We have decided to completely port over our Guides section from the main pages of the database to the forum, as we feel that this best serves the needs of the authors and the readers of the guides.

What this means for guide authors:
- You are no longer restricted to the "79 per characters per line" rule.
- You can format your guide however you want it to be - you can bold, italicise, underline, link,[COLOR="rgb(160, 82, 45)"] use colours[/COLOR], etc.
- You can now include pictures to enable your readers to understand your guide better, or for whatever reason.
- You can now read comments from your readers directly, and edit your own guide (when it's approved by us) at will whenever you want.

What this means for guide readers:
- You can comment on the guides so that the authors would hopefully make the necessary changes if there are corrections or updates that can be made.
- You can, and should, rate the guides. Poorly-rated guides (less than 3 stars) will be removed from our Guides section after a certain period of time, in order to maintain the quality of this section.
- To narrow down to a category of guides that appear in this board, scroll down to the bottom, and under the "Thread Display Options" header and under "Prefix", choose the respective categories: [General], [Beginner], etc. Alternatively, you can click on the Thread Prefix itself to list the guides under a particular category.

For new and old guide authors, the following guidelines apply:

- Originality
All submitted guides must be original work, with credit given clearly to external sources. Plagiarising guides will do nothing but land you into legal trouble.

- Style & Grammar
All submitted guides must be easily read by the average visitor. The occasional spelling or grammatical mistakes are perfectly fine, but if your command of language is horrible enough to make readers unable to fathom it, your guide will not be posted.

- Quality & Content
The most important rule of the three, which may supercede other guidelines above. We read through each submitted guides briefly, and those we deemed having next to no quality will not be accepted. Your guides should not be too brief, too short, or have already been covered by other guides on this site. Also, please do include details about yourself in MapleStory, and should you choose to do so, your e-mail for players to contact you if there are any mistakes in your guide.

Hidden Street reserves the right to reject guides deemed unsuitable by its Administrators and Moderators.

Once you have elected to write a guide, click on "Post New Thread" within the Guides section. Please mull over your guide carefully before hitting on the "Submit New Thread" button, as your thread will immediately go into the queue for us to approve or reject your guide. It may take up to 48 hours before your guide is approved or rejected - should your guide be rejected for any reason at all, you will be PMed.

You MUST select the appropriate thread prefix, to mark where the category of your guide belongs to.

In order to avoid unwanted incidences of browser crashes etc, we advise that you save a copy of your guide while you're working on it on a separate file from time to time.