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    Icon5 Comprehensive Guild Quest Guide

    Important: Please scroll down to the appropriate section if you don't want to read everything (its a long guide). For example, if you are just interested in stage 2, scroll down until you can see the big letters saying Stage 2. Alternatively, use Ctrl+F and your browser's search function if applicable.

    This is the version of the GQ guide posted on on December 30th, 2009. Do not distribute without permission.
    Feedback is most appreciated, no matter who you are. You can leave replies to this thread and I will check back once in a while.

    Author's foreword:


    Half a year ago, I decided to write a small guide for the members of my guild that occasionally are lost when we perform Guild Quests. I figured it would eventually be easier for them to be able to look everything up so I'd not have to repeat myself multiple times.

    The guide is originally written by me and finished on June 30th, 2009 after some days and a total of about 20 hours of work. To make it understandable to everyone, I included renders which I first extracted and later edited with references. It was only shared at our guild forums.

    As you probably guessed, I tend to become unable to be brief when explaining something, and thus, I eventually filled the guide with every piece of knowledge our guild has acquired throughout more than a thousand succesful runs and at least double as many failures. It has become a sort of encyclopaedia on the particular subject.

    Now, there's not a whole lot who actually do take their time to read such a thing, but some of them thought so greatly of it that they suggested I share it with the community. After some thought, here it is. The guide was initially posted on, but after a week and not a single comment, I hope the community here is more grateful. It is very fortunate that you have recently upgraded the format for guides so that the full layout is made efficient use of.

    It is my hope that you, the community (partly consisting of will be able to make use of this somehow. Without further ado, I present to you the Comprehensive Guild Quest Guide.

    I apologize for any broken English in this guide as English is not my native language.

    Happy New Year!


    December 30th, 2009: Public version edited & published on Hidden-Street.

    December 24th, 2009: Public version edited & published on Sleepywood.

    June 30th, 2009: Guild version published on forums.


    Welcome to the Comprehensive Guide to Guild Quest. The purpose of this guide is to teach every newcomer to a guild as well as advanced players how the Guild Quest is performed so that everyone will eventually feel at home in all the stages.

    Note that the quest is sometimes referred to by other people as the "GPQ". This is not correct, as parties do not play a role as part of the requirement. The correct name for the quest is Guild Quest, because its about the guild, not the party.

    Also note that even though I have split up the quest in "stages" and given each stage a name, there are no official "stages" or names to each map in the Guild Quest. This is only for your convenience.

    All map renders have been rendered using WzExtract 3.3. The additions to each map have been made by me in Microsoft Paint (Vista) and watermarked. Thus, I expect that none of the edited renders are used without my permission.

    The white lines going through each render is the result of using an unregistered version of watermarking software. Please ignore them.

    The guide was originally written for display for a screen size of 640x480. However, in order to fit the forum size of, it was resized and may look a little strange here at Please bear with me about that. Pictures are now 800x600.

    Let's start out!

    Preliminary checks (yourself):
    Let's get the facts straight. Why will you attend the Guild Quest?

    The Guild Quest provides:
    - Guild Points that increase the fame of the guild
    This is by far the best way to help the guild out if you really feel like it

    - Great bonus awards compared to the completion time (~20 mins)
    On average, you earn several millions per run, which is like repeatedly aPQing
    You can also sell most of the scrolls fast in MTS and get quick NX

    - Experience? NO
    Do not attend the Guild Quest if you're hoping for EXP. There is little to none.

    - Fun/Teamwork
    A lot of people like to partake for a chance to work together and get to know your guild mates better. Its the only quest for the entire guild, and it really helps making friends! ^^ (okay, that's maybe going a little too far, but meh)

    To conclude: Guild Quest provides
    Guild Points for guild - Good money for yourself - Almost no exp - Fun with your guild

    If this applies well to you, it'd be a pleasure to have you along.

    Also, please make sure that you are of the cooperative, attention-paying type so that you won't intentionally or unintentionally screw things up. For first-timers, it is usually not expected that you will actually help out with anything; instead: follow, ask and learn.

    Preliminary checks (group):
    In order to succesfully complete a Guild Quest, certain requirements must be met in advance. This is so that all stages can be completed.

    The necessary requirements, which cannot be left out, are:

    - The Master or a Jr. Master of the guild to lead the Guild Quest
    Only members of these ranks can lead. Leadership can not be switched during the GQ. If the leader is at any point not present, the Guild Quest fails.

    - At least 6 people participating in the Guild Quest at all times
    If any less than 6 people is in the Guild Quest at any given time, the remaining people will be kicked out (within 5 seconds) and the Guild Quest will fail.
    There is no known maximum limit to the amount of people that may enter.
    If the leader of the GQ is not present, the Guild Quest will fail no matter the number of leftover members.
    The 6 people do not have to be in a party with each other. The GQ is, despite contrary belief, not a Party Quest, and therefore, it doesn't matter if there are parties or not as long as all people are inside and in the same guild.

    - A magician class with Teleport at least level 1 (for stage 2)
    - A magician class with Teleport at least level 17 OR a Hermit class with maxed Flash Jump (for stage 2)
    If a magician with Teleport at least level 17 is present, he/she will be able to play both roles. If the magician cannot play the second role, Flash Jump can be used - this only happens rarely, but it is an option.

    - A thief class with Dark Sight at least level 1 (for stage 2)
    Although 10 seconds of DS can do the trick, it is highly recommended to have more.

    - A thief class with decent Haste and/or speed/jump boosting equips (for stage 2/4)
    At two points of the Guild Quest, you will need close to maximum speed/jump. It is possible to do these parts without Haste and only use equips that boost your speed/jump, but Haste is recommended whenever possible.

    - A ranged class with maxed range or a character with ranged attack skills (for stage 4)
    This requirement is usually ignored because the chance of having a party without range is a situation that practically never occurs. Nevertheless, it is necessary, and it is most often fulfilled by a Bowman or Assassin class, although it can also be substituted by e.g. the Genesis/Blizzard attack of a 4th job Magician. Note that short-range skills such as Magic Claw will not cut it.

    - A character at exactly level 30 or below (for stage 4)
    It is recommended that no matter the class, this character should be at least level 20 to succesfully be able to perform his duty.

    Please note that all characters that enter the Guild Quest will have to be at least level 10 (for stage 0 - although it'd be really strange to enter below that level).

    The group of participants should be able to kill end boss Ergoth (scroll to section: Boss Fight for details).

    Also, it is highly recommended that your entire group consists of people that are able to understand English (or whichever language you're all speaking) to a certain degree, are able to work together with each other, respect the people in command and avoid useless spamming, ignoring commands and other immature behavior.

    Stage 0: Entrance
    Par time: 3 mins to enter; 1 min to gather earrings

    Welcome to the Guild Quest.
    The map for the Guild Quest is Perion: Excavation Site <Camp>, which can be easily located on the Victoria Island World Map (Default key: "W"). The map branch is accessed through Perion: Rocky Road III (between Perion and Ellinia) by taking the topmost portal, then going through Excavation Site I, II and III.

    As soon as the leader of the Guild Quest arrives to camp (Master or Jr. Master of guild) he can initiate the GQ by clicking on NPC Shawn. Usually, there are no guilds in the waiting line - if there is, find another channel. As soon as your guild is up, all participants have three minutes to arrive.
    Within these three minutes, the leader of the GQ must click on NPC Shawn to initialize the GQ sequence. He will be sent to the following map through the place marked as Entry Point.
    (If the leader fails to enter within the first three minutes, the guild will be removed from the waiting list, and a new leader may sign up again.)

    As soon as the leader has entered the map for the first time, all members have three minutes to enter. The previous timer of three minutes is reset. During these three minutes, the main portal marked Entrance to GQ is blocked, and all members are free to go in and out through the portal marked Exit point and NPC Shawn.

    When the three minutes are up, the game will check whether the sufficient number of people have shown up INSIDE (6). At this point, access through NPC Shawn is closed, and no more people can enter unless the Guild Quest is forfeited and restarted. The door marked Entrance to GQ will open regardless, and you may proceed.

    You are now officially inside the GQ (at Entry Point). Congratulations!

    The main objective of stage 0 is quite simple. By hitting the purple rocks scattered all over the map, you will unveil Protector Rocks that must be worn during the entire Guild Quest. Because of a magical force protecting the area, you will instantly die if you do not wear these.
    Oh, I just feel so sorry for you low-stat somethings that rely on earrings to wear your equips (not).

    Make sure you get your earrings before continuing to the 2nd earring map. There are only two earrings on the second map, and you cannot go back to the first one. Due to certain requirements in stage 5, one earring must remain in the second map.

    Once you have your earring, proceed to the second map.

    As stated before, no matter what you do, leave one earring behind in this map. If you forgot to take an earring in the first map and there is only one left here, tough luck. If you do take the last earring from this map, you will be wrecking the Guild Quest for at least one other person, which is usually penaltized.

    When you are ready, proceed to Stage 1.

    Stage 0 recap & trivia:
    - A Guild Master or Jr. Master starts the quest by speaking to NPC Shawn.
    - An entire guild can only have one Guild Quest active at any time at once.
    - You have three minutes to initialize the GQ once it is your guild's turn to go.
    - You have three minutes to enter the GQ counting from the point the leader initialized.
    - During the three minutes, you may enter and exit the GQ as you like.
    - You cannot enter the GQ if a party member is carrying a GQ item. Either drop the item or dissolve the party.
    - Upon entering the portal, all GQ items will be removed from you unless you smuggle them in.
    - Once inside, you must grab a Protector Rock from the FIRST earring map.
    - You may NEVER take the last Protector Rock in the second map (unless you're the sacrifice)
    - Once you enter Stage 1, you will die if you do not wear the Protector Rock.
    - The Returning Rock will remove you from the GQ while leaving the others to continue (unless you are the GQ leader).
    - Death resulting in the lack of a Protector Rock is not imminent, but happens within a few seconds. If you are quick, you can switch it back on (not recommended).
    - Death inside any part of the GQ cause you to respawn at the SECOND earring map. From there, return to the others. DO NOT LEAVE THE GQ.
    - Once you leave the second earring map, the only way to get back there is to die.
    - Death caused by the lack of a Protector Rock (or at boss map) will only take 1% exp from you.
    - (Death caused by a monster inside the GQ (outside of boss map) will still take normal amount of exp from you!)
    - You cannot expel any members from the guild while they are inside the Guild Quest.

    Congratulations, you've finished stage 0.

    Stage 1: Statues
    Par time: 2-5 mins, depending on slight failures
    Guild Points awarded: 15 Guild Points upon entering closed gate to stage 2

    The purpose of stage 1 is to remember and imitate a sequence of flashing statues that will flash in a random order.

    Stage 1 consists of three parts (referred to as "stages" by the quest itself):
    Part 1: 4 statues
    Part 2: 5 statues
    Part 3: 6 statues

    For all three parts, the statues will be randomly selected amongst the 20 different statues. Note that Gatekeeper is a NPC and does not count as a statue.

    TWO people can complete this stage. It is advised that while these two people work, the rest of the participants sit silently at the door marked To stage 2 and avoid rampaging around. Stage 1 will quite well test the guild's teamwork capability.

    To cover all twenty statues, one person should stand at the position marked Left side standing point and another at the Right side standing point. The person at the left will cover 11 statues, and the person at the right will cover 9 statues including the statue above the gate to stage 2. Their respective, approximate sight radius is shown on the map.

    The players should communicate with each other through whispering (not recommended), Maple Messenger (not recommended), Party Chat or Guild Chat (the two latter solutions are preferable, but spam may sometimes make it better to talk in whisper or messenger instead). Please note that communication in All chat is not recommended because of the distance between the two sides of the map - there is a high risk that vital messages are lost.

    To effectively memorize statues, it is recommended that each person on each side assigns each of his/her own 9 or 11 statues a name/number/letter/whatever. A example is found in the guide here (our own guild's preferred method). For example, the players could assign their statues with numbers from 1-9 (1-11), give them letters or numbers according to their position (T1-4, M1-3, B1-4 or 1-1-4, 2-1,3, 3-1-4) or name them Bob, Mark or Sam, it doesn't matter. The important thing is that the person him-/herself knows which statue is which.

    Once everyone is ready, the leader starts the first round by talking to NPC Gatekeeper. Four statues will now flash.

    Whenever a statue flashes on the left side, the person on the left side calls out the name given to that statue. Whenever a statue flashes on the right side, the person on the right side calls out the name given to that statue.

    Example (this is what it would look like in the chat log):
    (PersonOne is left side, and PersonTwo is right side)

    PersonOne: 7
    PersonOne: 3
    PersonTwo: 3
    PersonOne: 4

    When the two persons have collected enough numbers (in this case, they ought to have collected four), they already have the order of sequence plainly written in the chat log. In this example, Person One would now start by hitting the statues that he named 7 and 3 on the left side (it doesn't matter that Person Two has no clue, because Person One is the person hitting them).
    When he is done, he will inform Person Two (by sending him a message) that he/she can continue. Person Two views the chat log and sees that after Person One is done, he/she should hit the statue that he/she named 3 on his/her own side. After doing this, Person Two passes back to Person One who completes by hitting the statue named 4 on the left side.
    Once both persons are done hitting, they will inform the leader of the GQ who will complete the round by clicking on NPC Gatekeeper again.

    When everyone is ready, the leader will click again to start the second round, which works the same way, except with one more statue. The same procedure is repeated for round 2 and 3.

    Stage 1 recap & trivia:
    - Two people complete this stage while the rest of the participants remain silent at the gate.
    - The two people working together position themselves so they are able to see 9 and 11 statues respectively.
    - The GQ leader initializes the stage/round by talking to NPC Gatekeeper.
    - The two members call the name of the statues as they flash.
    - When all statues are done flashing, the two members communicate to hit them in the correct order.
    - When all statues are hit, the leader talks to Gatekeeper to complete the round/stage. Rinse and repeat for all rounds.
    - An experienced leader is able to take on the role as statue-caller while still managing the communication with Gatekeeper.
    - After starting a round, there are a few seconds of delay where the leader can get in position if he/she is maintaining a side.
    - During a round, a statue will flash approximately every 3-4 seconds. Don't be too slow to call it.
    - If making a mistake in the chat log during statue-calling, fix it ASAP to avoid failure.
    - If failing a round at any point, you are required to start from scratch.
    - The leader can only talk to Gatekeeper to end a round (success/failure) if at least one statue has been hit by a player.
    - If a player hits a statue by accident while the statues are still flashing, it does not count as part of the order. Only statues hit after the flashing of the last statue will count.
    - If the leader talks to Gatekeeper and gets the failure message, he/she can press the "End Chat" button to avoid failure (but the order will not reset). This is useful if he/she clicked too early.
    - Only the GQ leader can communicate with Gatekeeper. Other players will be requested to let the leader speak with Gatekeeper.

    - THE STAGE IS EASIER THAN IT LOOKS LIKE. Many stages in the Guild Quest are about logic. Stage 1 is a pain to describe in text - but try it for real, and you will learn it in a few minutes.

    Congratulations, you've finished stage 1.
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    Stage 2: Spears
    Par time: 5-10 min, depending on general efficiency of guild
    Guild Points awarded: 20 Guild Points upon passing through sealed door to Stage 3

    Oh, that's just the corridor leading from stage 1 to stage 2. Please note that there is no way back - unless you die, of course. Unfortunately, this rendering does not show the doors, so its rather boring. Basically, you walk from one end to another. Interesting, huh?

    Well, that was just the warm-up. Stage 2 is a real normal-sized stage with several rooms and objectives for each person. Let's get the overview.

    Looks complicated? Don't worry too much. This stage will test the guild's cooperative skills, as planning is the way to go.

    The main objective of stage 2 is to gather the 4 Longinus Spears (three in Room of Glory and one in Room of Pledge accessed through Room of Faith) and place them at their respective positions in Room of Justice.

    This is where you will finally use some of the requirements from the beginning of the GQ. Let's go through one room at a time, shall we?

    Room of Courage:

    This is the simplest room. One average attacker can finish off the monsters in a few seconds, grabbing the Key dropped by the Master Muscle Stone and head out again. Note that the Master looks just like the others, but has about double as much HP. This is most efficiently done if the attacker is heading to Room of Faith afterwards anyway. Regardless, drop the Key in front of the door to Room of Faith, and it will unlock after a few seconds.

    Note that Master Muscle Stone has the ability to summom Muscle Stones to him every few seconds, so an attacker that doesn't kill fast enough could get himself in slight trouble.

    Room of Faith:

    This is the room that'll require some of the class-specific skills. The room is unlocked by Key from Room of Courage.

    Inside this room, a magician class with Teleport skill at least level 1 is required. A thief class with Dark Sight at least level 1 should also be present.

    The Magician will start by entering and teleporting himself along the bottom part of the map to reach the box at the bottom right marked Break this. Because it is covered by rubble, it will take about 20-24 hits to break (5-6 hits per piece of rubble, including the box itself). The box will drop Rusty Key. The magician will give the key to the thief.

    Once the Thief has acquired the Rusty Key, he/she will Dark Sight and cross the top platform of the map, making sure to use the skill before doing the jump at Dark Sight after this point. With level 1 DS, it is still possible to make the jump even with reduced movement. If it is possible, the thief can jump across and DS before he is hit (not recommended). Depending on the level of Dark Sight, the Thief may have to replenish the skill along the way, finding safe "holes" in the mass of enemies.

    Don't touch the Dark Muscle Stones nor attempt to kill them - they have 999 of all stats (except magic and speed). Once the Thief gets to the end of the platform and the door to Room of Pledge, drop the key at the end to unlock the door, then immediately enter before getting killed.

    Room of Pledge:
    Accessible only from Room of Faith.

    Due to the nature of this room, chances are that only Thief characters ever get to see it.

    Quite simple, actually: Free the caged spear by hitting it a few times, then loot it. Remember to use Dark Sight again before going out.

    Room of Glory:

    Click thumbnail for larger picture.

    This room consists of three short jump quests, each of which will have a spear on top of it.

    It is recommended that while the necessary people go through the other rooms (Room of Courage, Faith and Pledge), everyone else helps each other do the three jumps.

    To maintain communication between the guild members, it is advised to name the three jumps by the colour of their lasers: Blue, Yellow and Red.

    Please note that because of the jump quest nature of this map, Speed/Jump is frozen at 100%.

    Step-by-step guide to each jump (optional):
    Blue: Requires swift reactions. You will get hit often, so use it to your advantage.
    1. Either wait for the laser to fade (slow) and climb up or jump against it from the left side, then hold onto the rope as it knocks you back, climbing up while you are still invincible (fast).
    2. Wait for the bottom of the two lasers to fade, then attempt to reach one of the two safe spots (outlined with red). If the top laser did not fade, it will knock you to the platform left of the bottommost safe spot. Quickly jump back up to the safe spot, wait for the top laser to fade, and then jump to the safe spot below 3.
    3. Wait for the bottom laser to fade, then jump into the top laser from the left side - it will knock you back to the starting position while granting you short invincibility. Quickly jump past both lasers to the next safe spot while invincible. Alternatively, wait for both lasers to fade and attempt to slip through (not recommended). Do not touch the bottom laser.
    4. Wait for the the bottom laser to fade, then quickly jump up and crash into the middle (or top, if middle is faded too) laser from the left side, granting you short invincibility, then quickly jump all the way up while invincible. If the top laser comes back to hit you before you get all the way up, keep the -> key pressed and it shouldn't knock you down.

    Yellow: Requires patience. If you move too quickly, you'll get knocked down.
    1. Wait for the laser to fade, then cover the distance to the safe spot (outlined with red). You should be able to reach it after two fades. Duck to avoid the laser on the way.
    2. Wait for the bottom laser to fade - then climb on the rope, keep the Up button pressed and simply ignore the top laser if/when it hits you. Cross the middle to get to the rope on the other side - its tremendously easy, as three out of four platforms are safe.
    3. Climb up the rope while holding the Up key pressed, ignoring both lasers if/when they hit you. Careful! If you finish the climb just before the top laser hits you (while you are standing on the platform) you WILL get knocked off. In this case, wait between the two lasers until you are no longer invincible, then let yourself get hit as you climb towards the top laser.
    Regardless, you should have enough time after being hit by the top laser to get to the next safe spot, right next to it. Wait for the top laser to fade again, then cover all the rest of the distance in one round (while still keeping the Up key pressed as you climb the rope, just in case the laser catches you from behind) - or stop at the last safe spot, if you're feeling uneasy. After all, it'd be stupid to fall down now.

    Red: Requires skill. Plan ahead, and you will know what to do.
    1. This laser works different from the one at Blue. Do the exact opposite: Just climb into it while keeping the Up key pressed, and it won't knock you off. If you attempt to pass it while it is fading, and it suddenly appears behind you, you will get knocked off. You are quite safe on the platform, but move to the safe spot.
    2. Wait for the bottom laser to fade, then jump towards the middlemost safe spot. If the top laser is inactive, you will reach it - stay there. If the top laser is active, you will get knocked rightwards and land on another safe platform - in this case, quickly jump left to reach the middlemost safe spot while you are invincible.
    3. Wait for the laser directly above you to fade, then jump up on the platform it was holding. Quickly jump towards the left rope. Now, again, two things may happen:
    - The upper laser is active: You will get knocked back to the platform you jumped from. While you are invincible, quickly jump onto the rope and keep the Up button pressed!
    - The upper laser is inactive: You will succesfully land on the rope, but the upper laser will knock you down any second. Immediately keep the Up button pressed!
    4. Keep the Up button pressed, making sure to let the lasers hit you while you are climbing and not when you're standing on the platform. When you reach the platform between the two left ropes, make sure you are invincible, then quickly jump to the top rope and continue all the way to the safe spot.
    5. This is the funniest part by far. Wait until the very top laser is active, then jump right into it from the left side - if performed correctly, you will be knocked all the way up to the final platform, skipping the platforms below. Quickly jump up to the spear while still having invincibility.

    Retrieve all 3 spears from this room, as well as the one spear from Room of Pledge.

    Room of Justice:

    Click thumbnail for larger picture.

    Alright, its time to place those spears.

    The four spears are identical and can be placed in any of the four spaces on the map marked Place spears here. However, to maintain efficient placement, it becomes even more important that the members are clear as to who is placing which spear as, otherwise, precious time would be wasted while coming to an agreement.

    The spear positions in this map have been numbered for you for easier overview. There are no official numbers or names for each of the places.

    When a spear is placed, it will react within a few seconds, disappear, then turn yellow and meld with the background. If the spear doesn't react, place it closer to the middle.

    Spear 1:
    A slightly different, yet short jump quest where you jump from rope to platform to rope to platform to rope. Despite popular belief, Speed/Jump boosts are NOT REQUIRED. It is entirely possible to jump from the last platform to the last rope with 100% speed and jump. However, inexperienced members may prefer to use Haste and/or speed/jump equips.

    Spear 2:
    A jump quest requiring slight boosts to speed/jump in order to pass the platforms between the lasers. To pass the lasers, use the safe spots marked outlined with red on the map, waiting for the lasers to fade before continuing. If you are experienced, it is possible to skip every second safe spot to complete double as fast. However, note that touching any laser in this small jump will most probably knock you all the way down.

    Spear 3:
    The easiest of all the spears. By pressing the Up key at the correct platforms, you will eventually reach the top. The combination stays the same every time. By numbering the platforms from the left, it is: 2-1-5-2-2-1-2.
    If you press Up at the wrong platform, you will get teleported to the bottom again.
    It is recommended to save this spear for last as it is the easiest and fastest one.

    Spear 4:
    The spear that will once again test your GQ requirements. To place this spear, a magician with at least 17 Teleport is required (not 20, as some believe) to be able to pass the distance between the platforms. It is entirely possible for an experienced Hermit (or an inexperienced one, given a few minutes) to cover the same distance with maxed (or close to max, exact value is unknown) Flash Jump by jumping at the wall, then using FJ in the opposite direction.
    The two top lasers should prove no problem. I've never been there myself, but I've never seen anyone cry out for help at that point, either.

    Once the final spear is placed, the screen will shake as if a skill such as Dragon Roar had been activated. The seal in front of the door at stage 3 will disappear, and you may proceed.

    Stage 2 recap & trivia:
    - The goal of the stage is to retrieve and place 4 spears at designated locations.
    - An attacker should be sent to Room of Courage to retrieve the Key, then place it at the door to Room of Faith.
    - A Thief with Dark Sight and a Magician with Teleport should be ready at Room of Faith when the door opens.
    - In the meantime, all leftover members should be at Room of Glory retrieving spears.
    - The Magician will teleport, retrieve the Rusty Key and hand it to the Thief.
    - The Thief will use Dark Sight, pass the monsters, unlock the door and grab the spear.
    - In the meantime, all spears retrieved at Room of Glory should be placed in Room of Justice.
    - When the Thief has recieved his spear, he should either place it himself at positions 1/2/3 (if available) or hand it to the Magician to place at 4 (if he/she has 17+ Teleport). If not, he/she should immediately hand it over to a capable member.
    - Save spear 3 for last if possible to save time.
    - The Dark Sight spear takes the longest to retrieve. If you are a professional group, save the Dark Sight spear for last to be placed at position 3. This requires extra teamwork from all members as all spears in Room of Glory must be done early, and the magician will probably fulfill two roles at once (unless you have extra Teleport/FJ).
    - In Room of Faith, two professionals can work together to save time by having the Thief use Dark Sight and walk towards the door while the Magician is retrieving the Rusty Key. Because they will be standing close to each other, a quick /trade command can be issued while the Thief is still in DS mode, directly handing him/her the key from below. Not recommended for inexperienced players and/or low level Dark Sight.
    - The Longinus Spear has a designated looting point that is close to the middle of the spear, due to its giant size. When on flat ground, you may have to jump while pressing your loot button (Default: Z or Number Pad 0) to be able to pick it up.
    - It doesn't matter in which order you place the spears, nor where which one is placed.
    - In Room of Glory, jump into the fire that erupts from the ground (beneath each laser jump quest) from the left to give you a boost to the right. Does not work in the opposite direction.
    - At the Red jump quest in Room of Glory, the final platforms can be bypassed (see the step-for-step guide).
    - Due to the increased Speed/Jump necessary in Room of Justice, all Speed/Jump buffs will work at all 4 spears (since they are in the same map).
    - To place spear 2 in Room of Justice, Jump is more important than Speed. If you have close to 12x% Jump, you can make the jumps with about 11x% Speed (even though there are 45 degrees between the platforms).
    - In spear 3 in Room of Justice, some people complain that Haste is necessary. Increased speed/jump is only necessary at the second-last platform - but you do not even need to cross, as the first platform is the correct one.
    - When all spears are placed, a bug often occurs that the screen doesn't shake and/or the seal in front of the door to stage 3 doesn't disappear. This is a client-side bug and doesn't affect gameplay.

    Congratulations, you've passed Stage 2.
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    Stage 3: Mastermind
    Par time: 1-4 mins, depending on skill, luck and member efficiency
    Guild Points awarded: 25 Guild Points upon entering hidden door to Stage 4

    Stage 3 is based off the board game Mastermind. You can practise the game on the internet by searching for free playable versions (e.g. Newgrounds Mastermind) and understand this stage much better.


    I bet you're tired if you read through all of Stage 2 by now. Well, you're (time-wise) halfway done! By now, an average party would have used ~15 mins (and will spend ~15 more to finish) and a skilled party would have used ~10 mins or less (and will spend ~10 mins to finish).

    Lets relax now.

    Deja vu anyone? This looks like the corridor between stage 1 and 2, but it is actually sligthly different. It is a corridor between stage 2 and 3. Yawn. How interesting. Again, the door isn't part of the map rendering, so it looks quite boring. And yet again, notice that you cannot go back, either.

    Oh, before actually going through the door To stage 3, weak characters should stay behind for a while. There are actually monsters at the beginning of this stage.

    This is another of the stages where the Guild Quest leader plays a vital role (even more so than in stage 1). The objective of stage 3 is to... well, you should start by killing those monsters: 4 Black Knights and 4 Myst Knights. Black Knights will drop Medal of Valor (for some reason referred to as "Badge of Courage" at databases), and Myst Knights will drop Scroll of Wisdom (again for some reason referred to as "Wisdom Scroll").

    Please note at this point that Stage 3 is works as the christmas tree maps which some of you may or may not be familiar with. Items are locked. This means simply: Any items you enter the map with will be the items you exit the map with, the only exception being the monster drops. If you loot any of the medals or scrolls, they're stuck on you until you leave stage 3, which either happens by completing, failing or dying (the latter two will not be of any help to your guild). You cannot trade other characters, and other people cannot loot drops belonging to you. In other words: If you don't know what you're doing, don't loot.

    Usually, the GQ leader manages the stage, therefore looting all 4 medals and all 4 scrolls.

    While the GQ leader continues by speaking to NPC Guard Statue, all of the other members should immediately split up to the jump quests at Wine Cellar and Center Banquet. Lets take a look at these two maps:

    Wine Cellar:

    Well, you can barely call this a jump quest. There are 12 boxes to break, and inside 4 of them will be a 700-yr-old Jr. Necki Whiskey (which is commonly referred to as "wine" or "drink"). The boxes that contain the items are chosen at random every time, so it depends on your luck.

    Center Banquet:

    Again, there are 12 plates of covered food that should be hit to unveil the URL=]Spoiled Food[/url] hidden beneath, yet again, 4 plates chosen at random. This map does resemble a jump quest much more, and can actually be quite a pain because there are certain jumps that require good timing while you dodge the flying forks and knives.

    While the other members are gathering drinks and food, the GQ leader can concentrate at the task at hand.


    Actually doing stage 3 is the daunting part that requires that your GQ leader has the necessary thinking skills (= intelligence). Don't be scared off, though, because the procedure is always the same, and as soon as you get the point, it only gets easier every time.

    Performing stage 3 is the part that requires the most of the GQ leader. Mostly anyone can lead a GQ through stages 1, 2, 4, 5 and the boss, but this stage is a little trickier.

    The objective of stage 3 is to find the correct combination of Medals, Scrolls, Drinks and Food to drop in front of the four statues at the fountain.
    The combination is, obviously, always random.

    There are four different objects (Medal, Scroll, Drink, Food).
    There are four different positions (Statue 1, 2, 3, 4).
    Thus, there are 4^4 = 256 different combinations.

    You have exactly seven (7) tries to find the right combination.

    You must have dropped one item in front of every statue to be able to talk to NPC Guard Statue.

    After each of the seven attempts, one Myst Knight and one Black Knight will spawn on each side of the map. This can be circumvented.
    After the seventh attempt, a bunch of knights will spawn in the middle of the map, and the combination will reset and change (= start over).

    Most people don't think efficiently while doing this stage. Some people just drop four of the same item four times to see how many of each they need, then start guessing. If you are thinking correctly, you NEVER HAVE TO GUESS.

    There is a mathematical reason that you have seven tries. If you perform the stage correctly, you will never need more than seven tries to succeed.

    When the GQ Leader has dropped items in front of the statues, he will talk to Guard Statue in order to get clues. The Guard Statue will tell the GQ leader:

    How many items are correct: Placed in the right spot
    How many items are incorrect: Placed in the wrong spot
    How many items are unknown: Not part of the combination

    The Guard Statue will never tell which clue applies to which item in particular.

    Here is what to do in order to succeed every time.

    1. Place four of the same item in front of every statue. This is usually Medal of Honor or Scroll of Wisdom, because the GQ leader should be in possession of all of them.
    Click on the Guard Statue.

    Attempt 1:
    The GQ leader drops 4 Medal of Honor at each statue.
    The current combination is: Medal-Medal-Medal-Medal.
    He/she talks to Guard Statue.

    The Guard Statue responds that:
    1 item is placed correctly.
    3 items are unknown.

    2. After each click of information, think. What did I learn? What can I use? In this example, you got to know that one of the medals is placed correctly. At the same time, you know that three of the medals are not part of the combination. Conclusion:
    - Exactly one medal is needed in the final combination
    - One medal is needed at position 1, 2, 3 or 4
    - Three of the medals are unknown

    3. Change one item at a time. If you remember what you learned at school, the golden rule of science is never to change more than one variable at a time. If you started with Medals, the obvious choice is Scrolls (since your guild mates are still busy gathering Drinks and Food). In this example:

    Attempt 2:
    The GQ leader replaces the leftmost Medal with a Scroll.
    The current combination is Scroll-Medal-Medal-Medal.
    He/she talks to Guard Statue.

    The Guard Statue responds that:
    1 item is placed correctly.
    1 item is placed incorrectly.
    2 items are unknown.

    This is when some people start panicking. Again, relax and think. Use your information together with your previous information.

    You know that:
    1 item is placed correctly. Which item is it? Which item isn't it?
    It is not the scroll. Why? Because you know that you need a medal. If the scroll was correct, the other medals would all be wrong, and then you have no medals.

    2 items are unknown. Which items are they?
    You already know. Don't you remember? There are three medals on the ground, but you already know that you only need one medal. The two other medals must be the unknown ones. Therefore: Two of the medals are unknown.

    1 item is placed incorrectly. Which item is it?
    You already know that: The scroll is not placed correctly. But the scroll is not unknown, either, because two of the medals were. Therefore: The scroll is placed incorrectly.

    - Exactly one medal is needed in the final combination
    - At least one scroll is needed in the final combination
    - One medal is needed at position 2, 3 or 4 (because there was still 1 correct when pos. 1 was replaced by scroll)
    - One scroll is needed at position 2, 3 or 4 (because it was incorrect at 1)
    - Position 1 holds either Food or Drink (because it doesn't hold Medal or Scroll)
    - Two of the medals are unknown

    4. Change another item. Then think. (Repeat this step till you're done)

    Attempt 3:
    The GQ leader now tries the combination: Scroll-Scroll-Medal-Medal.

    The Guard Statue responds that:
    1 item is placed correctly.
    1 item is placed incorrectly.
    2 items are unknown.

    Now think.

    2 items are unknown. Which items are they?
    You know that the scroll in position 1 is unknown. Why? Because you already know that position 1 holds either Food or Drink.
    You know that one of the medals is unknown. Why? Because there are two medals, and you know that you only need one.
    Therefore: The scroll in position 1 and one of the medals in position 3 or 4 is unknown.

    1 item is placed correctly. Which item is it?
    It is not the scroll in position 2. Why? Because you know that you need a medal. If the scroll was correct, the other medals would all be wrong, and then you have no medals.

    1 item is placed incorrectly. Which item is it?
    You already know. The scroll in position 2 cannot be unknown, and it cannot be correct. Therefore, it is incorrect.

    - Exactly one medal is needed in the final combination
    - Exactly one scroll is needed in the final combination (because there is only 1 incorrect)
    - One medal is needed at position 3 or 4 (because there was still 1 correct when pos. 2 was replaced by scroll)
    - One scroll is needed at position 3 or 4 (because it was incorrect at 1 and 2)
    - Position 1 and 2 holds either Food or Drink (because it doesn't hold Medal or Scroll)
    - One of the medals are unknown

    Attempt 4:
    The GQ leader now tries the combination: Scroll-Scroll-Scroll-Medal.

    The Guard Statue responds that:
    2 items are placed incorrectly.
    2 items are unknown.

    2 items are unknown. Which items are they?
    You already know that the scrolls in position 1 and 2 are unknown because there is supposed to be Food and/or Drink.

    2 items are placed incorrectly. Which items are they?
    The scroll and medal in position 3 and 4 are the only items left. If they are both placed incorrectly, all you need to do is switch their spots.

    - Exactly one medal is needed in the final combination at position 3
    - Exactly one scroll is needed in the final combination at position 4
    - Position 1 and 2 holds either Food or Drink

    When you've got this far, you're already almost done.

    Attempt 5:
    The GQ leader now tries the combination: Drink-Drink-Medal-Scroll.

    Why did he/she suddenly change two items? Easy: Because he/she is now 100% sure that the last two items are correct, so it is not necessary to think more about them.

    The Guard Statue responds that:
    3 items are placed correctly.
    1 item is unknown.

    3 items are correct. Which items are they?
    You already know that the Medal at position 3 and the Scroll at position 4 are correct.
    One of the two drinks must also be correct.

    1 item is unknown. Which item is it?
    If one of the two drinks are correct, the other must be the unknown one.

    - Exactly one medal is needed in the final combination at position 3
    - Exactly one scroll is needed in the final combination at position 4
    - Exactly one drink is needed in the final combination
    - Exactly one food is needed in the final combination
    - Position 1 and 2 holds either Food or Drink

    Attempt 6:
    The GQ leader now tries the combination: Food-Drink-Medal-Scroll.

    The Guard Statue responds that:
    2 items are placed correctly.
    2 items are placed incorrectly.

    You already know that the Medal at position 3 and the Scroll at position 4 are correct.
    Therefore, the food and drink must be incorrect. Switch them.

    Attempt 7:
    The GQ leader now tries the combination: Drink-Food-Medal-Scroll.

    The Guard Statue responds that you have succesfully completed the stage.


    This example is based on the worst case scenario, in which you will need all 7 attempts. Please note that because of the nature of this challenge, you will actually often need all 7 attempts.

    Once the stage is cleared, a door will appear in the wall as marked To stage 4.

    Stage 3 recap & trivia:
    - The attackers should kill the Myst Knights and Black Knights while weak characters stay behind.
    - Myst Knights use Cancel Weapon Attack, and Black Knights use Cancel Magic Attack. If you have a strong character, let him kill so that the monsters won't have time to turn on these skills. Mob freezing/stunning skills also work if maintained.
    - Stage 3 works like the christmas tree map. You cannot loot or trade items that belong to anyone else while you are doing Stage 3.
    - The GQ leader should loot all 4 medals and scrolls. If other people accidentally loot, they should stay with the leader.
    - The rest of the members proceed to Wine Cellar and Center Banquet to get Drinks and Food.
    - Meanwhile, the leader should begin his attempt to find the correct combination (see Preparing).
    - If any person accidentally looted, he/she must stay and obey as the leader tells where to drop/pick up.
    - Drinks are easier to get than Food. The leader should start by using Medals and Scrolls, then Drinks, then Food.
    - If the leader is experienced, he/she will be able to manage the maximum amount of Drinks/Food necessary while talking to Guard Statue and pass this information to the members so no time is wasted getting more than needed.
    - Remember that Drinks/Food will belong to the looter. The leader will have to tell them where to drop/pick up.
    - If a person that did the most damage to a monster (= the designated owner of the drop) leaves the room (by going to Wine Cellar or Center Banquet) before anyone loots the drop belonging to that monster, and there are no party members left on the map, either, the item will permanently disappear. Avoid this situation. The more items you don't have, the less are your chances to be able to complete.
    - By clicking "End Chat" after every attempt, no Myst Knight/Black Knight will spawn at the sides.
    - By clicking "End Chat" after the final (7th) attempt, no knights will spawn, and the combination will not reset. Note that you will get no information about the items, either. This is useful if you need just one or two more tries because you wasted some earlier.
    - It is possible to jump onto the platform where Guard Statue is standing, even without haste, by timing your jump from one of the two edges to gain extra momentum. Not at all useful, but kind of amusing.

    Congratulations, you've passed Stage 3. Don't worry, it'll get easier next time.

    Stage 4: Clothes
    Par time: 5-10 mins, depending on general efficiency of guild
    Guild Points awarded:
    5 Guild Points upon entering door from Shoes map to Grave map
    5 Guild Points upon entering door from Pants map to Grave map
    5 Guild Points upon entering door from Top map to Grave map
    5 Guild Points upon entering door from Crown map to Grave map
    10 Guild Points upon entering sealed door to Stage 5

    Welcome to stage 4.

    While stages 1 and 3 are the short thinking stages, stage 2 and 4 are the long ones where teamwork and cooperation are important. The objective of stage 4 resembles that of Stage 2's:

    The objective of stage 4 is to gather the four pieces of clothing (Shoes, Top, Pants and Crown) in Waterway Maze and End of the Maze and deliver them to Sharen III's Grave.

    Click thumbnail for larger picture.

    Now, this really looks complicated! Don't worry, it isn't. There are a bunch of pipes in this area, and if you pick the wrong ones, you'll get teleported back to the beginning. However, if you have maxed (or close to max) Speed/Jump, you can actually traverse all the essential points without having to go through the hassle of remembering the vital teleports. Regardless, it'll only take a few runs to accomplish.

    The hidden teleports that'll move you around the map have, for your viewing pleasure, been marked by light blue circles and arrows of the same colour. The red circles, however, shows the pipes that'll actually lead you to the other maps that contain the items you will need to complete the stage.

    Upon arrival on stage 4, all members should split up into an appropriate of the four rooms and work on achieving the clothes inside them.

    Sharen III's Pants

    Waterway Maze (Pants):

    This is the simplest of all the rooms in terms of requirements. All it takes is a few attackers to take down the Puppet Golems and get the 9 Marks of Evil (for some reason referred to in databases as "Signs of Evil") that will be dropped. To unlock the door to End of the Maze, drop all 9 signs in front of it, and they will react after a few seconds. Pass through.

    End of the Maze (Pants):

    A straightforward jump quest, albeit averagely difficult. This jump will test your forward jumping skills on moving conveyor belts. You will first have to get used to each one's movement direction, then actually walking around and jumping between one and another. There are two stops along the way where you can stand still for a moment, although once you get used to conveyors, it could prove to be more of an annoyance to you.

    Again, because of the jump quest nature of the map, Speed/Jump is frozen at 100%.

    As soon as one person has reached the end, break the box and get Sharen III's Pants. All members can now proceed to Sharen III's Grave without worrying about the jump quest.

    Sharen III's Shoes

    Waterway Maze (Shoes):

    The map to recieve Sharen III's Shoes is different from the others as it consists of only one part, a direct jump quest of three floors. This means that one skilled person will easily be able to do this part alone.

    To perform the jumps, this map once again tests the Speed/Jump requirements that you have brought for the Guild Quest. Unlike Stage 2, the person will need just about maxed Speed and Jump to be able to fully complete it, and any compromise will make the jumps reasonably harder. Therefore, most people automatically assume that Haste is necessary, but an array of Speed/Jump-boosting equipments can also do the trick.

    Despite the increased Speed/Jump requirement, many parts of the jump quest are actually ridiculously easy because of the distance you can cover per jump. A person that has never tried the jump quest before should be able to perform it within a few minutes (with maxed Speed/Jump), although it is obviously not recommended.

    Fortunately, the three-floor map ensures that the map is effectively divided into three parts, each with their own safe ground. Once the box is reached, break it to obtain the shoes, then proceed to Sharen III's Grave.
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    Sharen III's Crown

    Waterway Maze (Crown):

    The map leading to Sharen III's Crown has an interesting trait: Only characters at exactly level 30 or below are allowed to enter. Anyone else attempting to go through the pipe will simply recieve the message that a mysterious force is holding them back. Therefore, only a few people will usually be in this room at once - and most often, just a single person.

    Inside the room, the character(s) will fight a total amount of 20 Devil Slimes. Each will drop a Mark of Evil. The Devil Slimes are quite strong, and low-DEX warriors may even have trouble hitting them. A Cleric class Bless or an Accuracy buff from any potion may be useful here. Otherwise, there should be no huge issue as long as the character is about level 20 at least and can hit more than pure 1's at a time.

    To unlock the door leading to End of the Maze, gather all 20 marks and drop them in front of the door. Then proceed.

    End of the Maze (Crown):

    Despite its size, the jump quest for the characters at level 30 or below in the Guild Quest is widely recognized as one of the hardest short jumps in the game. The main reason for this is partly the use of conveyor belts combined with the prolonged distance between these (as compared to other jump quests involving conveyor belts) as well as the frequent eruptions of poison gas through the obstacles (much more often than compared to the Pants and Shoes jump quests).

    Add to these facts that the character(s) in this map is/are often the most inexperienced player(s) amongst the participants (because of his/her/their low level(s). This is not prejudice, but a general fact), and the result is a struggle through a jump quest that can sometimes prove to be very tough to handle. Depending on skills, this simple-looking jump can take up to half an hour for complete newbies.

    Fortunately, this jump is also split in floors with safe ground in the middle.

    Regardless, once the jump is completed, break the box and loot the Crown. Proceed to Sharen III's Grave.

    Sharen III's Top

    Waterway Maze (Top):

    Here's to the ranged attacker that you'd usually take for granted. In this short map, use the pipe at the right to teleport to the top left - from here, snipe the Gargoyle at the top. Note that the Gargoyle won't simply sit idly as you attempt to kill it - amongst its attacks, it will summon Jr. Gargoyles at the bottom and rain down attacks from the sky that do roughly 1k+ worth of damage, should you get hit. The most annoying part is that these attacks will often knock you down from the platform, forcing you to cross the map and reposition yourself.

    An ranged attacker can take the Gargoyle down by either shooting arrows from a standing position or jump towards the Gargoyle and use throwing stars in mid-air (this will force you to and teleport back to the platform every time as you fall down). Alternatively, some very ranged skills (such as Genesis/Blizzard) can hit the Gargoyle from all over the small map. When the Gargoyle is dead, 8 additional Jr. Gargoyles will spawn, but these will each carry an Mark of Evil.

    Loot all 8 Marks of Evil and drop them at the door to End of the Maze to unlock it. Then proceed.

    This map is so easy that its almost a joke. Teleport two times through the pipes as shown on the map to reach the Top (ohh, that's a pun ).

    Break the box, loot the Top and proceed to Sharen III's Grave.


    Sharen III's Grave:

    Sharen III's Grave is a map that is linked to multiple maps, such as Free Market, Florina Beach and Mushroom Shrine. In this case, it is possible to enter from any of the aforementioned maps by going through the marked doors, thus gathering the members when they are all done.

    If exiting from the Grave, you will return to the map that you entered the Grave from.

    As all members arrive with their respective clothes, they should be dropped on top of Sharen III's body at Drop clothes here. The correct order of dropping is dressing him from bottom to top, thus:

    1. Sharen III's Shoes
    2. Sharen III's Pants
    3. Sharen III's Top
    4. Sharen III's Crown

    Each item will react after a few seconds. When all items have been absorbed, a ghost NPC will appear. The leader of the Guild Quest must talk to the NPC to remove the seal in front of the door and allow access To Stage 5.

    Stage 4 recap & trivia:
    - The objective of the stage is to gather the 4 cloth items and bring them to the assembly point.
    - All members should split up upon entering the stage and head to suitable maps.
    - The members will kill monsters in their maps and use Marks of Evil to unlock the door to jump quests.
    - At the end of each jump quest, a cloth item is found by breaking a box.
    - At the map of each jump quest, a door leads to Sharen III's Grave.
    - Members that finish early can go through their door to get GP, then return to help the others.
    - As items are gathered, meet at Grave and drop them in the correct order.
    - The Crown takes the longest to get. When Crown is done, all other members should be ready to proceed at Grave.
    - The Guild Quest leader must manually talk to the NPC at end to unlock the seal to Stage 5.
    - When navigating the Underground Waterway, Speed/Jump buffs can help you negate the need to teleport.
    - With 140%/120% Speed/Jump, you can reach most circular pipes from below, but for quadratic pipes, 123% Jump.
    - When unlocking a door with Marks of Evil, all Marks must be dropped in one bundle, or nothing happens.
    - Each locked door needs the number of Marks dropped by monsters in that room to open. If you use more than necessary, the excess Marks will disappear as well, and you will fail as you no longer have enough Marks.
    - If you kill the Gargoyle in Waterway Maze (Top) and leave the room before the Jr. Gargoyles with the Marks of Evil spawn (there is a few seconds of delay) they will never spawn, and you will fail.
    - After getting Shoes, you can quickly get to the door by simply jumping vertically down rather than going around.
    - By timing your jumps on conveyor belts, you can gain extra momentum. This is not only amusing, but also extremely helpful in many situations. This is done by jumping in the direction of the belt when about 2/3 across.
    - In the early GQ days, dropping the clothes in the wrong order would cause them to be absorbed anyway, causing the GQ to fail. Its later been patched (WOW Nexon, impressive!) so items are now only accepted in the correct order.

    Congratulations, you've passed stage 4.
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    Stage 5: Sacrifice
    Par time: If it takes more than 1 minute, your sacrifice is an idiot
    Guild Points awarded: None

    Some may argue that this map is far too short to be called a stage, and it may also more accurately be a preliminary part of the boss area. Regardless, it is fully seperated from stage 4 and has its own objective.

    The objective of stage 5 is to gain access to the final map by having one of the members drop their Protector Rock in front of the double doors To Boss Stage. Note that the earrings must be dropped to react with the door, not simply taken off.

    The sacrifice will, obviosuly, die shortly after dropping his/her earrings and be returned to the second earring map of Stage 0. From here, he/she will break a rock and obtain a new set of earrings (this is the reason that you had to leave at least one set of earrings in that map), after which he/she will be able to return to the rest of the participants.

    A few seconds after the earrings have been dropped, they will succesfully react and open the main door. At this point, the crack in the wall leading To Boss Stage (upper floor) will also be unlocked, and non-attackers may wish to enter there.

    Stage 5 recap & trivia:
    - A member of the participants drops his/her earrings in front of the door to unlock the Boss Stage.
    - The earrings should be dropped directly from the Equipment window. Taking them off usually results in failure.
    - The earrings must be dropped inside range of the door for it to react. Otherwise, it simply results in useless death.
    - If the above case happens, it is possible for another person to drop his/her own earrings correctly, then loot the wrongly dropped ones and wear them before dying, thus saving time and health (usually not recommended).
    - The sacrifice loses 1% exp (or a charm if such is in his/her possession) for dying by loss of earrings.
    - Despite popular belief, the sacrifice can be any of the participants. However, its logical that it be the lowest level.
    - The delay after dropping earrings allows the sacrifice to run/jump around for a few seconds before dying. Amusing.
    - The sacrifice will usually always die (of loss of earrings) before the door opens (by reacting with the earrings).
    - Members that do not enter through the main door cannot participate in the boss fight unless they suicide.

    Congratulations, you... well, it wasn't that hard

    Boss Stage
    Par time: 1-4 mins with good attacker(s) and depending on Ergoth's skill usage
    Guild Points awarded: ~250-850 GP upon entering bonus, depending on total completion time
    Completion time is based on time after entering the portal (initial 3 minutes do not count)
    The following GP statements are close to, but not 100% accurate!
    They are based on general results after roughly a thousand succesful GQs.
    850 GP for ~21 mins or less
    800 GP for ~22 mins
    780 GP for ~23 mins
    760 GP for ~24 mins
    740 GP for ~25 mins
    5xx GP for ~28 mins
    3xx GP for >30 mins
    <300 GP for ~30-35 mins and above (slowly decreasing over time)

    Welcome to the final stage! The tricky thing about the Guild Quest is that while testing your guild's wits and cooperative abilites, you still can't avoid the obligatory boss fight. This means that you'll have to add to the list of requirements a bunch of people that are, at this point, able to face off against one of the stronger bosses in MapleStory... in terms of annoyance and damage, that is.

    The objective of the boss stage is to... kill the boss, Ergoth (oh, really?), in order to loot the Rubian.

    Please note that anyone that enters this map is stuck here until the Guild Quest is over (or they die). There is no exit portal anywhere on the map.

    Ergoth's Throne:

    Despite being one single map, there are several things to take in account here. First, Ergoth is a summoned boss, so it will not appear until you break the crystal, Rubian (at Break to spawn Ergoth). You have unlimited time to make preparations before actually starting the fight.

    The members that entered this room through the crack in the wall in stage 5 will find themselves stuck at the upper floor of the map. While this leaves them completely invulnerable to Ergoth's attacks, their sight and movement range is extremely limited, and they will hardly be able to follow the fight below them.

    There are two things that can be done at the upper floor: Hitting a mechanism that will move a chandelier above Ergoth's head, or suiciding into the spikes at the right side in order to respawn and get a chance to reenter from the main door (usually pointless, as you would've entered from the main door the first time if you had actually wanted to go there, plus you lose exp).

    The real fight is done by the attackers below. Even if you are not planning on fighting, staying left of the Tiger Statue will protect you from the most damaging attacks while you are still able to buff and help the attackers. Note that before summoning, the entire map is, obviously, safe.

    If the guild is relying on a Chief Bandit class to bomb Ergoth to death, it can be done with a total amount of 300,000 mesos. Great CBs can even do it with 250,000 mesos (although 300k still recommended), while inexperienced CBs may need up to 500,000 mesos. If a CB cannot destroy Ergoth with this amount of mesos, he/she is too inexperienced and/or is not using the Meso Explosion skill correctly.

    If using Meso Explosion, drop the mesos at the designated drop point (marked Drop zone) in small amounts of mesos (~4,000 meso bags recommended) by using Copy+Paste to drop all the mesos within 2-3 minutes. Then, retreat to the designated detonation point (marked Detonation zone), use Meso Guard and prepare to explode the bags (and heal yourself with potions) while another member breaks Rubian to summon Ergoth. The two points are placed so that the mesos will damage Ergoth while the CB is outside the touch range of the closest statue.

    If other attackers are present, depending on the strength of these, using Meso Explosion is often too slow/expensive compared to killing Ergoth the normal way. In this case, the attackers should simply prepare themselves as another member breaks Rubian to summon Ergoth, then side along with any present CB and fight.


    Upon the fifth hit on Rubian, the crystal will disappear, and Ergoth will spawn at the throne, along with two statues on each side of him: Lion Statue A and Knight Statue A on one side; Lion Statue B and Knight Statue B on the other.

    At this point, any available Chief Bandit class should start bombing, and all other attackers should begin doing their things. The Rubian hitter will immediately retreat or die trying, and the remaining non-attackers should stay left of the Tiger Statue for the duration of the fight. Whenever possible, they can use supportive skills for the attackers as long as they are within range.

    To defeat Ergoth, any ranged attacker will effectively have to take care of the two statues on his left side. The two statues on the right side are usually ignored.

    Some of the attacks are caused by the statues, and most are caused by Ergoth. Watch out for:

    - Orange energy pillars erupting from the ground: Caused by Ergoth. Are the weakest of his attacks and do little damage (1-300), even to low level characters. However, the pillars cover the entire bottom floor.

    - Horizontal orange energy surges: Caused by Ergoth. Ergoth's most damaging attack, doing up to 3.8k damage to high leveled characters. This attack stops in front of the Tiger Statue. It is supposedly avoidable, but impossible to do so as they appear at random and do immediate damage.

    - Horizontal blue energy surges: Caused by Ergoth. The classic 1/1 attack, although some inexperienced players may not have seen it before because of the different level-range nature of the Guild Quest. Basically, this reduces your HP and MP to 1, no matter the starting value. Works the same way as the orange energy surges in terms of hitting you. Stops in front of the Tiger Statue.

    - Green spikes erupting from the ground: Caused by statues. This works practically the same as Ergoth's 1/1 attack, just with different graphics. Stops in front of the Tiger Statue. Since you will normally never have to kill everything, brace yourself for 1/1 attacks during the entire battle.

    - Dispel: Caused by statues. Dispel removes every skill-based buff from all characters within range. This attack can be deadly to attackers relying on Hyper Body, Magic Guard, Meso Guard etc. Ranged attackers that have taken down the two left statues are usually no longer dispelled if they stay at maximum range from Ergoth, while melee attackers must constantly be prepared to recharge their skills. If relying on Hyper Body, attackers should be ready to retreat within a second's notice, and the Spearman class providing the buff spamming it as much as possible.

    - Heal: There seems to be a global healing effect going on during the entire battle. The statues and Ergoth will be healing for about 1% of their HP every once in a while, and it affects any summoned monsters too. This has no huge effect on the battle, but in the case that all attackers die, they should hurry back and continue the battle because Ergoth can heal quite a bit in the meantime.

    - Slow: Caused by statues. Reduces your speed to 80%, ignoring buffs. This is usually not a deadly problem, and the range of this attack will normally only cover the melee characters that do not need to move as much anyway. However, it is a slight annoyance when having to loot Rubian after killing Ergoth, as the leftover statues will most likely use it on you.

    - Reapers hovering above ground: Caused by Ergoth. This does about as much or slightly less damage as his orange energy surge (<3.8k). This attack is signaled one second in advance by icons appearing on the screen, enabling a skilled player to avoid them by jumping (will require buffed Jump) or stepping aside once in a while. The tricky part is that these reapers sometimes spawn all the way until the end of the Tiger Statue, so low-leveled non-attackers may be caught off guard and die if they are standing too close.

    The following attacks initiate if/when Ergoth is hit (and are all caused by him):

    - Summon Jr. Gargoyles: These are much of a nuisance for ranged characters as they block their line of fire, as well as being tough to any non-attackers if they stray too far to the left. Can be easily taken out.

    - Summon Myst Knights: These are much tougher than Jr. Gargoyles, as well as having the extremely annoying Cancel Weapon Attack skill that reduces all physical damage to 1. Magicians with mob skills are a great help against these. Otherwise, aim to take them down before they can use their skill.
    Myst Knights' magical attack has a great chance to cause poison damage. This is instant death when coupled with an 1/1 attack, so either cure the ailment or retreat when this happens.

    - Cancel Weapon Attack (yellow circular icon on body): Reduces all physical damage to 1 (and Meso Explosion to 2). Ergoth enjoys spamming this attack even more so as Zakum, as there is no limit to how many times in a row he can do it. Sometimes, you won't see it at all, and other times, you will have to wait for a full minute or two until you can actually dish out more damage. Each Cancel Weapon Attack lasts about 20 seconds, so when you see it, retreat and count.

    - Cancel Magic Attack (blue circular icon on body): Reduces all magical damage to 1. Ergoth cannot use Cancel Weapon Attack while doing this, and since most of the damage will be coming from physical sources, this is good news for you. Lasts about 20 seconds, but for some reason, Ergoth prefers spamming Cancel Weapon Attack instead.

    When you have defeated Ergoth, he will drop the Rubian from earlier. The Guild Quest leader should recieve it from the throne and talk to Tiger Statue to complete the Guild Quest. All members will immediately be sent to the bonus stage.

    Boss Stage recap & trivia:
    - The objective of the boss stage is to break Rubian to summon Ergoth, then kill him and loot Rubian.
    - Practically, only Rubian is needed to complete the quest. If you smuggled one, you can complete immediately.
    - All members should get in position and know their roles before attempting the summon.
    - It takes exactly 5 hits to break Rubian. Upon the first hit, the music will change, which some people find amusing.
    - If you are not present in the room when the first hit is made, the music will not change.
    - If using Meso Explosion, Rubian can be hit 3 to 4 times in advance as to save time while the CB is dropping mesos.
    - If not using Meso Explosion, Rubian should be broken as soon as possible while the attackers get in position.
    - The members upstairs can hit a mechanism that has an unknown effect. Possible guesses are that Ergoth will heal slower, use skills less frequently and/or be less aggressive, but it is yet to be confirmed if it actually does anything.
    - The members upstairs cannot give or recieve party skills to or from the members below.
    - The members upstairs can walk into the spikes while keeping themselves alive to watch a bit of the boss.
    - Dying in the boss map, no matter the reason, only yields 1% experience loss (or a charm, if available)
    - Killing the statues yield no experience. Killing the summons yield no experience, either. Ergoth gives 150k, though.
    - Chief Bandit classes using Meso Explosion should stop bombing immediately when Ergoth uses Cancel Weapon Attack. Failure to do so will result in a waste of mesos and possibly failure. Good CBs are those that react faster.
    - If you are not doing any damage to Ergoth, retreat. Hitting him for 1 damage will still provoke summons.
    - If you cannot survive at least one hit for 3800 damage, never cross the safety line or you will surely die.
    - Ergoth will summon Jr. Gargoyles in the beginning, but quickly switch to Myst Knights when at around 4/5 HP.
    - Ergoth only summons Myst Knights (Cancel Weapon Attack), no Black Knights. Use Magicians to keep them at bay.
    - Magician classes are effective at cleaning up summons with mob attacks while the attackers focus on Ergoth.
    - When Ergoth dies, the Rubian will be on the throne, and be a little tricky to loot. Try jumping while looting.
    - If the Guild Leader is not capable to survive strong hits, it is advised that another member loots for him/her.
    - In the above case, jumping while dropping Rubian can cause it to perform a high drop, effectively landing on the platform where the Returning Rock is. It will be stuck there, nobody can access it, and you will fail.
    - The GQ leader should be careful to click the Tiger Statue, not the Returning Rock. A common beginner's mistake.

    Congratulations, you've completed the Guild Quest.

    Bonus Stage
    Par time: Well, you've only got 40 seconds.
    Guild Points awarded: None, but aren't the items enough?

    In JoMS, we do bonus like this (requires logging in to our forums).

    The following is just an example of how bonus could be split up.

    Click on thumbnail for larger picture.

    The entry point is located at where the text box is marking Bottom middle. From here, all members of the Guild Quest will enter bonus and have 40 seconds counting from the map is loaded to break the boxes that are scattered around and hopefully get a bunch of good items.

    Some guilds split bonus up in sections (as shown on this map), and some just call a giant free-for-all. Nevertheless, there are certain areas that have their restrictions.

    The bottom part of the map contains 9 boxes, scattered from the left to the right corner. These are easily accessed. Note that one is almost hidden behind some rubble, making some people miss it because of the time pressure.

    To access the top left corner, one must walk right of the insertion point and enter the crack as shown by the red lines. Symmetrically, to access the top right corner, one must walk left of the insertion point and enter the crack as shown by the blue lines.

    To reach the uppermost top left boxes, you will need almost maxed Jump (the buff provided from maxed Haste is enough).

    Slightly right of the insertion point is a ladder that leads to a platform with two boxes. Again, almost maxed Jump (and/or Haste) is required to reach the ladder. Once on the platform, even more Jump is required to jump to the last box on a platform above and slightly to the right of it.

    Slightly left of the insertion point is a platform that is only reachable with Teleport 20. The platform above it is likewise only reachable with maxed Teleport. Alternatively, a Hermit class can go to the top left corner of the map, then use Flash Jump to cover the distance to the latter platform. The final platform at the highest point in the middle of the room is reachable with a buffed Jump (e.g. from Haste).

    If correctly divided, each member in a 6-person party should be able to have at least three boxes. Each member will usually have time to break maximum 4, so any chaos will only result in boxes wasted.

    The boxes can contain (but are not limited to) the following items:
    (sorry, too lazy to link each one to a database)

    - Bundles of bronze meso coins (yup, they're not even gold)
    - Potions:
    Orange Potion
    White Potion
    Mana Elixir
    Ice Cream Pop
    Red Bean Sundae
    Sunset Dew
    Sunrise Dew
    Power Elixir
    - 60% scrolls:
    Bottomwear for DEF
    Gloves for ATT/DEX/DEF
    Helmet for DEF/HP/MP
    Overall for DEF/STR/DEX/INT/LUK/HP/MP
    Topwear for DEF
    Shield for DEF/M.DEF/HP/MP
    Shoes for DEF/DEX/Speed/Jump
    - Skillbooks:
    Advanced Combo 30
    Assassinate 30
    Chain Lightning 30
    Elquines 30
    Frostprey 30
    Hurricane 20
    Ifrit 30
    Ninja Ambush 30 (not confirmed, never dropped)
    Ninja Storm 30
    Paralyze 30
    Sharp Eyes 30 (not confirmed, never dropped)
    Taunt 30
    - Miscallenous (best drop in the GQ!)
    Black Sack (very rare)

    Note that every drop in bonus uses only the USE slot in your inventory.

    Bonus Stage recap & trivia:
    - All members still in the Guild Quest at completion get teleported to the Bonus Stage.
    - If a member is in the Guild Quest, but is dead and has not pressed ok to revive by the time the Guild Leader completes, he will not be sent to bonus. Instead, he is revived at the second earring map and will be stuck in the Guild Quest until he leaves by him-/herself by using the Returning Rock or logging out. As long as he is inside, no guild can start a new Guild Quest in the same channel.
    - The Bonus Stage requires Protector Rocks as well. If you are not wearing them, you'll die upon entering.
    - It is suggested that Haste is given to all members when entering as many boxes require increased Speed/Jump. If Haste is not available, give each member time to wear Speed/Jump-equips before completing Boss Stage.
    - The Bonus Stage has a 40 second countdown timer from the time of map loading.
    - There are a total of 25 boxes in the Bonus Stage. Each box takes exactly 5 hits to break.
    - As with all other breakables, there is a hit delay. Hitting boxes too fast will only cause you to waste time.
    - The bonus stage does not require at least 6 members. If you lose a member during the Boss Stage, and the Guild Quest is about to fail because of too few members remaining, quickly completing within the few seconds before you are kicked will still send you to the bonus stage and give you all 40 seconds to break boxes. Yes, this did happen to us once .
    - It is unknown whether the boxes in Bonus Stage used to contain Adventurer Capes as well (e.g. Pink and Purple), but its for sure that they no longer do that. Nexon may have removed them at some point...

    After the bonus stage, you will be sent to the:

    End map

    Yup, this is the exit.

    Actually, you get sent to this map no matter how you exit the Guild Quest. Hopefully, you got here because you succeeded and didn't have to bail or fail

    Talk to Shawn to exit the map and assemble at the camp.

    If you have any items to smuggle, you can do this here. All Guild Quest items will be removed upon leaving this map.

    End map recap & trivia:
    - When you complete the Guild Quest, leave the Guild Quest or is kicked from it, you end up here.
    - If you log out while in the Guild Quest and log back in, you will end up here.
    - If the GQ fails at the entrance map (portal), members there are taken directly to camp, not passing this map.
    - There is no way to go back to the Guild Quest once you are in this map. You have officially quit from it.
    - Members staying in this map do not count towards the number of people in the Guild Quest.
    - Exit by talking to NPC Shawn.

    Thanks for reading this guide. I hope any of it was of use to you.

    Feedback, comments and constructive criticism very welcome~
    Again; apologies for any broken English during the guide.

    Dan~ 2009-06-30 & 2009-12-30

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2010 to everyone~

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