienced MS players
    about Crossbowmen.My marksman girl TaffetaAxe3 is level 124, and it is in
    Windia. I started that from September 2006, and ended about June 2008.
    There has been many guides all over the place, but this will talk about 4th
    job and STRless also. I will clarify the points of being a Crossbowman.

    (2) Class Descriptions


    Like Hunters, Crossbowmen are ranged attackers as well, obviously. They also
    have some similar skills with each other.But unlike Hunters, Crossbowmen are
    a bit slower, but a bit more powerful. Crossbowmen get only a few HP/MP bonus
    at job advancements.


    Some people, including me, like to call this as a sniper. It typically means a
    skilled shooter detailed to spot and pickoff. Unlike rangers, snipers get Ice
    Shot, which reversely relies back on the stun/freeze moment. Using their
    offensive skills in addition to ice's ability to freeze monsters, snipers are
    well trained on non-ice monsters.


    This was previously named Crossbow Master, but MapleStory renamed it to
    Marksman. It is one of the 4th job classes that focuses on powerful mob
    attacks, and also, like I discussed above, freezing! Marksmen are well
    executed ranged classes.

    (3) Pros and Cons



    - Highest accuracy in the game
    - Some of the most useful 4th job skills in Maple history
    - Awesome damage, thanks to critical shot and sharp eyes
    - Able to get Soul Arrow at 2nd Job
    - Very long range (max Eye of Amazon)
    - Has knock-back


    - One of the lowest defense classes in the game
    - HP is very low, yet not having a good defense buff, such as Magic Guard
    - Not so many unique skills, such as floating, teleporting, etc.
    - No party skill until 4th job



    - cheaper weapons
    - have frostprey; freezes monsters for high levels
    - has snipe, which can OHKO a monster, even if a monster has "Cancel Weapon
    Attack" buff


    - slower attack
    - no hurricane, meaning that you need to use strafe to boss; hurricane doesn't
    improve from "speed infusion" though
    - no concentrate; needs an onyx apple or cider to improve damage, and marksmen
    take more MP pots
    - iron arrow only goes straight, and has less overall mob damage than AB

    (4) Ability Points

    Before I even tell you what to put for crossbowman, being STRless is a great
    way of being an archer! You don't need STR at all to wear armors, yet they
    help you give more STR, so you won't waste too many AP points on it! Also,
    being STRless adds lots of damage at 4th job, since having more DEX and maxed
    Bow Expert/Marksman Boost gives more overall damage!

    Make sure that your INT and LUK are all 4. Some people say 5, which is okay,
    but it isrecommended to put INT and LUK only 4, since AP resets are expensive.
    You need DEX for being an archer!

    If you use STR crossbows, you should usually keep your STR at your level, until
    STR 60 to 70. Note that using your STR equips, including Zakum Helmet and
    Horntail Pendant, helps you to equip your STR crossbows without wasting your AP
    points on base STR. Put the rest of the points to DEX. The highest level of a
    bow requires 125 STR, and the highest level of a crossbow requires 120 STR. If
    you use STRless crossbows, such as Maple Nishada, just put all the ability
    points to DEX!

    Personally, I put a few amounts of STR for being an archer, since using STR
    equips already give me an advantage of using a high level crossbow.

    At level 120 and above, including with your equips for STR and DEX, your stats
    should look like this, since Timeless Black Beauty (level 120 xbow) requires
    120 STR, and it is the best crossbow in MapleStory. Timeless Black Beauty is
    going to be released when Time Temple comes out.

    STR: 120 (with equip)
    INT: 4 (base)
    LUK: 4 (base)

    About INT, it's for stat washing, because every time you have more INT and
    level, the more extra MP you'll get! Use INT equips, including Zhelm and
    Silver Deputy Star, to gain extra MP. Use AP resets to reset from MP to DEX!
    Some people want to put more HP, since archers already have very low HP!

    (5) Skill List - Description

    Before I begin, I also want to talk about the Beginner's skills, which still
    help archers even at high levels.

    mLVL = Master Level


    Three Snail Shells (mLVL 3): This skill hurls snail shells to attack monsters
    from long distance.
    COMMENT: For non-magicians or thieves, putting points into this is pointless,
    since the damages naturally deals only 40, which is so puny! Don't put points
    on it! You use the sword for good damage already for the beginner!

    Recovery (mLVL 3): This skill recovers HP for 30 sec.
    COMMENT: Using this consistently is really helpful to save up the pots!

    Nimble Feet (mLVL 3): This skill makes the character to move around quickly for
    a short amount of time.
    COMMENT: This is a must-have skill for archers, since it gives +20 speed fairly
    frequently! One great thing about thisskill is that this only has 1 minute
    cooldown time! Pretty cool, huh? When you have this, you don't need Thurst in
    3rd job at all!

    ****ARCHER SKILLS****

    The Blessing of Amazon (mLVL 16): This skill permanently increases accuracy.
    It is a passive skill.
    COMMENT: It doesn't seem to do anything to archers, since they naturally have
    high accuracies, opposing to the warriors, who have low accuracies. You only
    put points here for "The Eye of Amazon". The Blessing of Amazon isn't worth it.

    The Eye of Amazon (mLVL 8): This skill permanently increases your range of your
    bow and crossbow. It is a passive skill. You must have at least level 3 for
    "The Blessing of Amazon".
    COMMENT: It is a must-have skill! Every archers and assassins should add a
    better range, so they won't need to come closer to hit the monsters! Without
    this skill, those ranged attackers are more like low-ranged. MAX IT AS SOON AS

    Critical Shot (mLVL 20): This skill permanently adds your critical damage with
    a certain success rate. It is a passive skill.
    COMMENT: This skill is a must as well! Critical damages may be unstable, even
    with masteries, but when you get to fight some stronger monsters, this takes a
    cake. Better yet, when you have Sharp Eyes, you can combine it with a tougher
    power together, especially when you use a Hurricane, aka Storm of Arrows! You
    must max it after you max "The Eye of Amazon"!

    Focus (mLVL 20): This skill temporarily increases accuracy and avoidability. It
    is a supportive skill. You must have at least level 3 for "The Blessing of
    COMMENT: This may be useless because it also only gives accuracies. However, it
    also gives the avoidability of 20, which takes about 80 DEX to get them!
    Avoidabilities are very useful if you don't want to get hit all the time! Max
    this when you have extra points at 2nd job before 3rd job. The disadvantage of
    this skill though is that "Bless" overrides it, but the Clerics are very hard
    to find anyway!

    Arrow Blow (mLVL 20): This skill fires an arrow with more damage to an enemy.
    It is an active skill.
    COMMENT: Many people choose this skill, because of a better knockback value and
    less arrows required. However, with the Critical Shot, this only deals 360% of
    the damage, because Critical Shot adds 100% of the damage, not multipling 200%.
    I wouldn't max this skill, even when I'm hunting monsters with high knockback
    value. Also, counting arrows wouldn't be a problem, since you have lots of free
    arrows to offer and get Soul Arrow at the 2nd job.

    Double Shot (mLVL 20): This skill fires two arrows to an enemy. It is an active
    skill. You must have at least level 1 for "Arrow Blow".
    COMMENT: I choose this skill as a main attack before 3rd job, because it has a
    higher damage than arrow blow, since as I described, Arrow Blow only deals 360%
    maximum with critical shot, but Double Shot deals 460% maximum when both of its
    arrows are critical. This is a tougher decision of the choices of "Energy Shot"
    and "Magic Claw", which "Magic Claw" wins, pointing out that there are two
    attack skills in 1st job. I recommend Double Shot to be maxed, and will be used
    until having Strafe.


    Crossbow Mastery (mLVL 20): This skill permanently increases the minimum damage
    and accuracy. It is a passive skill, and it only works with a crossbow at hand.
    COMMENT: Obviously, this skill should be maxed, even though the last point
    doesn't make a difference between level 19 and 20. It's because that Marksman
    Boost need this to put its points in. If crossbowmen only have this at level
    19, they can't use Marksman Boost, which is an important 4th job skill! You
    need mastery skills in order to gain more minimum damage, and when you're
    STRless, your minimum damage will raise even higher, and you have your overall
    best damage!

    Final Attack - Crossbow (mLVL 30): This skill lets you fire an arrow within a
    success rate after using a skill that shoots with your bow. It is a passive
    skill, and it only works with a crossbow at hand. You must have at least level
    3 of "Crossbow Mastery".
    COMMENT: I'm sorry for people who put some points in it, but this skill IS SO
    AWFUL! Literally, it has nothing good about it! It only interrupts your
    attacking ability when you are especially trying to use mob skills, such as
    Arrow Bomb or Iron Arrow. At max, you deal with only 250% damage, which is
    even less than Arrow Blow. Final Attack is good for Fighters and Pages, but
    it's worthless for Spearman and Archers! Worst of all, you'll waste like 30
    points if you max it! DON'T PUT ANY POINTS IN THIS SKILL! You need 30 points
    to max Soul Arrow, Crossbow Booster, and Focus (1st job skill)

    Crossbow Booster (mLVL 20): This skill temporarily increases your attack speed.
    It is a supportive skill, and it only works with a crossbow at hand. You must
    have at least level 5 of "Crossbow Mastery".
    COMMENT: Just like all other classes except clerics, you need this, because you
    need more attacking speed! At the early 2nd job, put this skill at least level
    5, and you're good to go! Maxing it will also come in handy if you want more
    duration and less HP/MP cost.

    Power Knockback (mLVL 20): This skill knocks the enemies back with a higher
    success rate and damage. It is an active skill.
    COMMENT: I really love this skill, because lets you act like a melee archer
    without shooting arrows! Maxing this skill is without a doubt, giving you a
    huge advantage of hunting monsters without having to let the monsters be close!
    Max this skill after you have a maxed Iron Arrow, even when you PQ alot!

    Soul Arrow - Crossbow (mLVL 20): This skill temporarily allows you to fire
    arrows without using them up. It is a supportive skill, and it only works with
    a crossbow at hand. You must have at least level 5 of "Crossbow Booster".
    COMMENT: I really like how the buff gives you an advantage of not using arrows,
    if you don't have them left. Even better is that when you need more room to put
    your potions in your use inventory. But, the best part is that you can use 1
    Diamond Arrow and Soul Arrow combined to improve your damage, though it may not
    be true right now, even though Diamond Arrows exceed your damage in the ability
    window. Each regular arrow cost 1 meso, while Soul Arrow takes 20 MP (which is
    worth 40 mesos to get MP pots) to have this at 10 minutes. When you use a maxed
    Soul Arrow, you can fire over 600 arrows or even more with only 40 mesos each!

    Iron Arrow (mLVL 30): This skill fires an arrow through multiple enemies. The
    damage will decrease each way when the arrow goes through. It is an active
    skill, and it only works with a crossbow at hand.
    COMMENT: This skill is very useful for training, even at level 1, since like I
    said, critical shot adds more of its damage percentage, not multiplying. I
    have to admit it only goes straight, and it's overall mob damage is 100% (not
    including the critical shot), despite that the highest attack damage is 180% at
    the first monster, while the Arrow Bomb gives 130% overall. In my opinion, I
    haveto say that Arrow Bomb is completely better than this. But regardless, this
    skill is still a must-have, even useful at 3rd job, as long as you don't have a
    final attack at all!

    ****SNIPER SKILLS****

    Thurst (mLVL 20): This skill permanently increases your moving speed. It is a
    passive skill.
    COMMENT: This and Golden Eagle might be a tough decision to put points at last.
    But, if you already have some items or having thieves giving you 140% speed,
    you shouldn't max this skill, since you want jump instead! You know, the bows
    and the crossbows give lots of speed too! If you could get a speed cape, a
    speed weapon, a good speed and jump shoe, and a speed pill, putting points in
    here isn't recommended. Also, when you are training with a thief with a maxed
    haste, you don't need to put the points in it either! Using Nimble Feet also
    helps speed alot as I said on the beginner's skill!

    Mortal Blow (mLVL 20): This skill permanently adds your ability to fire your
    arrow at a close range within a success rate. It also kills a monster with one
    shot when the monsters HP is low. It is a passive skill.
    COMMENT: Mortal Blow, a skill that lets you attack an enemy while being close
    by, IS 100 TIMES BETTER THAN FINAL ATTACK! It replaces final attack if the
    monster gets too close to you! Also, unlike Final Attack, it doesn't interrupt
    your attacking skill when you are not close to a monster. It also consistently
    replaces Arrow Blow, which is about the same attack, but it doesn't deplete
    your MP either! It looks so cool too, even if it's pretty small to look at it!
    So at first, you want to put this skill at level 5 to max "Arrow Eruption",
    then max this skill at the later 3rd job. My only complaint of this passive
    skill is that when you deal with a lethal blow in one hit, the monster gives
    you a lower EXP.

    Puppet (mLVL 20): This skill summons a puppet for a certain amount of time and
    HP. Monsters will attack the puppet once you attack them and summon it. It is
    a summoning skill.
    COMMENT: This is one very handy dandy skill! If you max this skill, you bet
    that it has much more HP and armor than yourself! I know it's brutal to say,
    and I apologize. If you want to use Puppet, you first attack some monsters and
    summon the puppet. The problem is that if you activate it first and hit the
    monsters, they will attack you instead! A glitch is that when you summon the
    puppet two times after you hit some monsters, they would neither attack the
    puppet nor you!

    Ice Shot (mLVL 30): This skill fires an ice-based arrow that hits 6 monsters at
    once. It is an active skill, and it only works with a crossbow at hand.
    COMMENT: As you know, I want to call this skill Ice Shot, rather than Blizzard,
    since Ice Archmage already has a skill name of Blizzard. Anyways, this skill is
    necessary when you are fighting high-leveled monsters that aren't ice-based. At
    level 1, you use Ice Shot once, and use another attacking skills twice (Strafe
    for example), then you use blizzard once, and so on. The disadvantages of Ice
    Shot is that it does not deal critical damage! Also, the elemental of it does
    not deal 150% damage like mages or your 4th job bird! It instead deals 125%
    elemental damage. You put this skill at level 21 to get a 3 second freeze.
    It's really useful, but maxing this is not recommended if you would like to
    save nine skill points!

    Arrow Eruption (mLVL 30): This skill fires arrows that hit six monsters who are
    around you. It is an active skill, and it only works with a crossbow at hand.
    You must have at least level 5 of "Mortal Blow".
    COMMENT: Oh god! It's such a godly skill for mobbing! You use this skill to
    destroy your enemies that are near to you, without even needing Mortal Blow,
    since you actually already put Mortal Blow to level 5 to get this. What's even
    cooler about it is that you can even mob the monsters downwards! As I checked
    in the skill database, level 1 Arrow Eruption is still stronger than a level 1
    Ice Shot, and I gotta tell you this. Level 1 Arrow Eruption deals 60% basic
    attack, while level 1 Ice Shot deals 100%. However, as I said above, Ice Shot
    can not deal critical damage! At max, the overall mob damage is 160%, which
    completely conquers Iron Arrow. This skill, however, is that it's not that
    much of the range, so Iron Arrow would be still useful if you're mobbing far
    away. When I was at my Sniper, I used Iron Arrow alot while I was at Himes,
    Dreamy Ghosts, because when I get near them using Arrow Eruption at two sides.
    I get hit!

    Golden Eagle (mLVL 30): This skill summons an eagle that stuns a monster for a
    few seconds. It is a summoning skill, and it requires a summoning rock. You
    must have at least level 5 of "Puppet".
    COMMENT: I guess you could leave the skill at level 15 to get Frostprey because
    it takes a summoning rock to summon it! There's only a few reasons to max this
    skill. That's right, Jr Newties! I actually max this skill because I train at
    Jr. Newties alot, and the best part is that you help a bishop or an archmage to
    stun one Newtie to not let him/her getting hit. However, Golden Eagle deals a
    pathetic damage! Is level 1 Frostprey better than a maxed Golden Eagle? Well,
    yes, even at level 1 Frostprey! The reason that Golden Eagle is better than
    Frostprey is that it can stun Ice monsters.

    Strafe (mLVL 30): This skill fires 4 arrows at an enemy. It is an active skill.
    COMMENT: It's a well-worthy skill! You would want to max this, because
    sometimes, you might deal a strong, single monster pretty much, like bosses.
    This is even stronger than Double Shot, and Strafe does a 400% minimum and an
    800% maximum with critical! For Marksman, this is still useful at 4th job
    because Snipe requires a cooldown time! For Bowmasters however, Hurricane is
    better Strafe, because you know, Hurricane is much faster! But Speed Infusion
    does improve this attack, which gives this skill even greater advantage!


    Maple Warrior (mLVL 30): This skill temporarily increases the ability stats to
    your party members by a certain percentage. It is a PARTY skill.
    COMMENT: This is a very useful party skill, like most of the people mentioned,
    especially for pure-stat classes. For instance, a STRless archer gets stronger
    than a normal archer when they use this skill since it affects base stats only,
    not stats with items. But the thing is that every 4th job class can use this!
    What matters even more is that each player's Maple Warrior is NOT stackable, so
    a player can override your Maple Warrior. Maxing this early is not recommended,
    since you have Sharp Eyes as a party skill! Paladins and Corsairs would max
    this buff, since they don't have any other party skills! Being STRless however
    helps this skill add lots of damage. Like I said, more base DEX equals more
    damage for archers and gunslingers.

    Awakening/Hero's Will (mLVL 5): This skill temporarily enables yourself to
    escape from any abnormal condition. It is a supportive skill.
    COMMENT: You need this when you want to battle with HornTail, because he can
    control you like a puppet when you don't have Hero's Will! What's amazing is
    that you ONLY NEED to put one point in Hero's Will! Achieving this skill
    however is pretty much difficult to accomplish, because you'll need a 4th job
    player to help you at it!

    Piercing Arrow (mLVL 30): This skill fires an arrow that pierces 6 monsters at
    a time, as the damage increases each way to the monsters. When charged, its
    damage increases overall to 6 monsters. It is an active skill, and it only
    works with a crossbow at hand.
    COMMENT: This skill is similar to Iron Arrow, except the damage increases while
    it penetrates through monsters, and when you max this, youll get 850% damage at
    level 30! It needs to be level 21 to hit 6 monsters at a time though! You still
    want to use Iron Arrow or Arrow Eruption, until you found itsskillbooks! You
    know, level 1 Piercing Arrow isn't that useful! You need to hunt Skelegons so
    often for Piercing Arrow level 20! Another thing that's cool about this skill
    is that you can still move while you are charging it, just like many other
    charging skills!

    Sharp Eyes (mLVL 30): This skill temporarily adds a higher critical damage to
    your party members. It is a PARTY skill.
    COMMENT: One word: ASTONISHING! This is one of the most helpful skills ever for
    archers, even at level 1! When you max this eventually, you are a big-timing
    expert in MapleStory! This skill is one of the only party skills for archers,
    but it's one of the best, especially when you party with Night Lords and
    Buccaneers! This skill even works for mages! Max this after you advance 4th
    job, especially when you are in the parties alot!

    Dragon's Breath (mLVL 30): This skill fires an arrow that knocks back the
    monsters within a range. It is an active skill.
    COMMENT: This is one huge help of the skill! It knocks back the monsters within
    a 100% success rate! Level 1 Dragon's Breath is a must for this skill, because
    Power Knock-Back doesn't give a 100% success rate on knocking back, but Dragons
    Breath does! Maxing this skill allows you to hit up to 6 monsters and deals
    100% overall mob damage, the SAME MOB DAMAGE as Iron Arrow when hunting 6
    monsters! You still need to use Power Knock-Back though, since Dragon's Breath
    also requires the mininum range to fire!

    Marksman Boost (mLVL 30): This skill increases the crossbow mastery and attack.
    It is a passive skill, and it only works with a crossbow at hand. You must have
    a maxed skill of "Crossbow Mastery".
    COMMENT: This skill should be a hold for Marksmen, next to Sharp Eyes! Unlike
    Crossbow Mastery, which gives accuracies for extras, Marksman Boost gives you
    more extra weapon attack! Maxing this gives you even more minimum damage, and
    good attack as well, especially when you use a charged Piercing Arrow! If
    you're a STRless archer, and you max this, you are godly! Max this as soon as
    possible, along with Sharp Eyes!

    Frostprey (mLVL 30): This skill summons a bird that attacks monsters with an
    ice-based ability. It is a summon skill. You must have at least level 15 of
    "Golden Eagle".
    COMMENT: Guess what, you need this! Even level 1 Frostprey completely replaces
    a maxed Golden Eagle! Frostprey deals a better freeze rate/duration, more mob
    hits, more time summon, and of course, better damage, especially against fire
    monsters! The best part of Frostprey is that you don't need summoning rocks!
    Unlike Ice Shot, her elemental damage is 150% multiplied. If you max this,
    Frostprey's attack deals 500% damage (750% damage on fire monsters), but like
    all summoned monsters, she doesn't deal critical attacks. I also like to name
    this bird Articuno, which is similar of a blue bird!

    Blind (mLVL 30): This skill temporarily lets you decrease the enemies' accuracy
    within a success rate when you attack the enemies. It is a supportive skill.
    COMMENT: Personally, I find this skill more useful than Hamstring, because
    instead of just slowing monsters down, this causes monsters to decrease their
    accuracies, which means that you have even more avoidabilities at monsters.
    This skill doesn't work on bosses though.

    Snipe (mLVL 30): This skill fires an arrow to an enemy within a single hit. It
    doesn't kill a high-HP boss in just one hit.
    COMMENT: Well obviously, it's a very powerful skill! Unlike Mortal Blow, you
    don't get a reduced amount of EXP while dealing a lethal blow! It doesn't kill
    a boss in one hit, but it does deal about 100,000 damage! The best part about
    Snipe is that it ignore's monsters defense, so when you're hunting armored Bone
    Fishes, you use this! It still doesn't completely replace Strafe as hunting a
    boss though, since it has a cooldown time! Maxing it gives a less cooldown
    time, and you have 15 secs of it after using.

    (6) Skill Builds

    These are my personal picks of a crossbowman's build. Please read the
    descriptions above if you don't know the skills yet!

    * = Used Skill Points on Previous Jobs

    Beginner Skill Build:

    LVL 2 - 1 Recovery
    LVL 3 - 1 Recovery
    LVL 4 - 1 Recovery (MAXED)
    LVL 5 - 1 Nimble Feet
    LVL 6 - 1 Nimble Feet
    LVL 7 - 1 Nimble Feet (MAXED)
    LVL 8 - NONE
    LVL 9 - NONE
    LVL 10 - NONE
    Three Snail Shells - LVL 0
    Recovery - LVL 3 (MAXED)
    Nimble Feet - LVL 3 (MAXED)

    1st Job Skill Build:

    LVL 10 - 1 Arrow Blow
    LVL 11 - 3 The Blessing of Amazon
    LVL 12 - 3 The Eye of Amazon
    LVL 13 - 3 The Eye of Amazon
    LVL 14 - 2 The Eye of Amazon (MAXED), 1 Critical Shot
    LVL 15 - 3 Critical Shot
    LVL 16 - 3 Critical Shot
    LVL 17 - 3 Critical Shot
    LVL 18 - 3 Critical Shot
    LVL 19 - 3 Critical Shot
    LVL 20 - 3 Critical Shot
    LVL 21 - 1 Critical Shot (MAXED), 2 Double Shot
    LVL 22 - 3 Double Shot
    LVL 23 - 3 Double Shot
    LVL 24 - 3 Double Shot
    LVL 25 - 3 Double Shot
    LVL 26 - 3 Double Shot
    LVL 27 - 3 Double Shot (MAXED)
    LVL 28 - 3 Focus
    LVL 29 - 3 Focus
    LVL 30 - 3 Focus
    The Bless of Amazon - LVL 3
    The Eye of Amazon - LVL 8 (MAXED)
    Critical Shot - LVL 20 (MAXED)
    Focus - LVL 9
    Arrow Blow - LVL 1
    Double Shot - LVL 20 (MAXED)

    2nd Job Skill Build:

    LVL 30 - 1 Iron Arrow
    LVL 31 - 1 Power Knock-Back, 1 Soul Arrow : Crossbow, 1 Crossbow Mastery
    LVL 32 - 3 Crossbow Mastery
    LVL 33 - 1 Crossbow Mastery, 2 Crossbow Booster
    LVL 34 - 3 Crossbow Booster
    LVL 35 - 3 Crossbow Mastery
    LVL 36 - 3 Crossbow Mastery
    LVL 37 - 3 Crossbow Mastery
    LVL 38 - 3 Crossbow Mastery
    LVL 39 - 3 Crossbow Mastery (MAXED)
    LVL 40 - 3 Iron Arrow
    LVL 41 - 3 Iron Arrow
    LVL 42 - 3 Iron Arrow
    LVL 43 - 3 Iron Arrow
    LVL 44 - 3 Iron Arrow
    LVL 45 - 3 Iron Arrow
    LVL 46 - 3 Iron Arrow
    LVL 47 - 3 Iron Arrow
    LVL 48 - 3 Iron Arrow
    LVL 49 - 2 Iron Arrow (MAXED), 1 Soul Arrow : Crossbow
    LVL 50 - 3 Soul Arrow : Crossbow
    LVL 51 - 3 Soul Arrow : Crossbow
    LVL 52 - 3 Soul Arrow : Crossbow
    LVL 53 - 3 Soul Arrow : Crossbow
    LVL 54 - 3 Soul Arrow : Crossbow
    LVL 55 - 3 Soul Arrow : Crossbow (MAXED)
    LVL 56 - 3 Crossbow Booster
    LVL 57 - 3 Crossbow Booster
    LVL 58 - 3 Crossbow Booster
    LVL 59 - 3 Crossbow Booster
    LVL 60 - 3 Crossbow Booster (MAXED)
    LVL 61 - 3 Power Knock-Back
    LVL 62 - 3 Power Knock-Back
    LVL 63 - 3 Power Knock-Back
    LVL 64 - 3 Power Knock-Back
    LVL 65 - 3 Power Knock-Back
    LVL 66 - 3 Power Knock-Back
    LVL 67 - 1 Power Knock-Back (MAXED), 2 Focus
    LVL 68 - 3 Focus
    LVL 69 - 3 Focus
    LVL 70 - 3 Focus
    Crossbow Mastery - LVL 20 (MAXED)
    Final Attack : Crossbow - LVL 0
    Crossbow Booster - LVL 20 (MAXED)
    Power Knock-Back - LVL 20 (MAXED)
    Soul Arrow : Crossbow - LVL 20 (MAXED)
    Iron Arrow - LVL 30 (MAXED)
    Focus - LVL 20 (MAXED) *

    3rd Job Skill Build:

    LVL 70 - 1 Ice Shot
    LVL 71 - 3 Strafe
    LVL 72 - 3 Strafe
    LVL 73 - 3 Strafe
    LVL 74 - 3 Strafe
    LVL 75 - 3 Strafe
    LVL 76 - 3 Strafe
    LVL 77 - 2 Strafe, 1 Mortal Blow
    LVL 78 - 3 Mortal Blow
    LVL 79 - 1 Mortal Blow, 2 Arrow Eruption
    LVL 80 - 3 Arrow Eruption
    LVL 81 - 3 Arrow Eruption
    LVL 82 - 3 Arrow Eruption
    LVL 83 - 3 Arrow Eruption
    LVL 84 - 3 Arrow Eruption
    LVL 85 - 3 Arrow Eruption
    LVL 86 - 3 Arrow Eruption
    LVL 87 - 3 Arrow Eruption
    LVL 88 - 3 Arrow Eruption
    LVL 89 - 1 Arrow Eruption (MAXED), 2 Strafe
    LVL 90 - 3 Strafe
    LVL 91 - 3 Strafe
    LVL 92 - 2 Strafe (MAXED), 1 Ice Shot
    LVL 93 - 3 Ice Shot
    LVL 94 - 3 Ice Shot
    LVL 95 - 3 Ice Shot
    LVL 96 - 3 Ice Shot
    LVL 97 - 3 Ice Shot
    LVL 98 - 3 Ice Shot
    LVL 99 - 1 Ice Shot, 2 Puppet
    LVL 100 - 3 Puppet
    LVL 101 - 3 Golden Eagle
    LVL 102 - 3 Golden Eagle
    LVL 103 - 3 Golden Eagle
    LVL 104 - 3 Golden Eagle
    LVL 105 - 3 Golden Eagle
    LVL 106 - 3 Golden Eagle
    LVL 107 - 3 Golden Eagle
    LVL 108 - 3 Golden Eagle
    LVL 109 - 3 Golden Eagle
    LVL 110 - 3 Golden Eagle (MAXED)
    LVL 111 - 3 Mortal Blow
    LVL 112 - 3 Mortal Blow
    LVL 113 - 3 Mortal Blow
    LVL 114 - 3 Mortal Blow
    LVL 115 - 3 Mortal Blow (MAXED)
    LVL 116 - 3 Puppet
    LVL 117 - 3 Puppet
    LVL 118 - 3 Puppet
    LVL 119 - 3 Puppet
    LVL 120 - 3 Puppet (MAXED)
    Thrust - LVL 0
    Mortal Blow - LVL 20 (MAXED)
    Puppet - LVL 20 (MAXED)
    Ice Shot - LVL 21
    Arrow Eruption - LVL 30 (MAXED)
    Golden Eagle - LVL 30 (MAXED)
    Strafe - LVL 30 (MAXED)

    4th Job Skill Build:

    LVL 120 - 1 Dragon's Breath, 1 Frostprey, 1 Marksman Boost
    LVL 121 - 1 Awakening, 1 Snipe, 1 Sharp Eyes
    LVL 122 - 3 Sharp Eyes
    LVL 123 - 3 Sharp Eyes
    LVL 124 - 3 Sharp Eyes
    LVL 125 - 3 Sharp Eyes
    LVL 126 - 3 Sharp Eyes
    LVL 127 - 3 Sharp Eyes
    LVL 128 - 3 Sharp Eyes
    LVL 129 - 3 Sharp Eyes
    LVL 130 - 3 Sharp Eyes
    LVL 131 - 2 Sharp Eyes (MAXED), 1 Marksman Boost
    LVL 132 - 3 Marksman Boost
    LVL 133 - 3 Marksman Boost
    LVL 134 - 3 Marksman Boost
    LVL 135 - 3 Marksman Boost
    LVL 136 - 3 Marksman Boost
    LVL 137 - 3 Marksman Boost
    LVL 138 - 3 Marksman Boost
    LVL 139 - 3 Marksman Boost
    LVL 140 - 3 Marksman Boost
    LVL 141 - 1 Marksman Boost (MAXED), 2 Frostprey
    LVL 142 - 3 Frostprey
    LVL 143 - 3 Frostprey
    LVL 144 - 3 Frostprey
    LVL 145 - 3 Frostprey
    LVL 146 - 3 Frostprey
    LVL 147 - 3 Frostprey
    LVL 148 - 3 Frostprey
    LVL 149 - 3 Frostprey
    LVL 150 - 3 Frostprey (MAXED)
    LVL 151 - 3 Piercing Arrow
    LVL 152 - 3 Piercing Arrow
    LVL 153 - 3 Piercing Arrow
    LVL 154 - 3 Piercing Arrow
    LVL 155 - 3 Piercing Arrow
    LVL 156 - 3 Piercing Arrow
    LVL 157 - 3 Piercing Arrow
    LVL 158 - 3 Piercing Arrow
    LVL 159 - 3 Piercing Arrow
    LVL 160 - 3 Piercing Arrow (MAXED)
    LVL 161 - 3 Snipe
    LVL 162 - 3 Snipe
    LVL 163 - 3 Snipe
    LVL 164 - 3 Snipe
    LVL 165 - 3 Snipe
    LVL 166 - 3 Snipe
    LVL 167 - 3 Snipe
    LVL 168 - 3 Snipe
    LVL 169 - 3 Snipe
    LVL 170 - 2 Snipe (MAXED), 1 Awakening
    LVL 171 - 3 Dragon's Breath
    LVL 172 - 3 Dragon's Breath
    LVL 173 - 3 Dragon's Breath
    LVL 174 - 3 Dragon's Breath
    LVL 175 - 3 Dragon's Breath
    LVL 176 - 3 Dragon's Breath
    LVL 177 - 3 Dragon's Breath
    LVL 178 - 3 Dragon's Breath
    LVL 179 - 3 Dragon's Breath
    LVL 180 - 3 Awakening (MAXED)
    LVL 181 - 3 Maple Warrior
    LVL 182 - 3 Maple Warrior
    LVL 183 - 3 Maple Warrior
    LVL 184 - 3 Maple Warrior
    LVL 185 - 3 Maple Warrior
    LVL 186 - 3 Maple Warrior
    LVL 187 - 3 Maple Warrior
    LVL 188 - 3 Maple Warrior
    LVL 189 - 3 Maple Warrior
    LVL 190 - 3 Maple Warrior (MAXED)
    LVL 191 - 3 Blind
    LVL 192 - 3 Blind
    LVL 193 - 3 Blind
    LVL 194 - 3 Blind
    LVL 195 - 3 Blind
    LVL 196 - 3 Blind
    LVL 197 - 3 Blind
    LVL 198 - 3 Blind
    LVL 199 - 3 Blind
    LVL 200 - 3 Blind (MAXED)
    Maple Warrior - LVL 30 (MAXED)
    Sharp Eyes - LVL 30 (MAXED)
    Dragon's Breath - LVL 28
    Piercing Arrow - LVL 30 (MAXED)
    Marksman Boost - LVL 30 (MAXED)
    Frostprey - LVL 30 (MAXED)
    Blind - LVL 30 (MAXED)
    Snipe - LVL 30 (MAXED)
    Awakening - LVL 5 (MAXED)

    Please note that there will be a future Maple Warrior at level 30 and Awakening
    at level 5, meaning that the skillbooks for Maple Warrior 30 and Awakening 5
    will be released later! They will be released when Time Temple comes out.

    (7) 4th Job Skillbooks

    Here are the skillbook drops!

    Maple Warrior:
    LVL 1-10 - FREE
    LVL 11-20 - HornTail
    LVL 21-30 - Pink Been (not released)

    Awakening/Hero's Will:
    LVL 1 - QUEST

    Sharp Eyes:
    LVL 1-10 - FREE
    LVL 11-20 - Cold Shark, Left Pianus
    LVL 21-30 - Skelosaurus, Right Pianus

    Dragon's Breath:
    LVL 1-10 - El Nath PQ
    LVL 11-20 - Jr. Newtie, Left Pianus
    LVL 21-30 - Right Pianus

    Marksman Boost:
    LVL 1-10 - FREE
    LVL 11-20 - Jr. Newtie, Papulatus
    LVL 21-30 - Zakum

    Piercing Arrow:
    LVL 1-10 - QUEST
    LVL 11-20 - Skelegon
    LVL 21-30 - Papulatus

    LVL 1-10 - QUEST (Green Storybook is dropped by Sharks)
    LVL 11-20 - Zakum
    LVL 21-30 - HornTail

    LVL 1-10 - FREE
    LVL 11-20 - Skelosaurus
    LVL 21-30 - Griffey

    LVL 1-10 - QUEST
    LVL 11-20 - Dark Cornian, Griffey
    LVL 21-30 - Guild Quest

    To get Awakening:

    1. Talk to Chief Tatamo in Leafre to begin the quest. He will ask you to talk
    to Carta the Sea Witch.
    2. Head to Aqua Road Dungeon, and talk to Carta.
    3. Talk to Carta again to receive the quest from her. She asks you to collect
    40 courage pieces in a special arena of hers. You will need two people to enter
    the map, and it will cost you a Pianus statue every time you get in. This is
    the hardest part of achieving this quest.
    4. Inside the map, you will hunt bone fish, shark, and goby. Every one of them
    will drop one of the 40 pieces you need, and you need to collect all 40 pieces
    before the timer runs out.
    5. After you exit the map, talk to Carta again.
    6. Keep talking to her until you receive another quest.
    7. Now head to Leafre again and look for the NPC named Fu. He'll ask you to
    collect either Ragged Wristband (dropped by Griffey) and 10 Mithril plates.
    8. Return to Fu, and give him the broken ring and the 10 Mithril plates. He
    will give you a Mithril Wristband.
    9. Head back to Aqua Road, and talk to Carta the Sea Witch to finish the quest.
    She will give you the potion. Use it to obtain Awakening.

    To get Piercing Arrow:

    1. Talk to Legor (4th job instructor) to begin the quest. She will ask you to
    hunt for a brown glove. Hunt Blue Kentuars for the brown glove.
    2. Talk to Athena to complete the quest and obtain Piercing Arrow.

    To get Frostprey:

    1. Begin the quest by talking to Yaku in Leafre.
    2. Head to Dangerous Cliff in El Nath, then head on the avalanche at the top
    right, which is a hidden map.
    3. Hunt for the mysterious egg in a hidden map.
    3. Travel back to Leafre, and talk to Yaku.
    4. Go right of Leafre and down to the map where Haves (leafre birds spawn).
    Enter the portal, and then drop the egg to summon Frostprey.
    5. Fight Frostprey. Summon your puppet if you need to.
    6. Once you're done, return to Yaku to complete the quest and obtain Frostprey.

    To get Snipe:

    1. Get the Green Storybook from Sharks
    2. Bring the green book to Librarian Uzu or Wiz in Korean Folk Town. He will
    ask you to collect 50 Ink Bottles, 10 Pure Waters, and 30 Magic Rocks.
    3. Bring back all of the collected items listed above to Librarian Uzu. He
    will give you another Green Book.
    4. Head over to Henesys, and talk to Athena (2nd job instructor)
    5. Go to El Nath, and talk to Rene (3rd job instructor)
    6. Talk to Shammos below
    7. Go to Sleepywood, and talk to The Rememberer, and then head to Sleepywood
    Dungeon, and talk to The Insignificant Being.
    8. The Insignificant Being will ask you to collect 50 dark crystal balls. They
    drop by Wild Cargo, Taurospear, and Jr. Balrog.
    9. Return back to The Insignificant Being, and he will exchange your items for
    a key to enter an arena. The arena is in Sanctuary Entrance 3.
    10. Go to Sanctuary Entrance 3 with the key, and enter the arena in the middle.
    11. Destory 300 monsters inside in 20 minutes to complete this part. You need
    another 4th job archer to enter the arena.
    12. Once you're done, talk to Insignificant Being again to obtain Snipe.

    (8) More Tips

    1.Be in the party quest alot to level faster, including Kerning Party Quest,
    Monster Carnival, Ludibrium Maze, and so on.

    2.About the cash shop, you should only buy good NX items, such as 2x EXP for
    4th job levels. NX clothes and effects are completely useless.

    3.You should only buy Silver Mane when you're extremely rich. It costs 50
    million mesos! If you didn't even buy the Watch Hog at all, you might save up
    to 70 million mesos! So buying mounts aren't recommended if you want to save.

    4.Never let anybody steal your items, especially the people who you dont trust.
    You want yourself tobe at least fairly rich. Try not to participate drop games.

    5.Don't pass the the advancing level before you advance. For example, when you
    level to level 120, you should stop there and advance to 4th job before you can
    level over 120. If you level over it without advancing 4th job, you might waste
    some 4th job skill points!

    6.Using 30% dark scrolls can be very risky. You should use those scrolls at
    first or second! It is highly not recommended to use 30% dark scrolls after the
    weapons has been godly. You might have 35% chance for an item to be destroyed.

    7.Don't die so much at high levels, especially without Safety Charms. Leveling
    back can take awhile! Use the right potions consistently! Don't buy red pots
    when your Max HP is high.

    8.Use the alchemy skill with Diamonds (Sapphires for mages) to upgrade the
    attack for weapons.

    9.Be careful of using skill points, because you wouldn't want to waste money
    spending cash on SP resets.

    10.Using the weapon attack bonus items, such as Dark Focus, Pink Adventurer
    Cape, Facestompers, and Mark of Naricain, increases alot of your attack power,
    and they give more damage than DEX. Approximately, 1 Weapon Attack equals 5 or
    6 DEX.


    I'd say that being a Marksman is well-worth it if you want a cheap classes to
    play, even cheaper than clerics! Again, my marksman girl TaffetaAxe3 has quit,
    since she had to study for the recent days.
    Credits goes to my friend TaffetaAxe3 and of course, Hidden Street for me
    posting the guide in the site! Also, thank you very much for reading this
    guide! Hope you enjoy, and happy mapling!

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