Ultimate Path of Assassin
Version 0.9
by SirJoux (death_knight93@hotmail.com)

1. Intro
2. Maple Island
3. Rogue
4. Assassin
5. Credits

*SPECIAL* (Skip to this section if you are already very experienced!)
+Work Glove
-Assassin Techniques
-Throwing Stars
-Making money

FAQ Inserted (end of the guide)

V.04-> Updated Training Places (more detailed), edited some grammar and also
added 'notes' section.

V.05-> Added in Lvl 80 as well as training places (recommended with a *).
Lvl 70 Skilsl added.

V.06-> Added in FAQ section and included in ludibrium (aka ludi) monsters.

v.07-> Added more questions in FAQ section and notes on level 90 armour as
well as more info on training places for higher levels.

v.08-> Added in some girl eq info and more training places.

v.09-> Rearranged training section - More organised, good locations are
listed first and more training places with extension of Zipangu and Perion.
Edited some grammar and scrolling section.

NOTE: If you have any questions that ARE NOT FOUND IN THE
GUIDE/CLARIFICATIONS NEEDED TO BE MADE, you may email me. I would suggest
you do not add me on MSN, because I do not know who you are and may delete
for personal purposes. Please note, I do not like beggars. Please do not
email me asking for mesos/items.

Well, a little bit about myself. I am a hermit, playing MapleSEA. Therefore
I update as and when MSEA updates. If you want advice on Global, you can
email me. I will try to find alternatives for you. I have gotten advice from
many different people, my friends from GameSync/MapleSource, Sleepywood,
MapleTip etc. This guide is to help assassins enjoy maple and have fun
playing their character. Good luck to everyone with assassins reading this
guide =)

P.S. I am currently on hiatus in MSEA, still playing, but not as active.

Maple Island
When you start out the game, you will be transported to maple island.
Remember that dice rolling? IT'S VERY IMPORTANT. It will concern your
whole maple life. You need to get these stats for a perfect sin that
would do good damage:

STR: 4
DEX: ?
INT: 4
LUK: ?

DEX and LUK are left as ? because it is not determined. Make sure your
DEX and LUK add up to 17 at first. But what do these stats do?

Strength (STR) increases the maximum power of melee attacks. When a
character gains a level, they will gain more HP if they have higher STR.
It also greatly increases damage for the warrior class.

Dexterity (DEX) increases the accuracy, avoidability and minimum damage
of all attacks, except magical. It greatly affects the damage of
Bowmen.[This is your secondary stat]

Intelligence (INT) increases the maximum power of magic attacks, magic
defense and slightly increases the amount of MP recovery. It also
increases the amount of MP gained when a character gains a level. It
increases accuracy and greatly increases magical power of magicians.

Luck (LUK) increases the avoidability and accuracy of your character,
and decreases the EXP loss when a character dies. It greatly increases
the damage of thieves. [This is your primary stat]

Follow the NPC's instructions. You will go to the battle grounds. Start
killing snails. Green Snails give 3XP. Blue ones give 4XP and red ones
give 8XP. Red ones have a lot of HP, and at this level it isn't
advisable. So stick between green and blue snails.
Every level from now till lvl 10, you will get 5AP points.
At Lvl 10, your stats should look like this

STR: 4
DEX: 25
INT: 4
LUK: ?

Lvl 10 you will take the ship from Southperry and go to Victoria Island.

Next, take a taxi to kerning city. From there find the "Fusion Bar" and
talk to the Dark Lord. He will make you a Rogue.

You are now in the first step of becoming an assassin. Notice in your
skill book you have gotten 1SP? Well, here are details on the skills.

Nimble Body: Increases accuracy and avoidability.
[You will need to add these. Requires 3SP to activate Keen Eyes]

Keen Eyes: Increases the range of attack using throwing weapons such as
throwing stars & knives.
[Ah ha, did you see that, throwing stars/knives? That's for you assassins]

Disorder: Temporarily decreases the morale of an opponent. Its weapon
def. and attack will suffer, and the attacking enemy will suddenly stop
attacking. Can't perform the attack on an enemy that's already in
"disorder", however.
[Not necessary, but you need to put 3SP before you can add into Dark Sight]

Dark Sight: Use MP to hide behind the shadows. While hiding, the enemy
won't attack, but you can't attack back either. All movements other than
attacking are available. It's temporary, so after a while, you'll be
back to normal.
[OMG, you can turn invisible! Plus, you don't take damage- except magic

Double Stab: Use MP to quickly stab an enemy twice at once using a
[Hello, you are not wielding a dagger, please do not add into this]

Lucky Seven : Use MP to throw 2 throwing stars and apply damage based on
LUK, regardless of the rate of claw mastery.
[This is the skill that will last you for life. FOR LIFE. Also known as L7]

This is what your skill book should look like at level 30.
Nimble Body> Keen Eyes> Lucky Seven> Disorder> Dark Sight

20 Nimble Body [MAX]
8 Keen Eyes [MAX]
10 Dark Sight
3 Disorder
20 Lucky Seven [MAX]

Now notice there is Disorder and Dark Sight. Disorder is near-range,
which means you have to poke the enemy. In my opinion, Dark Sight is
better. And to activate Dark Sight, you need 3 Disorder, which is more
than enough Disorder for you.

This section refers to the gear/equipment. As you want to be an
assassin, which means a rogue using claw and throwing stars. If you notice,
these are mostly for males. For females, find the equivalent to
the male items. These are also for normal sins, not dexless/low-dex sin.

Lvl 10-> At kerning, you will see the weapon shop. Most importantly, buy
GARNIER, SUBI THROWING STARS and ALLEY BEANIE. You need to have stars to
activate the claw. Also, subis have 500 in qt, you will need to refill. I
suggest buying around 3-5 sets. To refill, go to the armour vendor in
the towns and click the use tab and find your stars and click recharge.
I suggest do not buy lvl 10 gear (pants and shirt), why? because when
you are hunting snails, you may get a blue-lined T-shirt which is for
lvl 11, as for pants you can stick to your mini skirts or jean shorts.
You do not have a hat, and the beanie is only 900meso, so just buy it.

Lvl 15-> At this lvl, you should be killing slimes (refer to training
section) and pigs. You want the slimes to do just 1 DMG to you, so you won't
have to drain potions. Now DARK NIGHT and BLACK NIGHTSHIFT PANTS. Stick with
your hat and maybe buy a OLD KOREAN RUBBER SHOE if you have money
(optional). The shirt adds a sweet LUK+1 and the pants add HP+5. That's
pretty good for lvl 15. Now, do not bother making lvl 15 claw. It is
useless, even though it may sound good with the extra weapon def.

Lvl 20-> W00t, you are going to look like a chinese kung-fu stuntman =X.
Right grab a BLACK PAO and a matching BLACK PAO PANTS and BLACK
LOOSECAP. The top adds LUK+1 again and the pants add MP+5, loosecap MP+5
too. Plus, if you do Nella's Quest you can wear a cool glove BRONZE
MISCHEIF you may choose to refine 10 opal ore and upgrade it to a DARK
MISCHEIF, because this glove will last you for a while. Buy some WOODEN
(for girls, you have two options the qi pao pants or the skirt - lvl22. the
skirt actually adds luk+1 rather than the pants which adds mp/hp, it's up to
you, because im sure you want to be matching.. and 1 luk isn't going to
terribly kill your damage.)

LVl 25-> Refer to quest guides for help on Maya's quest. Maya gives a sweet
BROWN BAMBOO HAT. Guess what, it adds LUK+3!! This is equivalent to an
average stat lvl 50 hat (but of course not the weapon def.)! Did you see the
sneak? It's fugly lemme tell you. I suggest you stick to your pao set. Also,
make and wear a MEBA. Scroll it +7. You will use this to lvl 35 or 40.

Lvl 30-> Oh, sweet 2nd job advancement! You need some good gear. Get DARK
BROWN STEALER and DARK BROWN STEALER PANTS. Altogether you will get a nice
LUK+3 bonus. As for the hat, don't buy the guise, stick with
bamboo. Now shoes wear CHAIN BOOTS which you can get from Nella's Quest.

Now, you need to find a good place to train to level up fast.

*[Snails] Henysys Hunting Ground bottom floor has loads of snails.

*[Slimes] Check out various Ellinia Tree Dungeons or head to Henysys Hunting
Ground 2nd floor. (counting from the bottom)
*[Orange Mushroom] Check out Kerning Construction Sites or the Henysys
Hunting Ground 3rd floor.
*[Pigs] Check out the hidden street at the 3-way road split - pig beach.
Loads of pigs there but an occasional iron hog (change channel when there

*[Green Mushroom] Various Ellinia Tree Dungeons or Henysys Hunting Ground
topmost floor.
[Horny Mushroom] Sleepywood Ant Tunnels and various Ellinia Tree Dungeons.
(there is a mixed tree with both Green Mush and Horny Mush)
[Blue Mushroom] Blue Mushroom Park in Henysys.
[Party Quest] Located at Kerning City (lakelis)

You must be wondering what is PQ. I am refering to kerning city's party
quest. You need to get a party of 4 and click lakelis like mad and do a
series of stages.

Congrats, you are lvl 30! Go back to the Dark Lord. He will tell you to go
and see the Instructor at the construction site (2 maps right of kerning
city). Go to the instructor, he will bring you into an area with modified
cold eyes and
blue mushrooms. They is 33.33% chance of them dropping a Dark Marble and
you need to collect 30 of them. Pass them back to the instructor and
take the Proof of A hero back to the Dark Lord. Now choose- Assassin. You
will also get 1SP.

Claw Mastery: Increases the mastery of throwing stars and accuracy, along
with the maximum number of throwing stars to recharge. It only applies when
the character is throwing stars.
[Increases accuracy and qt of stars. A must-add. Requires 3SP to activate
Critical Throw and 5SP for Booster]

Critical Throw : Enables the character to make a critical attack with
throwing stars on a certain success rate.
[Do you know how much dmg it does when maxed? 200% dmg 50% of the time. OMG

Endure: Additional recovery for both HP and MP even while hanging still on a
rope or a ladder. The higher the level, the faster the recovery time, along
with recovering additional amounts of both MP and HP.
[Good skill, so when you are afking or trading on ladder it helps. Needs 3SP
of this to activate Drain]

Claw Booster : Use HP and MP to temporarily boost up the attacking speed
of the claw. It only applies when the character is equipped with a claw
throwing stars.
[Increases speed. Assassins are already so fast, and they add skills to make
us even faster. Cool~]

Haste: Temporarily improves the speed and jumping ability of every member of
the party.
[Oh man, you are going to walk damn fast.]
*NOTE*:When you max haste your speed becomes 140% and jump becomes 120%. Max
speed is 140% but max jump is 123%.

Drain: Absorb some of the damage dished out to the enemy as HP. The most
one can absorb at once is the character's MaxHP / 2, and can't absorb
more than the MaxHP of the enemy.
[Omg, life leech]

This is your ideal skills at level 70.

Claw Mastery> Critical Throw> Haste> Endure> Drain> Booster> Claw Mastery>

Claw Mastery 20 [MAX]
Claw Booster 18
Critical Throw 30 [MAX]
Haste 20 [MAX]
Endure 3
Drain 30 [MAX]

Now your lvl 35-60 gear.

Lvl 35->It is very hard and boring to level from lvl 30-40, so you can't
This suit is the cheapest and gives a great deal of luck. You may
also choose to make a new claw, GUARDIAN. Also get a cool LUK+2 Gold Arbion
from John's Present.

Lvl 40->This is the nicest armour and the coolest. Get a DARK PILFER,
probably from Rowen's Curse Doll Quest. Get MARINE/DARK SHADOW and
MARINE/DARK SHADOW PANTS. These add luck, only Dark type looks cooler
and is rarer and more expensive. You should change claw as it will last
you for 10 lvls. Change to AVARICE. Scroll +7. Buy some KUMBI.

Lvl 50->You get like a Version 2 of a pao outfit, china suit (or moon suit
for gals). It's a chinese pant-shirt thing. Get RED CHINA and RED CHINA
PANTS. Try to get a BROWN/RED SONATA. Change to SLAIN. If you have money,
scroll +7 60%, if not, scroll +7 100%. Buy a lot of KUMBI or TOBI.

get a DARK IDENTITY or SILVER IDENTITY. The ID is going to cost you a bomb,
seriously. You may also choose to stick to sonata but you will look a bit
erm..weird. You may wish to change to GIGANTIC, but after
buying ID - esp dark, you will not have a lot of money left unless you are
very rich, which is unlikely. I suggest you stick to slain, for that is what
I did with my sin.

Now the fun starts!

*[Jr.Sentinel] Orbis Tower 20th, 19th, 18th floors has the most spawn.
*[Wild Boar] Land of Wild Boar 1 and 2.
*[Fire Boar] Burnt Land 1,2.
[Evil Eye] Evil Eye Cave 1,2,3,4.
[Star Pixies] Cloud Park 1.

*[Copper Drake] Dangerous Valley, fire boars there too.
[Wraith] B3, Subway.
*[Jr.Grupin] Garden of Green, though it may be a little crowded.
[Jr.Cellion] Garden of Red.
[Jr.Lioner] Garden of Yellow.
[Cloud Fox] Zipangu - Mountain of Cloud Fox or Forest of Animals
[Lunar Pixies] Cloud Park 3,4
[Party Quest] Try out the ludi pq. Pretty fun.

*[DSG] Sleepy Dungeon 3,4,5. A party would be good.
*[Luster Pixies] Cloud Park 5,6.
*[Stone Golem] Go around the temples, kill as fast as you can
*[Hectors] Cold Field 1.
[Drake] Drake Meal Table, Drake Hunting Ground.
[Block Golem] Secret Map. Rombot ocassionally spawns too.
[Red Slimes] Secret Spa. Great drops.

*[White Pang] Wolf Territory 5. (safe from lycans and werewolfs)
*[Yeti] Icy Cold Field.
*[Coolie Zombie] Forest of Dead Trees 1,2,3,4. Very crowded. Better drops
and spawn than minors.
[Mushmom] Somebody else's house in Henysys.
[Grupin] Garden of Green 2. Mixed floor is pretty good, Stairway to the Sky.
[Cellion] Garden of Red 2.
[Lioner] Garden of Yellow 2.
[Red Drake] Dangerous Valley 2. Drops steely.

P.S. Never train in Eos Tower except for maybe block golems cos terrain
sucks. worse than orbis tower.

You have come a long dude! Great job on reaching Lvl 70 (Pat your back!)
Well to advance to the awesome 3rd job you gotta folow these instructions:

Go to El Nath - Chief Residence and speak to Arec. After talking to Arec,
head back to Victoria Island and talk to Dark Lord which is located in
Kerning City. Next, find the Door of Dimension located at Monkey Swamp II
and it'll bring you to "The Path of the Glittering Crystal". Walk until the
end of the path and enter the portal to defeat the wiseman's dark side to
obtain the Black Charm.

Return to Dark Lord and exchange the Black Charm for a Necklace of Strength.
Return to El Nath after that and give the item to Arec. Head on to the Holy
Ground at the Snowfield (Sharp Cliff II). 1 Dark Crystal is required to
answer 5 questions to obtain the Necklace of Wisdom. Again, head back to
Arec in El Nath and give him the Necklace of Wisdom.

TIP: If you don't know how to answer the question, always check out Hidden

After you're done you get 5AP and 1SP add 'em in. It's a pretty good bonus.
Here's the skills

Alchemist: Increases the effect of the recovery-based items like potions and
others, and lengthen time for the effect, if the item is based on such.
However, items such as Elixir and others that base the recovery in % do not
apply in this skill.
[Great skill. You can heal more HP with pots!]

Meso Up: For a certain amount of time, everyone in the party can make the
enemies drop more mesos than usual with this skill.
[OOOOOOOO.. More meso its good! ]

Shadow Partner: For a certain amount of time, a shadow will appear,
repeating your every move. There's no real stamina in it, and it will
disappear after some time.
[Required a summoning rock. Advised to use only after it is above lvl 21
because its the maxed timing and you would not waste the rock)

Shadow Web: Makes a spiderweb of your shadow, and holds up to 6 enemies in
one spot at once. The enemies held in the spiderweb will be unable to move.
[Not a very good skill but oh well]

Shadow Meso: Replaces MP with mesos and attacks enemies with the damage
based on the amount of mesos thrown. Ignores the enemies' "weapon def. up"
and "magic guard up."
[Kind of Waste meso. Required 5 Meso Up]

Avenger: Uses MP to make an enormous throwing star for attack. The throwing
star will go through an enemy, and attack the ones behind it, too.
[Great skill but can only be used when enemy in a straight line]

Flash Jump: While in the air after a jump, use this skill + the arrow for a
second jump. The higher the skill level, the farther the distance for the
[It's further than maxed teleport even at lvl 1. Required 5 Avenger]

I will go through the adding step by step this time round because these are
your skills of a lifetime and I'm sure you don't wanna ruin it.


88-FLASH JUMP (10)
97-ALCHEMIST(17), MESO UP (10)
99-MESO UP(13)
100-MESO UP(16)
101-MESO UP(19)

Alchemist 20 [MAX]
Shadow Web 1
Shadow Partner 30 [MAX]
Meso Up 20 [MAX]
Shadow Meso 30[MAX]
Avenger 30 [MAX]
Flash Jump 20 [MAX]


Lvl 70->Finding lvl 70 things is hard so you may stick to your
scorpio/manthis set until you can get lvl 80 stuff (pirate). You won't want
to change your hat after buying the ID, so you should not sell your ID and
lemme tell you, rook is ugly, it looks like a nerfed burglar. If you are
using slain still, upgrade to FURY. As for gigantic holders, if you scrolled
your giga correctly, it should be able to last for a while. Sell your kumbis
and start buying more TOBIS and STEELYS.

Lvl 80->If you have followed my scrolling tips correctly you should get a
fairly good fury (43-50atk) and a good attack glove by then. Don't buy a
mamba. You waste money and have to add dex... Get a better glove (around
8-12atk) Change into DARK PIRATE SUIT. It rocks and looks great.

Lvl 90->Osfa doesn't really look good and there's not much different in
stats between pirate and osfa, so I suggest you do not change into osfa, and
you have to add more dex (130) to wear it. Remember the 'capping your dex'
(read FAQ)? Change to ROSE EARRINGS for more magic defence (you can hunt
them from Purple Squids at around lvl 92).

HIGHER LEVELLED. Reset some dex/keep it within 85-110 for normal sins (semi
low-dex). Scroll your bottom with DEX and your top with LUK. Get 9-15 dex
snowshoes too. Get a pink cape with weapon defence 2-4 and maybe get it
scrolled with LUK. Also, upgrade your claw make sure it's attack is at least
50 and above for good damage. You can choose to upgrade your glove if you
have extra money.

By this lvl, lvling is a hard thing and you have to be sure you are training
at the right places.

*[Yeti&Pepe] Ice Valley 2. Party with people
*[Mixed Golem] Great exp. Alternative in vic. may be crowded.
*[Death Teddy] SWEEE EXP for lvl 80-89.
[Buffy] Pretty nice drops and good exp for a small guy. 7x
[Clocks] Advised for 7x. A little bit tough and spawn sucks. But the Dark
Clock's drops are good (Steely, Galaxy..)
*[Leader B + Extra D] Parking Lot. Mixture of these two mobs.
*[Leader A + Extra D] Finance of the Flaming Racoon. Ocassional tobi may
drop and good amount of pots dropped.
*[Water Goblin] Excellent drops of mana pots as well as money (full meso
up!). Fast Spawn as well.
*[Officer Skeletons] Camp 1,2,3. Pretty good drops and exp.
[Lucida] Stairway of Darkness. Great mesos if u have meso up, try to OHKO!
(around 8x 9x to obtain loads of cash)
[Taurospear] Sanctuary Entrance. Advised for mid to late 7x.
[Cerebes] Cave of Trial 1,2. (Map 2 has more space for sins to jump).
[Werewolf] Wolf Territory 1,2. Only for hunting.
[Jr.Balrog] Cursed Sanctuary. Advised for 8x. For fun.

*[Bain] Cave of Trial 3, Armoury and WanWan Spa of Hell are good locations.
Good to have high level flash jump for these maps.
*[Squid] Aqua Road Dungeon. Better exp than Bain. Best to have a party.
*[Purple Squid] Aqua Road Dungeon. lvl 98+
*[Spirit Viking] Warped Path of Time 4
*[Zakum] You will lose a lot of pots but the reward is good (Zakum helmets,
lvl 90-100 items). Advised for at least 11X to survive all arms and bodies.
*[Dream Ghost] Advised for 115+. MUST train with a party, with hyper body
and heal.
[Phantom Watch] fast missiles but with skill, avoidable. mesos+drops
[Grim Phantom Watch] lousy matack, but lousy money. hunting only, with ice
mage/priest if possible
[Gigantic Spirit Viking] Good exp but very painful and little sniping lanes
and drops aren't fantastic. Good for those who are very agile with their


+Work Glove
-Assassin Techniques
-Throwing Stars
-Making money

Scrolling means buying scrolls to upgrade and item. When the item is
successfully upgraded its name will turn orange and have a +1 on it. For
assassins you will need these scrolls:

Scroll for Glove for ATT
Scroll for Glove for DEX
Scroll for Cape for LUK
Scroll for Cape for DEX
Scroll for Claw for ATT
Scroll for Shoes for JUMP
Scroll for Topwear for LUK
scroll for Bottomwear for DEX

As maple's system advances, there are now 30% and 70% cursed scrolls. For
example, 30% scroll has a 30% of passing (it has effects of a 10% scroll)
and 70% of failing - out of this 70% it has a 50-50 chance of breaking.
Breaking means that the item will disappear - cursed scrolling is pretty
risky and should only be done on the first few slots of the item to minimise

Work Glove Scrolling
Firstly, make lots of work glove (preferably 15 or 20 each time). Next buy
the relevant scrolls (Glove for Atck). Use 10%s or 30%s, its cheaper and the
reward is greater and that's why you are buying so many work gloves for.

1. Scroll on the first slot of each work glove
2. Keep all those that work and NPC the rest
3. Scroll the second slot on the remaining gloves
4. Keep all those that work and those which didnt
[P.S. By now you should have only 1 to 5 gloves or even none. +2 10% is
already quite a bit, you may wish to stop scrolling or use 60%s with
remaining slots]

Look at step 4, your glove has already +1, and has 3 slots left, people may
want to buy it, so keep it and try to sell it. Or scroll the rest with 60%.

Claw Scrolling
For Meba and Avarice, scroll +7 100%s. Slain, Gigas, Furys are those that
you need to scroll.

For slain, its easier to get them. So you may wish to buy or make 2 or 3
claws and scroll them with 10%s or 30%s and use the best one or if you dont
wanna spend so much on 10%s, then just get one and scroll it with 60%s. A +5
60%s to a regular sapphire slain would be sufficient. 100% may also be okay
if you are switching to giga at lvl 60.

For giga, scroll all with 60%s.

For fury, get a couple of clean ones of various attacks and try 30% on the
first slot. If it passes, continue with 60% scrolls.

Boots Scrolling
Scroll snowshoes. They have 7 slots and have some magic defense. They can be
found in el nath store. For snowshoes, scroll dex. You will get some jump
and some dex which is pretty good. Use 10%s or 30%s they are much cheaper.

These will help you greatly in capping your dex and getting enough to wear
your items.

Cape Scrolling
Scroll any cape you like. In the early levels, napoleans (esp green) are
cheap and easy to hunt (from hectors) so you may wish to scroll it. I
suggest scrolling LUK over DEX because like I said earlier, LUK is your
primary stat. Unless you are dexless of course.

Scrolling 30%s on the first few slot and then continueing with 60%s is the
most efficient on Justices and Magics, these capes are quite readily
available nowadays.

As for pink cape scrolling, always go with 60% as you don't want to ruin
your pink cape.

Assassin Techniques
Assassins need to move around a lot and when they are near range they will
poke. You need to jump out of the situation, but you have to jump properly
or else you will get damaged by the mob as a result.

*Good when there are mobs chasing you from both directions.

Shoot while in the air, jump over the mob and shoot again.

*Good when a lot of mobs are surrounding you.
*Attack monsters on high platforms and also evade their attacks.

Jump out of the mass of mobs and just go crazy and shoot stars. This is
a main skill for assassins. You will need it to perform backshot technique.

*Good you need to kill a major mob before killing them.

Hit both mobs and run in the direction you want them to go to. If there is a
major mob kill it first, there should be enough time for you to turn back
and kill the other two confused mobs.

Throwing Stars

Wooden Top/800/19

Making money
Sins need lots of money to afford their stars and pots. From lvls 1-50 you
will find that you will be quite poor (like around say 2m-3m) but don't
fret. From lvl 50-xxx you will be earning big bucks before you spend them on
your weapons and armour that is. These are my ultimate money making tips for

-Take all items during training. ETC stuff in bulk can be worth a lot.
-Try not to use pots that over heal. E.g.you have 700mp and use P.water.
-Do Huckle's Quest in the tower and sell the scrolls u dont need
-Do Jane lvl 40 quest (alchemist). Good rewards esp 3rd req.
-Do Jane lvl 25 quest. If you are lucky, you may get a very good scroll.
-Do jumping quests repeatedly. Collect ores and sell the unneeded ones.
-Do Soul collector quest (lvl 85), you get 1 fame and 63k exp, although you
don't make money, you earn around 1%, and you will save 1% worth of pots.

This is for bits and pieces of info regarding assassins.

Dagger & Throwing Stars - [(LUK x 3.6 + STR + DEX) / 100]x Weapon Attack

Dagger and Throwing Stars - (LUK x 0.9 x 3.6 x Skill Mastery + STR + DEX) /
100 x Weapon Attack
[Note: Skill Mastery's percentage and Damage Percentage should be converted
to decimal points; ie: 10% = 0.1]

1 WA= 11 attack range (as seen under stats> attack)
5 LUK= 1 WA

(rounded up)

FAQ which everyone loves! (maybe.)

Hmm, yes okay. AP points is simple. Basically follow the DEX on the armour
required e.g. lvl 15 armour needs 30 dex... but other than that follow this

you add 5 luk every lvl, last four lvls add dex until lvl 50
e.g. lvl 30 -40 , lvl 30-36 add 5 LUK each lvl, lvl 36-40 add 5 DEX each lvl
until lvl 50

after lvl 50 add 4 luk every lvl, last two lvls add dex
e.g lvl 50-60, lvl 50-58 add 5 luk each lvl , lvl 58-60 add 5 dex

2. JOUX! TELL ME WAD PRICE IS XXXXX?!! What server do you play??
Er... I don't do price checks. I play MapleSEA Aquila. I dare you to find my

3. Joux, why don't you show us how to add SP for lvl 10 skills or lvl 30
The reason I don't do that is because it's really up to you how you want to
add, whether you want which skill first. Just make sure you have that many
points in each skill at the end of each advancement.

4. Hey man, What do you mean by 'cap your dex'?
It means to stop adding dex because it is not necessary (lvl 70 onwards).
For hermits, there is no accuracy problems like warriors, you only need dex
to wear armour.

5. Why is alchemist important, it seems like a sucky passive skill?
It is useful in battle. I can vouch for it. It heals a lot of more (e.g.
Unagi heals 1000HP with maxed alchemist= 1500HP, 2 unagi heal as much as 3
unagi) so as you can see in the long run you can save on both HP and MP
pots. Unagis and pure waters will also last you for a long time as there is
no in-between potions, alchemist will help to heal the extra hp and mp

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