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Thread: "Billion" Merchanting Guide

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    Default "Billion" Merchanting Guide

    Please note: This guide may or may not be outdated, follow it's information at your own risk. Hiddenstreet takes no responsibility for the accuracy of this guide.

    Welcome to "Billion" Merchanting Guide, by Venus.

    Table of Content
    1.A Brief Introduction
    2.Update Log
    6.Advanced Merchanting
    7.Important Notes

    -----------------------------------A Brief Introduction-------------------

    Hello,and welcome to my guide.
    This is my first official guide,so please,if you find any mistakes,or have any
    suggestions,your welcome to email me (My email is written in the bottom).
    Also,if you would like to post any part of this guide elsewhere,
    Please mail me first to get (or not) my permission.

    Now,this guide will not include any prices,since they always change.
    I also will not mention any particular names,since this may offend the people.
    I hope you will enjoy the guide.

    -----------------------------------Update Log-----------------------------------

    7.08.08 This guide has been finished.

    7.09.08 EDITED for Hidden-Street.

    7.19.08 Minor Spelling mistakes fixed.

    7.22.08 Added this update log xD,and the "Important Notes" section.

    2.03.09 Guide has been updated, fixed some (many) grammar
    mistakes and added a few things including Note 2.


    A.Why should I even start merchanting?

    Well,the answer to this question is simple-Meso.
    Have you ever seen those Sins who do 2k damage with each star in lvl 40?
    Or all the lvl 50 people with the Zhelm?
    How you think they got all of this?
    Mesos!So,if you want to be like them,follow this guide =)

    B.But I want to level up!Will I be able to train while merchanting?

    Well,this is completely up to you.There will be cases in which merchanting
    would become almost un-profitable,or in other cases your meso will
    end (ouch!),or sometimes you'll make enough money for one day and want
    to rest.
    I,for example,usually trained 1.5~2 hours and merchanted around the same.
    Sometimes I merchant more,sometimes I train more.Sometimes I only
    So,the time you wish to train is completely up to you.

    C.Great,so will you teach me how to Scam people?

    No!!!No,No and No again!!!
    There will be no scamming,hacking or exploiting in this guide!
    If you read this to learn how to scam,get off this page right now!

    D.Does this really work?

    Well,in around 50 days of merchanting,I've made around 1 Billion messos.
    That's 1000 millions.So yes,it does work if you do it well.


    Well,the talks are over.Time to start...
    So,what you really need to start merchanting is:
    2.A (!)little NX.
    3.Knowledge of the prices.
    4.Time and will.


    Merchanting is about making mesos,but I'm sorry,you can't make them
    from nothing.You'll need at least 30m to start.50m is recommended.
    I don't say its little,and you can start with less,but then it will
    be very hard for you,since your meso will always end quickly,
    and your daily profit will be very low.
    I'll give you some tips how to get the first millions:

    A.PQ's have great rewards nowadays.Overall Armor Dex 10% worth quiet a bit.
    Many good scrolls are waiting to be found in Ludy PQ (lvl 30~50).
    If your married,you can go to Amoria PQ,but on the other hand,if your married
    you probably got enough money considering all the NX a wedding cost.

    B.Ask your friends for some money (if you think it's alright).

    C.Quests.There are some quests which have great rewards,with can be sold
    for good prices later.Here are the some good:

    Arwen And Ellinia (Level 15) !

    Mr. Wetbottom's Secret Book (Level 30) !

    Terminating The Dark Force (Level 31)
    *Important* you have to do some quests before it,but the reward worth it.

    A Delivery To A Lost Time (Level 33)
    *Important* you have to do some quests before it,but the reward worth it.

    Eos Tower Threatened! (Level 35)
    Random rewards...may get a good scroll-or not.

    Peace At Eos Tower (Level 40)
    *Important* you have to do some quests before it,but the reward worth it.

    Subani's Legacy (Level 36)
    This quest is a must!If you want,do only the first part.

    Sakura And The Seal (Level 35)

    Sakura, The Kitty And The Orange Marble (Level 40)

    Icarus And The Flying Pill (Level 42)

    The Alligators At The Swamp (Level 52)

    Scadur's New Fur Coat (Level 60)
    you may get very unlucky,but there is a 75% possability you'll get good rewards.

    The Outlaw in the Sea (Level 55-100)

    Soul In The Dark (Level 70) Good rewards

    Many lvl 70+ quests have good rewards,but by that lvl you should already
    have enough meso.
    For all the quest above,you should check in
    to learn how to pass them.Just note that most of the quests above are
    really slow,and you shouldn't do them unless you have no choice.

    (#)1.8k NX

    This you need for your Regular Store Permit.Remember this name,it will
    serve you well in the following 3 month,and the rest of your merchanting
    I'll refer to it as "store" from now on.
    To find it,go to => "Cash" => Etc. => Store
    If you can't get the NX for money,try MTS.I got the NX for my store that

    *Note,that this is a MUST.If you don't have store,
    you practically can't merchant.

    (#)Knowledge of the prices

    Well,this is the what makes you a merchant,and not just another seller.
    Merchanting is about,roughly said,buying for cheap and selling for high.
    Your profit is the difference between the Min. Price and the Max. Price.
    Remember:NEVER sell an item without knowing its price,
    and NEVER buy an item unless your 100% sure about it's price.
    So,here are some ways to check the prices:

    This is the most important place to P/C (Price check).
    You don't have to make an account there,just go to this site and watch the
    auctions for the item.The site is very well organized,
    and you shouldn't have any problem finding your item.
    Just remember,that the price of the item is not what the seller sells it for,
    but HOW MUCH PEOPLE WILL PAY FOR IT,so you should look at the "current bid".
    Don't be fooled by low bid-The early bids are always much
    lower then the real price.Also,try to look at the auto-win,cause sometimes
    its the real price.

    *note:If your item doesn't exist,means no one has auctions for it,
    and this may be bad.Either try to remember the price from
    previous trades,or just wait and try to find out its price differently.
    Alternatively,when you submit an auction,a few previous prices appear
    at the left bottom of the screen.This may be a somewhat good P/C for
    scrolls or un-upgradable items,but it isn't 100% accurate,and can only
    help you get the general idea about the price.

    *another note:Know that the prices on Basil are usually a little downpriced,
    so if you sell in store,you can always get another 1~10%.

    2)Free Market-
    You can always look at the free market.If you see a scroll bought for some
    price,it mean it worth *at least* that.
    Also,you should remember that the good FM's are almost always overpriced;
    That's CH1 FM1~FM7,CH2 FM1~3,CH3 FM1.

    This applies ONLY if you got some friend merchants,or at least some friends
    who know prices.And don't ask them too much for prices,as they may get annoyed.
    Remember,ask them ONLY if they know prices well.

    This is an optional P/C source.
    DO NOT go there until your experienced enough,this site is much harder
    to P/C at then Basil.I usually go there only if I want to buy something,or have to P/C
    an expensive item,one which doesnt appear on basil.

    Do your P/C often,and be up to date with the prices.Otherwise,you may found
    yourself loosing tons of meso,or stuck with items that no one want to buy for
    your prices.

    (#)Time and will

    Yes,this is the most important part.Time...and Will...
    When I started merchanting,I did it during time when training for me was hard
    like HELL,no PQ's for my lvl,crap equips,and low meso.
    You,on the other hand,may start merchanting earlier,when you still have
    easy time leveling,CPQ / OPQ / LMPQ,or just want to hang out with friends.
    Or later,when your already high level,wasting millions on pots per hour,but still
    want to train,and not waste any moment.
    Of cause,there is nothing bad in leveling,but it takes the time you could
    have merchanted.
    So,if your meso reached 0 or close to it,OR you already have LOTS of items
    and scrolls to sell (more then 16),OR you reached the profit you wanted
    (lets say 20m) in that day,this is perfectly fine to train =).
    Otherwise,its still your choice...but you should remember:
    Each hour of training can worth 5m/10m/15m...or more.


    Well,that's what this guide is all about.
    As I said earlier,merchanting is basically about buying for cheap and selling
    for high.It may sound easy,but you wont just go to some Pot store and scream
    "B>Things for cheap!@#!#!@@#!#$".
    Now,assuming you know the prices,you still have many things to learn.


    (#)First,you need to know how to buy:
    Yes,as funny as it sounds,but this is a very important issue.
    Anyway,it is easy to do:
    You just say "B>(Insert Item Name Here)@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@"

    instead of typing like this => @@@@@@@@@@@@,

    you can try typing like this => @@@@ @@@@ @@@@ @@@@

    and the result will be this that each line of the @@@@ will be displayed
    in a separate line.

    Simply Copy Paste it.Some people use Marco Bots for it,but
    since this is illegal,I wont discuss it here.Sorry ]= .

    *If your buying from a site,you should just contact the buyer through
    whisper or chat.

    (#)Second,you need to know where to buy the items:
    The answer to this question is simple:CH1 FM
    If you lag there too much,you can always try to go to Mushroom Shire
    gachapoon in CH1 and try buying good gach there,or CH2 FM.
    But go to CH1 FM as much as you can.You may lag,
    but its the ultimate place to buy.
    You can also buy from Sites like or,
    but this is usually very slow,and not good as a main gain source.

    (#)Now,lets get to the point - WHAT to buy:
    This is the most important part of buying,and it has many answers.
    You can buy anything,from Attack Work Gloves to Perfect weapons,
    as long as you got the meso,and the seller sells it for
    cheap (we will talk about this part later).
    There are a few things you should remember:

    (*)First of all,you should know that that you shouldn't buy too expansive
    things when your low on meso.
    The reason to this is that usually,the cheaper the item is,the more meso
    you gain per the meso you paid.Like,if a scroll worth 2m in your store,
    you can sometimes get it for 1.2m;Its 800k,but its a 66% profit.
    But if you buy an illbi (for example) for 9m,and sell for 10m,
    its 1m profit (800k with tax),but its only around 9% profit.
    So if you buy 10 illbis for 9m each,you waste 100m and get 8m profit,
    while if you buy scrolls for 100m,you can get 50m profit.
    Yes,buying scrolls takes more time,but it is also more profitable.

    (*)Try buying the commonly used/needed items.For example,buying scrolls is
    always good,since they are commonly used.I usually buy Scrolls/
    Attack Work Gloves/Gach items/iTCG.But hey,buy whatever you want.
    Buying godly scrolled equips for cheap is nice,if you have enough meso.

    (*)People who just used Gachapoon/iTCG will usually sell for cheap,and
    sometimes don't know the price (will be related later).

    (*)Remember,your store permit has limited spots,and the more things you
    buy,the less free spots you have left.But scrolls can stuck together!
    So try buying more scrolls and less items,unless the profit is very good.


    Alright,so this is your finest hour (Usually takes 20~200 seconds).It starts
    once someone trades you (or you trades him,if he sais S>____),and usually
    ends when he sells you the item,or cancels.
    This goes like this:The person shows you the item,or just sais "offer"
    (only if he was saying that he S> the item).
    From this point,you will have to decide which person it is.You should
    decide this by your experience.
    I will tell you about a few types of Sellers,and how you should act:

    (#)General Tips:

    (*)Always be polite.Do not insult the seller by telling him any rude
    words (calling him "noob"),unless he starts first and you see there is
    NO chance to buy the item.Even in this case,you better just cancel the
    trade.What will an unneeded fight give you?

    (*)There will be cases in which some one will trade you and just show you
    some items (Example:Noob Maple items,"all for 2m").
    If you see there is an item you need,your welcome to buy it.
    But if you see he offers you a pile of crap (its usually the case),
    do not curse him,or insult him,but rather just close the trade.

    (*)Never rip off close friends,and better don't even trade with them.Well,
    its not a rule,but basically my opinion.If he is a really good friend,
    you would rather just help him to sell the item,or at least inform him
    of the real price.You can ignore this,but it will be on your conscience.

    (*)When you evaluate the item,never forget to remove the tax it will cost
    you to sell it.That's
    0.5% for 100k+ 1% for 1m+ , 1.5% for 5m+ ,and 2% for 10m+.
    It may sound very little,but when you deal high prices,
    2% can be 4m,which will lessen your profit significantly.

    (*)Try to get people to offer.But when they don't offer,then don't
    cancel,but rather offer your price according to their type.

    (*)Dont ever be afraid of loosing the seller.He is nobody for you,another
    one will come later.Sometimes,the sellers return to you themselves
    after failing to sell their item for higher price.

    (#)People types:

    This doest concern all the existing types,but it includes most
    of the people you will meet.This is the thing in which you'll have to gain
    the most experience.
    This part determines your profit,and your professionalism.

    (*)The Pro Sellers
    Alright,you should hope you won't meet those guys too often.They rarely
    sell anything outside their store,and will not often trade you if you
    buy something,but you will meet them sometimes.They will sell the
    item for its highest price,and sometime even overprice it a bit.
    Those people can't be negotiated with.Just say nty,and cancel the trade.

    (*)The Average Sellers
    Those guys you will encounter more often.They usually price the items at
    the middle price,and sometimes at pretty low prices.They will be your
    main buying source.When they offer a medium price,or even a good one,
    just try to get it a little bit lower,and if they accept,you may make
    pretty good money from it.
    With them,its preferred to make them offer first,or and if you offer
    yourself,offer a minimum price (for a scroll worth 2m~2.6m,offer 1.9m).

    (*)The Noob Sellers
    Sorry for the name,they may be high levels and good in the game,but they
    are completely unaware of prices.
    They will usually offer a price of like 80~90% of the items minimal price.
    If you find those (or they find you),catch the opportunity and buy
    the item.You can try to lower the price,but only a LITTLE,
    so not to scare them away.

    (*)The Unsure sellers
    Those are sellers who dont know the price.They offer completely random
    prices,1~1000% of the items' worth.
    Many people just cancel them,but you may also try saying "Hahahahaha"
    or something like that => -___- ,and offer them a low price,stating
    this is the real price.They will mostly cancel,but some will agree to
    trade with you,rising the price by a few %.

    (*)The Fresh Gachers/iTCG'ers
    Those will offer you lots of gach scrolls (or items too),or iTCG items.
    The gachers are more common,but the iTCG'ers shouldn't be underestimated.
    For those people,you should try making them offer.They will most likely
    be unaware of the prices,and offer ridicules prices (I made 75m
    from a noob iTCG trader in 1 trade O_O).If you like the prices,
    accept them or lower them slightly.If they offer very high prices,
    try saying "lol! /rolf/om*g" and offering LOW prices.If they offer the
    real prices,means they are aware of the prices,and you should treat them
    like normal sellers.If you offer to them,offer very low prices,but keep
    their names in case they cancel instantly.

    Ok,the day is over,you have 30 minutes until bed time.
    If your an experienced merchant,you should know this part,and have a spot
    For all the others,I'll tell you what to do:You need a spot in the FM!
    Remember I told you to buy the Regular Store Permit back in the beginning?
    Well,time to use it!
    The store permit allows you to set up a store in any and each of the
    Free Market rooms,1~22.To set up a store,you need to double click
    on the Permit,and write the name.You also need space for your store.
    A spot is basically a place to put your store.A spot can be good or bad,
    depends on where it is.The best spots are naturally:
    CH1:FM 1~7,FM 13,FM 18
    CH2:FM 1~3
    CH3:FM 1

    But,they will almost always be taken,and such spots cost money.
    So what do you do?Well,you have only too options:

    1)Buying a spot:
    Buying a spot means buying an item from someones Store Permit,when this
    store has only 1 item,and the store will close.Note that Hired Stores DON'T
    get closed if you buy the only item,so you shouldn't buy from them.
    You can try messaging the marchants,if you think they are not afk and
    would be willing to sell you the spot.

    2)Getting a spot:
    You can try getting a free spot.The best spots are taken 99.99% of the time,
    but you can find other spots:

    1)CH1:FM 7,13,18 are SOMETIMES FREE.
    Try waiting there,stalking some1 to leave.

    2)CH4~8:FM 1 those channels are an option too.Not as good as the above,
    but still not bad.

    3)CH1:FM 8,14,19/22
    CH9~12:FM 1
    ====> are where you need to go,if you have no other choice

    Once you have a spot,put a store with a good name,
    not random one,preferably like "-Scrollz-", "Gloves Inc" or something like that.

    -----------------------------------Important Notes-------------------

    This section is devoted to..Important notes,as you see...

    -----Note 1:Scams-----

    In this note,I'd like to inform you that the scamms (at least at Scannia)
    became quite common,so I'd like to give you a warning:BE AWARE OF SCAMS.
    Before you click "Trade",always check again what items your given.
    It only takes a few seconds,but it can save you millions...
    Since I don't write scam methods,I'll have to let you to discover the
    scams yourself,hopefuly only attempts of scams.
    Anyway,my personal sugestion is:Do not scam.
    Not only its not moral and illigal,but very few people will fall to
    simple scams,and your profit per hour will be extremely low compared
    to honost merchanting.

    -----Note 2:Events-----

    I'm starting to thing some sadistic Nexon stuff members just like
    scr**ing the economy,making various events.
    So just to let you know:Whenever a new event is announced,check
    what it is about.If it includes specific items becoming easier to get,
    be sure the price on them would fall.
    Also,if they ever release the Meso Bags again,then know that the
    more time they exist,the higher the prices on items/scrolls would
    get (Because there would be more mesos and less items in Maplestory).

    -----------THAT'S IT----------
    It goes on and on,from day to day,and you get more and more money.
    Merchanting may get depressing,hard or even exhausting,but when you get
    to a certain expiriance level,you are be able to get 20m+ a day easily.
    And speaking of level,just imagine your friends face when they see you
    got 15 att SCG,70+ ATK Claw and HT Necklass at lvl 120 =)

    ------Credits & Copyright--------

    I wanted to credit some people,who wrote the guides I had first read,
    but I already forgot their names long ago ]=

    Again,if you have any questions,comments or suggestions please
    email me to

    Good Luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by guides View Post
    (*)The Noob Sellers
    Sorry for the name,they may be high levels and good in the game,but they
    are completely unaware of prices.
    They will usually offer a price of like 80~90% of the items minimal price.
    If you find those (or they find you),catch the opportunity and buy
    the item.You can try to lower the price,but only a LITTLE,
    so not to scare them away.

    This is called scamming

    taking advantage of someone's ignorance.

    Do a guide i don't care. But don't come up in here saying its not scamming when merchanting is clearly about buying items at the lowest prices possible, thus scamming.

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    You, are a retard. Our world, in real life. Runs partially on merchanting. And it isn't scamming.

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    Just prouves that you are immature for insulting me. Nothing else to say.

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    That is far from scamming. If you ever merchanted, you'd know the difference. This is merely making profit. It's not the buyer's fault that the seller is ignorant to the item's price and simply want to get mesos as fast as possible. A smart merchant would never say "oh hey that item is worth 10 times more but I'll pay for the price you said". He would suggest scamming if he showed how to do trick people into faming you and not paying them, or charging to get an untradeable item that he claims he'll drop later on... among others.
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    What Mag here, says, is very true.
    Merchanting. Get a bargain or die. Something like that.
    I mean, seriously, back when having items like a Sky Blue Umbrella around kinda made you something like rich, since they went for so much, and some idiots thought it would help them in jump quests [Which i believed, and now i know they don't]. Then i bought it from a newbie merchant. 1K. Must'ave been one of the best bargains i ever made.
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    Tip on things to sell: Summoning rocks or other things from Alcaster (a.k.a. Magical Geezer). The quest to "unlock" his shop is quite long and make you use about 10mil on the ores, but it's worth it. You buy the rocks for 5k and sell em for 5.5k~7k (I even saw some ppl selling em for 8k).
    Goals: lvl50 [x] lvl 70 [x], Zhelm [x ] (yesss), Cape with Att [x], 10 wa wg [ ], 50m [x], 100m [ ], 1bil [ ]

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    Ya. The P/Cing part is important people. I thought I knew prices and made 160m off items. I could have easily made 1b.

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    heyy guys, so ijust got back to playing and its been a while...

    and i got about 46mil cash soo anybody have an idea of a good item i could merchant??

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    Early replies on dealing with newbie merchants are correct; treating newbs like that is scamming them.
    The merchant''s role is to find the funded / hardcore trainers and buy stuff from them / sell stuff to them, as they are always willing to sell for a loss. The purpose of merchanters is NOT to scam poor newbies out of millions they clearly need.

    eg. camping zhelm runs to buy fresh hats to sell at fm is not scamming, while buying a Steel P/A off some lv 2x for a few K, who clearly just got it off an event IS.

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