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    Default Assassin Guide

    Please note: This guide may or may not be outdated, follow it's information at your own risk. Hiddenstreet takes no responsibility for the accuracy of this guide.

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    ASCII by FIGlet, because I still can't do ASCII, unfortunately.

    >> A guide for Assassins, from level 1-120
    Written by: CocoaArcher
    Version: 1.21

    If you've got ANY questions, corrections, suggestions...anything that demands
    my attention, do not hesitate to e-mail me at...



    Please include (preferably in the Subject, but anywhere in the mail will be
    fine too) the words "Assassin Guide" at least once in your suggestion. I have
    multiple Maple Story guides and so I need to search each one individually.
    Thank you so much.

    E-mails in ALL CAPS, using improper grammar (this does not mean
    that if you make a few mistakes I won't answer. I'm talking "u no were 2 lvl
    nao?" and stuff like that) or that contain insults WILL NOT BE ANSWERED.
    Please, be respectful and don't waste my time.


    Hi, my name's Matt Greene.
    This here is my second guide. Due to the success and overall appreciation
    (thanks a lot everyone!) of my first Cleric Guide, I decided, after much
    encouragement, to make an assassin guide. Now I know I said mages were my fave
    characters - however, assassins are pretty sweet too. Who doesn't like throwing
    shurikens at monsters like a japanese ... well ... assassin?! Everyone does!
    Thanks for reading the section nobody else reads, and I hope you enjoy
    my second guide.

    Oh, you'll also notice this guide is an almost identical format to my first.
    There's a good reason for that, and it's because I really liked the layout
    of my first guide, so I decided to stick with it once again.

    Table of Contents

    1) Legal Info
    2) Version History
    3) Assassins vs. All!
    4) Ability Point Allocation
    5) The Beginning: Maple Island
    6) Becoming a Thief!
    7) Skill Point Allocation <1st Job>
    8) Training Areas <1st Job>
    9) Class Change: Assassin
    10) Skill Point Allocation <2nd Job>
    11) Training Areas <2nd Job>
    12) Class Change: Hermit
    13) Skill Point Allocation + Training Spots <3rd Job>
    14) Equipment
    15) FAQs, Skill Details, Extras, etc.
    16) Suggestion Corner
    17) Credits, Finishing Stuff


    1) Legal Info

    This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal/private use. It may not be placed on any of the sites not listed below
    without written permission. Use of this guide on any other or as part of a
    public display is strictly prohibited and is a violation of copyright.

    Sites that have permission to use this guide:

    NOTE - I am NOT allowing ANY other sites to use my guide. It's not happening,
    as with my Cleric Guide sending it to five sites was really a pain in the ass.
    If you beg me, I'll consider it, but probably not.

    NOTE - If you see this guide on ANY other sites than the ones listed above,
    then please notify me. You should give me a few days though - it may just be
    that a new site got the guide and I haven't released an update as of yet. Give
    me a few days, then e-mail me. This is much appreciated.


    2) Version History

    Version 1.0 - The guide is complete to my knowledge. Typos and stuff will be
    fixed later on, with another update, because I am le tired. (???)

    Version 1.1 - Added suggestions, more typos fixed, cleaned up a little.

    Version 1.2 - More suggestions, and a note about CPQ in the training section
    as well as a note about e-mails at the top. (29/13/08)

    Version 1.21 - The only updates you will see are ones with suggestions from now
    on, or possibly notes about a new PQ I have tried out. Also, an Archer (Hunter)
    Guide is on the way, so expect a decrease in updates. (22/5/08)


    3) Assassins vs. All!

    If you're reading this guide, I shouldn't really have to convince you. You've
    probably already made up your mind: "The Assassin is the Class for me!" Well,
    chances are you're right, considering assassins are one of the most popular
    characters. But why are assassins the very BEST, of all the classes in Maple
    Well, out of the three ranged characters, assassins are the only ones who can
    consistently jump AND attack at the same time. This is the signature move of
    the assassin, and along with looking cool, it allows you to shoot with extended
    range, shoot enemies who are right beside you (a bowman would have to move
    away, or knockback the enemy) and shoot enemies as you walk, without stopping
    to shoot and then resuming your promenade. Assassins also have the best
    accuracy, considering LUK and DEX, which both help with accuracy, are our two
    main stats. Assassins are a little pricey, depending on what world you choose,
    but regardless they are definitely powerful and unique.
    Welcome to the world of the Assassin!


    4) Ability Point Allocation

    The most important stat for an assassin is LUK, followed by DEX.

    When you create your character, chose your hair, eyes, clothes, weapon, etc.
    and then pick your name. Finally, it's time to roll. Maple Story is an
    incredibly stat sensitive game. If you mess up your stats, your character will
    deal much lower damage than others. Unlike you may have thought, while rolling,
    the most important stats are STR and INT. You don't use these stats, but you
    have to pay attention to them, because if you make them as low as possible when
    you roll, your LUK and DEX will be respectively higher. Thus, a perfect roll
    would look like this:

    STR: 4
    DEX: X
    INT: 4
    LUK: X

    That's a 4 in both of your useless stats. Note that this can take a VERY long
    time - instead you may wish to simply settle for a 5 in one of them, or even a
    5 in both of them. It will not ruin your character, you'll just have 1 or 2
    points less in LUK in the end, which isn't a whole lot.

    As you level up, your DEX should be your level multiplied by 2, and all other
    points should go in your LUK stat. For example, I'm level 25. My DEX should
    be 50. If I'm level 40, my DEX should be 80. Here's how I do it. Let's say I've
    just leveled to 15 and my DEX is 30, like it should be. I level to 16, and
    increase my LUK by 5. I level to 17 and 18, and both times I increase my LUK
    only. Then, when I level to 19 and to 20, I increase my DEX both times. The
    only exception is leveling to 15 - your DEX is 25 at level 10 so it only needs
    to increase by 5 when you hit level 15.

    All you need to do is keep your DEX double your level, and make sure
    all other points go into LUK. Also note that at level 50, you'll follow the
    same pattern as before - increase your LUK at the two last levels. However
    since there is no equipment between levels 40 and 50, your DEX will end up
    being 90 at level 50. It will be 100 at 60, and 110 at 70, and so on.


    5) The Beginning: Maple Island

    In terms of training on Maple Island, thieves are second slowest, right after
    bowman and before mage. You'll want to add all your AP into DEX until it
    reaches 25, because it will boost your damage slightly. All other points
    go in LUK. Go through the cute training grounds where you get dressed up
    as an apple, and then exit and start training. You will stay at this map
    until you are about level 7, killing green snails - trust me, they are the best
    source of EXP at this point. At level 7 or even 8, travel to Amherst and the
    surrounding area and do all the quests there. You'll be around level 8 or 9,
    and after this you can do whatever you want to get to 10.


    6) Becoming a Thief!

    Once you hit level 10 travel to Lith Harbor using the ship in Southperry, for
    150 mesos. Take the taxi to Kerning City, and enter the Fusion Bar. At the
    bottom, beneath the...washroom (!?) is the Dark Lord. Talk to him and he'll
    make you a rogue, as long as your DEX is 25, which it should be if you followed
    the AP Allocation Section. Please, it's R-O-G-U-E, NOT R-O-U-G-E. That is the
    colour red in French. So many people make this mistake and it for some reason
    it annoys me, so please, it's rogue. Your HP and MP are increased, along with
    your base attack. He'll also give you 1 SP. Where should you put it?
    Well...we'll find out in the next section.


    7) Skill Point Allocation <1st Job>

    So you've got these awesome things called skills. Without skills, you are
    nothing. Every time you level up you'll gain 3 SP. You can put it anywhere
    you like, but there's a few recommended paths. I've listed them here.

    BUILD 1
    This build is for the NON-FUNDED thief. This is either your first character
    ever, or it's your first character on a seperate world. This is the classic
    non-funded thief build, and I find it works very well.

    Level 10: Lucky Seven +1
    Level 11: Nimble Body +3
    Level 12: Keen Eyes +3
    Level 13: Nimble Body +3
    Level 14: Nimble Body +3
    Level 15: Nimble Body +3
    Level 16: Nimble Body +3
    Level 17: Nimble Body +3
    Level 18: Nimble Body +2 (MAX), Keen Eyes +1
    Level 19: Keen Eyes +3
    Level 20: Keen Eyes +1 (MAX), Lucky Seven +2
    Level 21: Lucky Seven +3
    Level 22: Lucky Seven +3
    Level 23: Lucky Seven +3
    Level 24: Lucky Seven +3
    Level 25: Lucky Seven +3
    Level 26: Lucky Seven +2 (MAX), Disorder +1
    Level 27: Disorder +2, Dark Sight +1
    Level 28: Dark Sight +3
    Level 29: Dark Sight +3
    Level 30: Dark Sight +3

    For those of you who prefer a simple word format, it goes something like this:
    Lucky Seven > 1, Nimble Body > 3, Keen Eyes > 3, Nimble Body > MAX,
    Keen Eyes > MAX, Lucky Seven > MAX, Disorder > 3, Dark Sight > 10

    Okay, I lied. Really, this build is slightly different from the typical,
    non-funded thief build. Usually, you'd max Nimble Body before even touching
    Keen Eyes. However, due to my personal taste, I like putting 3 points on Keen
    Eyes to get that little bit of extra range, which I find really helps with
    training. You don't need to, you could just max Nimble Body, then add to Keen
    Eyes afterwards if you so wish.


    BUILD 2
    This build is for the funded sin. Once again, like the above build, I gave
    myself 3 points of Keen Eyes (which I can't live without) before starting
    Lucky Seven. This time, you'll miss out on 6 points, and you'll max Lucky Seven
    2 levels later. You can modify this build and simply max Lucky Seven first if
    you want to.

    Level 10: Lucky Seven +1
    Level 11: Nimble Body +3
    Level 12: Keen Eyes +3
    Level 13: Lucky Seven +3
    Level 14: Lucky Seven +3
    Level 15: Lucky Seven +3
    Level 16: Lucky Seven +3
    Level 17: Lucky Seven +3
    Level 18: Lucky Seven +3
    Level 19: Lucky Seven +1 (MAX), Keen Eyes +2
    Level 20: Keen Eyes +3 (MAX)
    Level 21: Nimble Body +3
    Level 22: Nimble Body +3
    Level 23: Nimble Body +3
    Level 24: Nimble Body +3
    Level 25: Nimble Body +3
    Level 26: Nimble Body +2, Disorder +1
    Level 27: Disorder +2, Dark Sight +1
    Level 28: Dark Sight +3
    Level 29: Dark Sight +3
    Level 30: Dark Sight +3

    For those of you who prefer a simple word format, it goes something like this:
    Lucky Seven > 1, Nimble Body > 3, Keen Eyes > 3, Lucky Seven > MAX,
    Keen Eyes > MAX, Nimble Body > MAX, Disorder > 3, Dark Sight > 10

    The overall outcome of these two builds is exactly the same. It all depends on
    when you max Lucky Seven. Funded sins max it earlier since they can afford
    the MP cost, while unfunded sins don't start it until the 20's.


    8) Training Areas <1st Job>

    This section is for where I think you should train during the first job.
    Training is the most important thing in Maple Story - without it, we'd
    all be level 1. More importantly, training is also the worst thing in Maple
    Story, for most. It gets boring, hard, annoying and tiring. But we all have to
    do it at one time or another, and finding the places with the best EXP at that
    level is the entire objective of this section!
    Two things before we begin - I've listed the hidden streets for non-funded sins
    but for funded sins the only ones I listed are the really hard to find ones.
    You should know your way around the MS world, if you're funded.
    I've also put the main monster you will be training on at the bottom of each
    section in ALL CAPS - this is to summarize the paragraph, in a few words.

    Unlike my cleric guide, I've decided to completely divide the funded and
    non-funded sins, considering funded sins are SO popular. The non-funded section
    is right here, while the funded section is just below it.


    Levels 10-14

    For these levels, you'll want to stick with slimes. They're the best experience
    at this point, and they don't have a ridiculous amount of HP. There are many
    places to train on slimes, the very best I find is Henesys Hunting Ground I,
    any old channel. Find an empty spot or a spot with one person and kill to your
    heart's content. The spawn is excellent here, although it can get a little
    crowded. If you find it too much, the other option is the Slime Tree. This is
    at a map that is the 3rd map south of Ellinia. At the far left side there are
    trees that have black holes in them - press the up arrow at these, and
    soon you'll find the Slime Tree. It can also get crowded, but not as much as
    Henesys Hunting Grounds.

    > SLIMES

    Levels 15-19

    You'll want to train at Orange Mushrooms now. For levels 15 and 16, the best
    place is one map south of Kerning City - Kerning City Construction Site.
    For levels 17, 18 and 19, you'll want to be at Henesys Hunting Grounds once
    again. At level 15 or 16 you won't be able to compare with other maplers that
    are training with you (they'll all KS you), and if you are alone chances
    are you won't be able to keep up with the spawn here anyway. At level 17-19
    you should be able to handle it though.


    Levels 20-24

    The best option here is Pig Beach. This is a Hidden Street that's a bit hard
    to find, so I'll explain. Look at your world map, and find the map "Split Road"
    which is where the roads from Henesys, Kerning and Lith Harbor meet. I'm
    assuming you're coming to Pig Beach from Henesys, so you're starting on the
    rightmost side of the area. Travel until you see the last ladder, which will
    be at the leftern side. Go up it and travel a bit to the right, and you'll
    see a patch of yellow flowers. Press up here and you'll be at Pig Beach.
    This is another crowded map, but try the top right platform, or bottom middle,
    because these are less crowded. You'll find Pigs and Ribbon Pigs here.


    Levels 25-30

    Here, the absolute best option is to PQ at Kerning. No I won't explain how,
    because that's explained in many other guides. PQ stands for Party Quest, a
    special kind of quest you'll do in a party of four people, at Kerning City.
    You COULD have done this at level 21, but most people prefer members that are
    level 25+, so not many people under 25 get in. It's very fun, and by far my
    favourite thing in Maple Story is Party Quests. If you really HATE Party Quests
    the other option here is Green Mushrooms at Henesys Hunting Grounds, and later,
    at level 28 or so, the Ant Tunnel or Wild Boars.



    Levels 10-15

    The best option is Orange Mushrooms here. From 10-13 you'll want to stay at
    the hunting grounds west of Kerning City, but at 14 or so you can switch to
    HHG I. You may even want to do slimes for the first 1-2 levels, if Orange
    Mushrooms are too slow.


    Levels 16-22

    Here, Pig Beach is definitely your best bet. At 16-18, you probably won't be
    able to take the spawn at the main area. At 19 or 20, you can migrate there and
    probably take most people who attempt to steal that spot. You may wish to leave
    here a bit earlier than 22.


    Levels 23-25

    This is an awkward set of levels. Most likely you'll want to do Green Mushrooms
    at the top of HHG. You may even want to do Ant Tunnel, but it's a tad early.
    Regardless, Green Mushrooms are probably the best.


    Levels 26-30

    Here, PQ is your best bet. You have a chance to get some good items, although
    since you're unfunded, those probably won't have a huge effect on you. If you
    don't want to PQ, Ant Tunnel is your best bet. In fact I'd suggest it later on.

    > PQ or ANT TUNNEL

    You've finally reached level 30. It's time to become a REAL Assassin!


    9) Class Change: Assassin

    Unlike the first job advancement, this time you don't just go and say I WANT
    THIEF NAO and he'll make you an assassin. You've got to pass a test. First talk
    to your buddy the Dark Lord. He'll tell you to go to a Thief Instructor. Travel
    two maps north of Kerning, and go to the very top of the map to find the
    Before entering, make sure you have enough HP/MP potions and stars. It won't
    take too long but have at least 4 sets to be safe - although you should have
    over that anyway.
    He'll send you to a strange map. You'll see Cold Eyes and Blue Mushrooms. They
    drop Black Marbles - you need 30 of these. The map is INCREDIBLY annoying to
    train at because there are tons of obstacles (eg. piles of bricks), but you'll
    live. Once you've collected 30 of the marbles, click the instructor again to
    exit and you'll acquire the Proof of a Hero. Return to the Dark Lord and he'll
    make you an assassin!
    Along with increased HP and MP, you'll get a fresh new set of skills, a new set
    to go along with your new job (which personally I find ugly, but meh) and of
    course 1sp, which is yours to spend. Find out how to best spend that valuable
    point in the following section.


    10) Skill Point Allocation <2nd Job>

    Welcome to the skill point section for assassins. Assassins get many amazing
    skills, and a couple of ones that are total crap and that you will not want to
    invest in. This guide is to help you make those decisions. HELP. If you feel
    like dumping an extra 10 points into haste right when you become an assassin,
    feel free. The point is that I wouldn't recommend it. The good thing about this
    build is that (other than Critical Throw), there are now skills that will
    greatly affect your damage if you don't max them right away. This gives you
    a lot more freedom. I've made two builds here. The first one is the classic
    assassin build, and the next one is the one I personally am following at the

    BUILD 1
    This is the plain old assassin build. It's a little strange, but whatever,
    it works and tons of people follow it. I'll list in like a chart (which,
    personally, I find easier to follow) or in word format for you "different"

    Level 30: Mastery +1
    Level 31: Mastery +2, Critical Throw +1
    Level 32: Critical Throw +3
    Level 33: Critical Throw +3
    Level 34: Critical Throw +3
    Level 35: Critical Throw +3
    Level 36: Critical Throw +3
    Level 37: Critical Throw +3
    Level 38: Critical Throw +3
    Level 39: Critical Throw +3
    Level 40: Critical Throw +3
    Level 41: Critical Throw +2 (MAX), Claw Mastery +1
    Level 42: Claw Mastery +1, Claw Booster +2
    Level 43: Claw Booster +3
    Level 44: Haste +3
    Level 45: Haste +3
    Level 46: Haste +3
    Level 47: Haste +3
    Level 48: Haste +3
    Level 49: Haste +3
    Level 50: Haste +2 (MAX) Endure +1
    Level 51: Endure +2, Drain +1
    Level 52: Drain +3
    Level 53: Mastery +3
    Level 54: Mastery +3
    Level 55: Mastery +3
    Level 56: Mastery +3
    Level 57: Mastery +3 (MAX)

    From here you can work on Booster or Drain, whichever you want. In this build
    I decided to get Drain to 5, then max Booster and put the remaining points in
    Drain. You can do Drain first if you want.

    Level 58: Drain +1, Booster +2
    Level 59: Booster +3
    Level 60: Booster +3
    Level 61: Booster +3
    Level 62: Booster +3
    Level 63: Booster +1 (MAX), Drain +2
    Level 64: Drain +3
    Level 65: Drain +3
    Level 66: Drain +3
    Level 67: Drain +3
    Level 68: Drain +3
    Level 69: Drain +3
    Level 70: Drain +3 (Drain is left at 28)

    If you prefer it in words, here it is:
    Claw Mastery > 3, Critical Throw > 30 (MAX), Claw Mastery > 5, Claw Booster > 5
    Haste > 20 (MAX), Endure > 3, Drain > 4, Claw Mastery > 20 (MAX), Drain > 5,
    Booster > 20 (MAX), Drain > 28


    BUILD 2
    This is the build I'm following right now. It's for people who prefer buffing
    to being able to hold a couple of stars extra. Let me explain. Claw Mastery
    increases your minimum damage. However, Lucky Seven is an exception. Read the
    skill description - Lucky Seven deals damage based on LUK, REGARDLESS of the
    rate of Claw Mastery. Thus, the only reason you'd get Claw Mastery is to
    increase the number of stars you can hold. Personally, I'd way rather get
    Booster and Haste maxed first. That's exactly what I did. Booster and Haste are
    an assassin's two main buffins skills, and having maxed Haste but Booster at a
    mere 50 seconds per use just didn't work for me. So I made this build. I'm
    putting this build here for people like me, who don't see the worth in the
    200 extra stars Claw Mastery gives.

    Level 30: Mastery +1
    Level 31: Mastery +2, Critical Throw +1
    Level 32: Critical Throw +3
    Level 33: Critical Throw +3
    Level 34: Critical Throw +3
    Level 35: Critical Throw +3
    Level 36: Critical Throw +3
    Level 37: Critical Throw +3
    Level 38: Critical Throw +3
    Level 39: Critical Throw +3
    Level 40: Critical Throw +3
    Level 41: Critical Throw +2 (MAX), Claw Mastery +1
    Level 42: Claw Mastery +1, Claw Booster +2
    Level 43: Claw Booster +3
    Level 44: Claw Booster +1, Haste +2

    Here I raised Booster and Haste alternately to keep them around the same time.
    It looks confusing but it works out in the end.

    Level 45: Haste +3
    Level 46: Haste +1, Claw Booster +2
    Level 47: Haste +2, Claw Booster +1
    Level 48: Haste +1, Claw Booster +2
    Level 49: Haste +2, Claw Booster +1
    Level 50: Haste +1, Claw Booster +2
    Level 51: Haste +2, Claw Booster +1
    Level 52: Haste +1, Claw Booster +2
    Level 53: Haste +2, Claw Booster +1
    Level 54: Haste +1, Claw Booster +2 (MAX)
    Level 55: Haste +2 (MAX), Claw Mastery +1

    We're done the funky alternating thing, so now it's okay to resume Claw Mastery
    and then Drain.

    Level 56: Claw Mastery +3
    Level 57: Claw Mastery +3
    Level 58: Claw Mastery +3
    Level 59: Claw Mastery +3
    Level 60: Claw Mastery +2 (MAX), Endure +1
    Level 61: Endure +2, Drain +1
    Level 62: Drain +3
    Level 63: Drain +3
    Level 64: Drain +3
    Level 65: Drain +3
    Level 66: Drain +3
    Level 67: Drain +3
    Level 68: Drain +3
    Level 69: Drain +3
    Level 70: Drain +3 (Drain is left at 28)

    I'm not going to put this one in words, the alternating thing...enough said.
    You can figure it out. It's basically max Critical, max Booster and Haste,
    then max Mastery followed by Drain. There's the odd little point in there that
    disrupts this but essentially that's it.

    As is nearly always the case with builds, the two will give you the same
    outcome. It's just the path to that outcome that is different.


    11) Training Areas <2nd Job>

    Here I'll list the places that are best to train at as an assassin. There are
    many, many options, and sometimes the ones I have listed may not suit you -
    don't worry. If you find something better, don't hesitate to use it, and tell
    me about it, so people will marvel over your intelligence once I post it in
    my guide. Funded and non-funded are on the same path, approximately. Non-funded
    assassins may find this path a bit hard (it's based on my experiences and I am
    a funded assassin) but you guys'll live.
    Don't take the levels to seriously. If you feel like sticking with boars for
    a little longer, or switching to Evil Eyes sooner, go right ahead.

    -A Little Note About CPQ:
    CPQ, or Monster Carnival Party Quest, is one of the very best sources of
    experience from levels 30-50. It's simply amazing. Basically, you get yourself
    a party of 2-6 members and kill a ton of monsters for 10 minutes. To give you
    an idea of how amazing the EXP is... at the earlier levels of CPQ, win 5 and
    you'll level up. I was levelling twice a day and I play for an hour and a half
    or 2 hours. There's a guide for it on Hiddden Street too, but the best thing
    is to get a friend who knows how and let them teach you - it's easy to learn,
    and the EXP is amazing from 30-40. At 40, it slows down, but you also get
    "Ranks", and a higher levelled party means a higher rank - which means more EXP
    for you! It's the best option from 30-40 if you can find a party, and after 40
    it retains its top spot, although a little less OMGWTF than before.

    Levels 30-34

    Here I'd most definitely go with boars. Although Zombie Mushrooms have less HP
    for the same amount of experience, they simply aren't worth it because of the
    horny mushrooms that spawn on that map, which give a measly 35 exp. If you
    get bored of Wild Boars...tough luck. They really are the best option. I
    suppose you could go to evil eyes early if you're doing 700-750 damage nearly
    EVERY time. Otherwise don't consider it.


    Levels 35-38

    Here, although it is seldom realized, the very best option is evil eyes - those
    yellow things deep in the Ant Tunnel. They're decent exp and I personally LOVE
    this map. It rarely is crowded and the spawn is fantastic. Really they're alone


    Levels 39-50

    Basically the path here for all you soloists is Brown Teddies until about level
    43 or 44. Here you can go a few maps right of the teddy map, and you'll find
    Pink Teddies and Brown Teddies in one map (I think it's Sky/Cloud Terrace 2).
    At level 45 or 46, go one more map to the right, which has Pink Teddies,
    Roloducks and Toy Trojan. You may not always one hit kill the roloducks, that's
    perfectly fine since mostly you'll be killing Pink Teddies. Toy Trojans are
    decent at 2hits for 99 exp. After this, I did Kitties - Jr. Grupins mostly,
    since they have the best drops.
    Personally, I'm basically going back and forth between Ludi PQ and the
    Pink Teddy/Roloduck/Toy Trojan map. I like soloing and PQing, and conveniently,
    they're close to each other, so it's great.


    Levels 50-70

    There's a million options here. I'd break it down here, but having not
    experienced all of this section personally I don't feel right doing that. This
    info is mostly based off of my friends' (names are at the bottom if you simply
    MUST know) information, compiled with my genius.
    Well, let me just say it outright, your best option is Ludi Maze PQ. It's
    amazing exp. Granted, it's a bit of a gamble, but it's awesome, and most people
    do it. You can also do Orbis PQ, however I feel it's a bit slower.
    If you're not a PQer, there are many options. You could do Straw Target Dummies
    (STDs...hehe I always laugh at that), the infamous zombies, red drakes or yetis
    if you're looking for money, and later on even Mix Golem or...frankly, whatever
    the hell you want. There's so much freedom at these levels. It's up to you.

    > LMPQ, OPQ, Various Monsters...


    12) Class Change: Hermit

    You're level 70. That must have taken a hell of a lot of time, huh? Lots of
    hard work, hours, days, months, maybe even years of training, all for this
    one moment...
    This time around, advancement is even harder than before. You'll need to pass
    two tests. One for physical strength (grr...) and intellectual strength (hmm..)
    Travel to El Nath, Chief Residence and confront one of the four emo children,
    Arec. Talk with him and then run back to Vic and find your bro, the Dark Lord.
    Go to Monkey Swamp II, which you'll find by navigating around the path to
    the Dungeon, via Kerning. Enter the portal and defeat the Dark Lord's
    evil side. He looks like a total loser. He's smaller than you. You'll defeat
    him relatively easily, don't fret. There's a 20 minute time limit but that
    shouldn't be a problem. Make sure to take the Black Charm he'll drop once you
    finish him off.
    Run back to the Dark Lord and give him the Black Charm - in exchange he'll hand
    you a Necklace of Strength. Yes it's shiny. No you can't keep it for yourself.
    Head back to El Nath and give the shiny necklace to Arec (sometimes you've
    got to let go...). Mosey over to Sharp Cliff II, where you'll find the
    Hidden Street, Holy Ground at the Snowfield. You'll need a refined Dark
    Crystal Ore to even have a shot at answering the questions the giant black
    crystal thing will throw at you. After answering the 5, usually ridiculously
    easy questions, you'll get a Necklace of Wisdom (don't even THINK about keeping
    it). Return to Arec and (grudgingly) hand it over.
    You're a hermit! Along with the one SP you'll get a new set of clothing, etc.
    Tons of fun!


    13) Skill Point Allocation + Training Spots <3rd Job>

    There's a reason I put these two sections together, and I'll say it right
    off the bat, I'm NOT a Hermit. I delve into this section with very limited
    knowledge. I'm just meshing everything I know into here, and basically it's
    just a mix of training, skill point distribution, and all other random crap
    that I could fit it in here.

    Note that suggestions for this section are much appreciated and NEEDED. If
    I'm ever going to make a skill chart for 3rd job, it'll be with YOUR help.
    I appreciate it.

    You're going to want to put your first point in either Shadow Partner or
    Avenger. Honestly it won't matter. I'd max Shadow Partner next. After this,
    you'll be level 80ish, and you'll want to get a little Flash Jump, one point
    should suffice here. Start maxing Avenger too, it's an awesome skill. I'd
    max Flash Jump next, get some Alchemist in there and after that it's completely
    up to you. Don't waste your points on Shadow Meso, although you'll have TONS
    of extra points, I'd suggest maxing Drain with them (yes, Shadow Meso sucks
    that much, from what I hear). Don't spend ANY sp after 120. Apparently we'll be
    getting 4th job soon.

    As for training...I'll let you figure that out until I get a few more
    suggestions. I can give some vague indications if you're totally lost -
    Wolf Spiders are good, Gobies are popular for higher levels but you'll
    probably need a priest or something. And of course Zakum, and any and all other
    bosses you wish to beat up with your awesome h4x.


    14) Equipment

    I love this section so much. Well, being a total stat freak, I love equipment
    in general. I'll list what's in your best interest in terms of STATS. I mean,
    if something looks like total crap (take the level 30 set) sometimes I won't
    put it on, but usually I'll sacrifice anything for than extra point in LUK.

    Level 10-20

    Here you'll be getting what looks good. I usually go with the dark sets as they
    tend to give LUK bonuses. All the sets here actually look very decent. Don't
    get any earrings for the love of god. They're a total waste of money, and
    Weight Earrings are hideous.
    As for claws, non-funded assassins will want to stick with Garniers the
    whole time, while the funded assassin will go for Gold Titans and an Adamantium
    Igor. In terms of stars, Subis are just fine. It'd be in your best interests
    to spend any bit of extra money on a few sets of Kumbis. These will last you
    forever as a non-funded assassin. Funded assassins...go wild.

    Level 25

    Some people hate this set. I don't mind it, it isn't my favourite, but it's
    okay. You'll DEFINITELY want the Brown Bamboo Hat, an amazing 3 LUK bonus. Just
    to tell you now, you'll be using this until level 40 - get used to that
    oversized brown semicircle sitting on top of your head. Get a Meba +7, even
    if you're not funded. You'll be using this until level 40 as well. It's the
    fastest claw in the game (excluding the maple ones if I remember correctly)
    and it's great. Don't scroll it manually, as however the market may change, the
    price is usually well below the ~550k it would take to buy one and scroll it
    by yourself.

    Level 30

    This set is so ugly. It's a track suit, uglified. I wore it for the stats, and
    I changed out of it whenever I wasn't training. You'll want the earrings, the
    top and bottom (brown for LUK) and maybe the shoes, but snowshoes here
    would be so much easier and look better if you're not worried about stats.

    Level 35

    This set it kinda meh. It's a bit like the level 25 set in that it's pretty
    revealing. You'll still be using that Brown Bamboo Hat and that Meba +7. Sure,
    they'll be boring by now, but they're serving you well in terms of stats. Make
    sure to pick up the top, bottom and stick with whatever shoes you have.
    In terms of gloves, if you're funded you'll have an attack glove. If not, you
    can pick up various gloves from quests or buy them, I won't direct you on that.

    Level 40

    I love this set, it's your first decent one since, well, 20. Get the full set -
    the hat, top and bottom, shoes, claw and glove if you're not funded. This set
    looks best in black, but is more expensive, so you should pick up the marine
    one if you're not funded. You finally have a totally new set!
    Make sure to pick up an Icarus Cape here, from the quest.

    Level 50

    The pretty sets just keep on coming! This set is like the Pao set, improved.
    You'll want a nice Dark Slain, and preferably a Brown China Set. I don't find
    the hat too unattractive, but if you do, keep the Pilfer. The shoes are bloody
    hard to find, you could stick with the 40 ones if you'd like.

    Level 60

    The set is ugly, yes, but the stats are good. Get the entire scorpio set,
    or if you're concerned with looks, then keep the 50 set. Skip the claw here,
    as you'll be wanting to save up for a scarab. You can get a Gigantic if you
    have the money, I suppose.

    Level 70

    Totally revamp everything. You're a hermit now, and you need a new
    matter how ugly it may be. It reminds me of the level 30 set a bit. It has
    decent stats though, and you'll want a REALLY good Scarab - this will last you
    the rest of your life, essentially.
    You should have Tobis by now, by the way, and if you have some money, be sure
    to get a couple of sets of Steelies. They look so awesome...

    From here just buy what you need, I suppose. Mix and match, do whatever looks
    good and goes along with what you need for stats.


    15) FAQs, Skill Details, Extras, etc.

    This section is all about questions you have. About skills, equipment, and
    anything else. I honestly haven't heard of many debates... I explained
    Mastery vs Booster in the Skill Point Allocation section. I'll explain it here
    again, just to start us off.

    Why shouldn't I get Mastery?

    Mastery effectively increases your minimum damage. However, in the skill
    description, you'll notice that Lucky Seven deals damage based on LUK,
    regardless of the rate of Claw Mastery. Thus, the only reason for Claw Mastery
    is when you use a single star (almost never), or to increase the number of
    stars you hold. For me, it was more important to have those two buff skills,
    Haste and Booster, at an equal time than to hold, say, 200 extra stars.
    It basically came down to personal choice, and I chose Booster.

    Hopefully this section will expand in the future.


    16) Suggestion Corner

    Well, since I just released this guide, there currently are few suggestions
    in this section. I got quite a few suggestions from my Cleric Guide, but
    I found it looked a little "messy" with them scattered throughout the guide.
    Instead I've decided to make a section for these things. They're invaluable.
    If you're looking for good advice from your fellow maplers, you've come to the
    right place! Come back soon for suggestions.

    James: I was able to get it to lvl 20 in three days. What I did: do all the
    quest on Maple Island and a little training until i was level 9 and I had about
    60% experience. After you get to Lith Harbour do the Olaf quest and then chose
    the "Path of a Theif" talk to Phil (the guy at the ticket booth) to go to
    Kerning. Talk to Dark Lord and you should level up. Then you can become
    a thief....
    (Thanks to recent updates it has become easier to be a newbie) all the
    instructors give quests (aka begginer [insert class here]'s first training)
    where you have to kill monsters. Those quest are fairly easy and potions are
    rewarded. You should also try to do the "Stump Horror Story" quest from Ayan
    because thieves have to kill stumps for the instructor quest. That provides
    good exp for the first few levels of being a thief. Slime Tree for the rest of
    each level because the instructor quests happen one per level until 13[?].
    Also do the hpq. most people don't recommend it but 1600 exp is good for levels
    10-15ish it is also alot easier to get into than kpq (only for levels 21-30).
    You can also get alot of exp from rushing especially if you have someone in
    your party who can smuggle. It shouldn't be to hard to be partied because
    assasins are long range (technically your not an assinsin yet though).
    Level 15+ is a pain due to hard quests with bad rewards (except Maya
    and the Weird Medicine where you get the valuable brown bamboo hat and 99 kill
    with pots and exp). However, this is a great time for pig beach funded or not
    (just dont go on channel 1 because of a extremely massive spawn until
    your a good level). That got me where I am now... As for equips... i never
    get the level 10 set because the only thing it is good for is weapon defence
    and good looks. and also funded or not get a steel titan
    (upgrade it if your funded) as long as you have about 30k because there should
    still be some pots in reserve from the instructor quest (I had about 80 white
    pots the only real thing you would need to buy is blue pots becuase mp is burnt
    with lucky 7). The trip to and from Orbis is only 2k and the titan is 20k.
    As for the level 20 claw... dont get it if you're not funded because you have
    to either buy it in the fm or go all the way to El Nath with deadly monsters
    than can easily kill you (without dark sight). I got orbis rock scrolls from
    a dp so I was lucky.
    --Note: James was funded with about 500k, but that's not a ton, so this should
    still be useful to everyone~

    -SecksyDemon: At slime tree and in ant tunnel 1 (and probably other places),
    there are weakened bosses that are worth it to kill. They're not that hard
    and they drop cakes which sell for about 2k each. I got to 2mil from them,
    and i didn't kill many, because they drop so much.
    --Note: SecksyDemon plays MapleSEA - these bosses may not be out in Global yet.

    AznAriez: You should try monster carnival when your level 30~50.

    Rank Win Exp Lose Exp
    A 30,000 10,000
    B 25,500 8,500
    C 21,000 7,000
    D 7,000 1,000

    While your fighting, you can earn maple coins. You can exchange
    them for great rewards.

    Roy: I think that max drain is way more useful than max claw booster.
    If you got drain, you wont need to buy a lot of HP potions and it will
    save you ass more than once. Believe me, Max drain (wich almost heal half
    damage) is way more useful than 20 seconds extra claw booster. Besides that,
    I've got a grinding suggestion for level 71+. Grinding on panda's in Mu Lung
    (look up the map on hidden-street) is very nice. Ofcourse you got the
    voodoo/hoodoo maps, but they're busy most of the time. The panda map is always
    empty. They give you 225 exp (wich is quite fair, because you kill them in 2
    hits most of the time) and they drop steelys.

    Anonymous: i found a great spot for 35-40 ish you know the amoria place?
    well theres like these pink and black kittys and they are 65 exp and they
    are easy to kill (funded sin)
    --This mapler meant Sakura Cellions. They give fantastic drops too, so give
    them a try!


    17) Credits, Finishing Stuff

    Well...this is the end. Nobody every reads this, so I thank you for coming this
    far with me. There are a few people I'd like to thank...

    : Wizet, for creating this simply amazing game.
    : Nexon. I guess you gave us NX Cash, but other than that, I have nothing to
    thank you for. You took away the jewel cursor and replaced it with a pedophile
    finger. Why?
    : CJayC, for hosting the awesome site we know as GameFAQs.
    : Cloud3z and Saigo, for hosting the equally awesome site, HiddenStreet. By the
    way guys, I love the new Search function!
    : All my friends...Minna <3, Jere, Amanda, Ramez, Lucy, Varia, Becky, and not
    to forget all my MS friends, Kali, John, Gio, LJ, Ashie, Brian, Emily, Lute,
    Mae, Ryan, Kels... every single one of you...Thanks so much!
    : And of course you, dear reader. Thank you so very much for reading through
    th entire guide and enjoying it, I should hope.

    It's time to say goodbye, until the next time...

    <<The End>>

    No I wasn't planning on making another The End, but I suppose I already have,
    huh? Well, you know...I always loved a happy

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