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Thread: Lexy's look at capping DEX [long]

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    Default Lexy's look at capping DEX [long]

    Hi, I’m Alex. I’m a guy. If you got to here and want to stop, be my guest!
    My main character is AnaIysis, who is currently a level 13x DK on Scania in MapleGlobal.

    Well, to tell you the truth, I got bored just by typing that.
    I bet you got bored by reading it too, neh?
    Well, there’s a few thousand more words to go, so you can grab some coffee, get a pillow, and read my unofficial guide to capping warrior DEX!

    Okay, this is just a hodgepodge of every single thing I can remember about DEX for warriors in my previous posts, and from other personal experiences.

    I did NOT copy this guide from anybody else, unless you somehow read my mind and put it up before me, or just happen to have similar ideas, which IS pretty common.

    P.S.: I may have gotten some of the ideas from other sources than myself, but I’ve acknowledged almost everything/everybody I can think of at the end of this guide.

    Table of Contents

    1) Definition of DEX
    2) DEX builds*
    ~Very low DEX
    ~Low DEX
    ~Medium DEX
    ~High DEX
    ~Very High DEX
    3) Adding DEX
    ~1st job
    ~2nd job
    ~3rd job
    4) Dr. Phil**
    5) Final Words***
    6) Final-est Words****

    * : Original names created by yours truly.
    ** : Meaning, personal experiences, duh.
    *** : Includes last tidbits [sometimes helpful!].
    **** : Includes who I give credit to, g'bye, etc.

    How to work this guide.
    You can read straight through, which takes ~10 minutes, maybe.
    Or you can search for specifics.

    Simply CTRL-F [find] the following bits of gibberish to navigate to corresponding sections of the guide.

    [Topic : keyword]

    Definition of DEX : defdex
    DEX builds : buildex
    Dexless : lesdex
    Very low DEX : lowwdex
    Low DEX : dexlow
    Medium DEX : medex
    High DEX : hidex
    Very High DEX : vhidex
    Other DEX builds : othdex
    Adding DEX : addex
    1st job DEX : firdex
    2nd job DEX : secdex
    3rd job DEX : thirdex
    Personal Experiences : drphil
    Final Words : finwor
    Final-est Words : finworest

    1) Unofficial Definition of "DEX"
    DEX [DEXterity] is a stat that is sort of necessary for thieves, warriors, and bowmen.

    In the warrior's case [because the others are not worth mentioning, har har], DEX adds 0.8 accuracy per point, which allows warriors to hit more monsters more often, avoiding the painful "MISS."
    DEX also adds minimum damage as well as a small amount of maximum damage, allowing for more overall damage stability for the warrior.

    Finally, there is an added bonus of 0.5 avoidability for each point of DEX, which, sadly, is all but useless to a warrior.

    Note: The ratio of 0.5 avoidability per 1 dex may not be correct.

    Note that DEX is not the only stat that adds Accuracy. LUK adds 0.5 accuracy, but it's obviously better to go with DEX than to go with LUK.

    If you want to figure out beforehand how much accuracy you need to hit a monster at a certain level with a certain DEX, use an accuracy calculator:
    There's four in the first post of the link above. :)

    2) DEX builds

    Format of the following DEX builds:

    NOTE: 129 Accuracy is considered the magic number for accuracy. This amount of accuracy allows you to effectively train on what you should be training on at your level [with sniper pills, of course]. However, this only applies to higher levels [like 90+], since below those levels, there isn't much you can't hit for training.

    Note that training on is bolded.
    Bossing is a whole different matter, as is PQing.

    Dexless lesdex
    Base DEX: 4-15
    How much to be “funded”: 100s of millions to billions
    The actual definiton of "dexless" is having DEX as low as you can go, which happens to be 4. This is obtainable by using the convienient and expensive cash shop item "AP reset" [just over three bucks a pop - 3100 nx apiece].

    However, many warriors I have met have very, very low DEX [7, for example], and for their sake, I will expand my definition of "dexless" to ~15, which is pretty much the limit of where other people will gawk at you while saying "meso pl0x!"

    Nowadays, with the release of scrolls like Bottomwear for DEX and Helmet for Accuracy, Dexless warriors are a lot more common.

    However, making a dexless warrior still requires considerable amounts of time and effort, and rewards the status of having no life [BSUCLA, for example].

    Billions are needed to maintain a Dexless warrior to "pro" levels with "pro" equips.
    Most of this money is in the form of... incredible ACC scrolled shoes, an incredible DEX scrolled overall, an incredible taru spirit cape, an incredible Zhelm scrolled for ACC/DEX, incredible earrings scrolled for DEX, an incredible SCG, an incredible HT Pendant, an incr- *brain asplosion*

    You may think this money is all put to use, but really, it's not very worth it.
    It's true that dexless warriors hit higher than warriors with other DEX builds, but the sheer amount of mesos put into this fluctuating maple economy can ruin anybody riding the waves of the FM, and even those who don't.

    Also, dexless warriors are just that-dexless. They have almost no DEX whatsoever, and have a very hard time hitting monsters with high avoid, from level 20 all the way to level 200.
    Some may argue that warriors just simply cannot hit some monsters (and/or get close to some monsters... cough, ANEGO), and that's 99.99% true.

    Okay, so this build has the HARDEST time getting 129 Accuracy. In fact, some would consider it impossible. However, the biggest factor to getting to 129 ACC is either a scrolled zakum helmet or a Horntail pendant.

    Base 4 DEX getting to 129 ACC:

    Very low DEX lowwdex
    Base DEX: 15-30
    How much to be “funded”: 10s or 100s of millions if you’re planning on going “pro”
    Warriors with very low DEX are still at the mercy of the raging FM and ACC waters, but unlike dexless warriors [maplegods], very low DEX warriors are more common, and easier to fund.

    But anyway, very low DEX builds usually need…
    1) money
    2) patience
    Money to buy acc equips, patience to find them.
    Money to buy pots, patience to find a training spot for them.
    Money to use scrolling in case you can’t find pre-scrolled, patience to find the scrolls.
    See? ^_^

    Not much else to say about warriors with very low DEX, mostly the same as dexless warriors, except more affordable and more accuracy.

    Base 15 DEX getting to 129 ACC:

    Low DEX dexlow
    Base DEX: 30-50
    How much to be “funded”: Anywhere from 5 mil to infinite mesos will do.

    Okay, these guys are everywhere. Low DEX warriors are the guys who ask other low DEX warriors what their DEX is, and brag if their DEX differs only by two points. Not to be mean, but this is what happens to me all the time:
    Low DEX warrior: WOW, nice damage! What’s your DEX?
    Me: I have 81 base dex. o_o;
    Low DEX warrior: … Lol. Noob.
    Me: …wtf?
    Anyway, though, Low DEX warriors have some advantages over other DEX builds, and maybe this is why many of them act in such a condescending way.

    Low DEX warriors don't have the insane damage that dexless warriors can hit, but nor do they have the incredible amount of Misses on their screens. They can hit higher than High DEX warriors, but also can't hit as many monsters as the higher dexed people would be able to.

    Although the title for these warriors is "LOW dex," I personally believe this category to be the new medium in Warrior DEX.

    Base 30 DEX getting to 129 ACC:

    Medium DEX medex
    Base DEX: 50-75
    How much to be “funded”: You don’t even need to be funded. :O
    Okay. Medium DEX.
    So… Medium DEX is just medium, good stable damage, without overshooting anything.

    When I started playing, I remember seeing a guide saying this area was “low DEX.”

    ...but I decided to change the definition of “medium” [normal doesn’t sound quite so right anymore] DEX to 45-75 DEX to accommodate some of the new dark scrolls and items that help with DEX and accuracy.
    Example: Helmet for ACC, Bottomwear for DEX.

    Medium DEX is easy to do without funding. Very easy. I’ve done it.
    Just get to the DEX you want, stop, and keep training, and watch your damage grow!
    Not much else to say about medium DEX builds…

    Well, if you ever need ACC, scroll/buy shoes for ACC, and get a brown bandana. Those two alone should fulfill any ACC needs.

    They are…. lifesavers. ;]

    Base 50 DEX getting to 129 ACC:

    High DEX hidex
    Base DEX: 75~100
    How much to be “fund- no funding.
    This is me. I take no pride in saying that I’m high DEX, yet I do not condemn it either. Being high DEX has its high and low points, but you get pushed around a lot verbally by idiot low DEX warriors.

    ~High DEX allows you to hit a LOT more than other warriors
    ~You have no need to fear Topwear for STR, you need STR, not DEX on your equips.
    ~Damage is a LITTLE more stable than that of other warriors.
    ~DEX equips are of [almost] no concern to you.

    ~Other warriors look down on you, oddly.
    ~Less damage than other warriors

    With good equips, a high DEX warrior CAN be as powerful as a low DEX warrior, if not more powerful.
    Take, for example, me.
    I have a zhelm, a good pink cape, a 12 atk wg, a 17 str top, a 4 str bottom, and not-so-good shoes.

    The only difference between me and a low DEX warrior would be the top/bottom vs their overall.
    And even then, they’d have to have a 21 dex overall, and would still not be able to hit as often as I do, even if they could hit marginally higher damage.

    Base 75 DEX getting to 129 ACC:

    Very high DEX vhidex
    Base DEX: 100+
    How much to be “fun- You crazy? Look at your DEX, dude!
    Okay, this is just crazy. 100+ base DEX is, and forever will be “HIGH DEX.”

    There isn’t much to say about this, just imagine somebody hitting 100s on squids at level 60.

    Base 100 DEX getting 129 ACC:

    Many higher leveled players choose to raise their DEX just to be able to train. There comes a point where the money for low DEX and the low ACC are just too overwhelming, and adding DEX to hit a better training monster will net much more exp. Therefore, I meet many, many level 90+ warriors who tell me that they have high or very high DEX.

    Okay, I found this while browsing forums… and I’ve never heard of it, so…
    No-Dex Build
    Quote Originally Posted by magic View Post
    Well... i've got a 43 'No-Dex' which pretty much means roll a decent dex, and never, ever, EVER touch it...
    The way I see it, it’s just a dexless build, except without any chance of getting 4 base DEX.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rockstar View Post
    u guys think you have high dex? my friend has 165 dex.
    Find it here.
    No matter how I look at it, this is UBER HIGH DEX! :]

    3) Adding DEX
    Finally. You got to an important subject after hours of trudging through useless muck. That’s how I feel too, and I wrote it, lol. :]

    Okay, so…
    Adding DEX is very important.
    It’s very important.
    It’s not that important.
    But I think it’s important.

    First Job firdex
    You are a new player. People will call you a noob because they are more stupid and noobier than you are.
    But stick with warrior because it has NO ADVANTAGES WHATSOEVER!!!! ^_^
    Okay, DEX.
    The old rule of thumb was: DEX twice your level, but… it doesn’t work so well anymore.
    So… after you reach Victoria Island at level 10 with 35 or more STR and become a warrior, DEX begins to play a role. You can’t hit anything but orange mushrooms, basically. But don’t despair! ACC is calculated differently according to level, and soon, you’ll be hitting those horny mushrooms like no tomorrow!

    Okay, here’s my list of tips:
    ~Pump up your STR on Maple Island. It’ll help you level faster to level 10, and it’ll help you after that. From my personal experiences, going full out STR on Maple Island DOES help. So, by the time you leave Maple Island, you should have somewhere between 55 and 62 STR, assuming you got 4/4 int/luk from your stat rolling. Even with higher dex, warriors cannot hit many monsters at level 10, and will have to make do with orange mushrooms until around level 15.

    ~Pump up your DEX starting from level 11, until you reach your desired DEX cap for 1st Job, which can be anywhere from 4 DEX [permanent DEX cap—Dexless warrior] to 30+DEX [which follows the old DEX = level x 2 equation]. By level 14, you should have enough accuracy to hit pigs, which are the primary training target until level 20.

    ~Pump up your STR after level 14 to level 20, because it will probably be enough to train on pigs for good exp. At level 20, your DEX cap might not be enough for training on green/horny mushrooms, or for PQing. At this point, you should go test out your DEX cap by trying to train on green/horny mushrooms. If it is enough, keep adding STR, but if it isn’t, add some more points of DEX. Also, if you are good at clicking at incredible speeds, you could try to lead KPQs for exp without needing to increase DEX.
    *see a KPQ guide like Hidden-Street’s very own guide if you need help on KPQing*

    ~At level 30, your DEX should be no more than 50, since 50 dex is enough to hit most things at that level, and enough to pass the 2nd job advancement.

    Second Job secdex
    In the second job, no matter what path you choose, DEX is still important.

    If you’re aiming for 4~30 base DEX, don’t ever add DEX in the second job.

    If you’re going for 30~70 base DEX, add pure STR for 4 levels, then one level of pure DEX, and repeat until you reach your goal. This is because the first four levels of STR will help you train faster than if you added 4 STR and 1 DEX per level.

    If you’re going for higher DEX, follow the procedure above, but don’t go over 80 DEX for second job—it’s not worth it. I chose 80 DEX as the second job cap because I’ve trained at 80 DEX for the second job cap, and it works fairly well. I've also trained at lower AND higher than 80 DEX, and I MUST say that 80 dex is simply the right place to stop. No more. No. Nothing to argue here.

    Third Job thirdex
    After you've thanked all your friends for helping you get to 3rd job, yadda, yadda...
    You'll realize that there’s not much else to DEX in 3rd job. You might not even put more points into DEX for the rest of your maple life!

    However, if you really can’t hit that one monster that’s good exp, or you’re just going for high DEX, add some more DEX, but don’t go over 100, unless you really don’t have any acc equips or you’re insane.

    I met a level 9x DK at Himes, and he seemed to be training very well with 90 base DEX [as in, no misses and pretty good damage].

    Also, I’ve met a level 12x Sader at Gobies who was doing fine at 70 base DEX.

    So, you decide.
    Personally, 100 DEX is just too much DEX for me. By third job, you should have millions of mesos, and you should be able to buy some ACC equips.

    Now here's a word from Neil [ProjectNeil], a level 8x nub buddy of mine [who quit, gah]:

    Quote Originally Posted by SiThBeh View Post
    Also, one thing about 3rd job, mainly 80~90 ('cause I'm not pr0 enough to talk about anything higher. <w<) If you don't have a Priest (i.e. lol WK, lol Crusader) and you're still getting 0+ mesos per level, you're doing something wrong. :3 If you're poor - i.e. less than 40m to spare for those levels (not including equips) - I'd consider raising my DEX to as high as I can. 100 is very inviting. ;___;
    What he means is:
    ~You should be earning money while you train, or else train on something that you CAN earn money from.
    ~Poor people should raise their DEX. [fitting, being from a poor person]

    4) What people have to say
    Here's a ton of quotes [get ready pls]:
    BTW, I added this section because everybody has different views on DEX, and I don't want to be a completely biased jerk [note the "completely" ^_^]

    Quote Originally Posted by MoonlightDarkness View Post
    keep it at 60. that's a standard for warriors usually.

    as for dex equips... you can get a 14+ blue chainmail for about 450k by scrolling it yourself..

    i think blue chainmails are about 112,500 and if you buy 10 100% dex scrolls, it's a brand new +14 dex blue chainmail! use it when until the 80 overall!
    Quote Originally Posted by dooge1992 View Post
    lol I'm capping mine at 80 and then using all STR armors
    Quote Originally Posted by HatakeSakumo View Post
    I'd say the best base dex for the unfunded is to get 100 or 86 with a scrolled BCM with the overall for dex scroll from the scroll seller in Kerning City.
    Note: the above one is from Msea and I have no idea what a BCM is.
    Edit: a BCM is a Blue Chainmail.
    Thanks, you smartass "vladekxbootes"

    Quote Originally Posted by NegiSensei View Post
    Ur dex is pretty high already. So i would say when u start trying to fight really high lvl monsters. Like maybe 70+ unless you plan to fight harder to hit monsters. If u wait till 80 i think, you can scroll a battle road for dex and that should be good enough with 70 dex. if not pop on some dex gloves.

    My warrior has only like 25 dex, course hes still like 3X but dex gloves with dex shoes and overalls, and even an acc hat would help. If ur that low and u have problems hitting monster dex gloves should be enough or maybe just an overalls with 100% dex.
    Dex gloves </3

    Quote Originally Posted by Airyanne View Post
    im a dragon knight, and with 80 dex, i didnt need any dex equips till 80, and even at 80, as long as i have a priest with me i dont need any. If you have a priest with you after lvl 80, u wont need dex equips till lvl 90+ even with 70 dex
    Quote Originally Posted by darkkillerEx View Post
    i used to have 90 base dex (lol) now i have 56, im still looking to lower once i get the NX cash Dx

    Quote Originally Posted by RavenBlade View Post
    Im getting 70 cap, which i just got anyway, and im using a Soul Singer after i reach the level requirement. Now to get a cheap but effective shield...
    Quote Originally Posted by SteelG View Post
    I believe all 1h sword users should go low dex/dexless. The hit in damage that we take just by using 1h swords is enough. I used to have 100 dex, but I reset it down to 35, and I don' regret it. I do 2k more damage on my poswerstrike using a 4 att lv 80 glove at 35 dex, than I did using a 8 att wg (that I sold right before scwg came out) and 100 base dex. and once I get a zhelm, 13+ (hopefully 15 att) scwg, and 4 att pink cape the difference will be even greater. I hope to reset my dex to 4 asap. And one day I will get an att shield.
    Quote Originally Posted by Avax View Post
    Hehe i agree i think ill go with 85dex, then for additional accuracy maybe a maple sword or soul singer with accuracy snowshoes or something is that recommended.

    Also ill probaly scroll the level 40 armour for str and use until 70+.

    thanks for the guide
    Quote Originally Posted by d3k0y View Post
    I got my dex to about 56 by level 34 with the goal of perm capping at 60dex, but I havent added to it since. Kinda wish I hadnt just put a bunch of dex in and instead had taken the time to calculate out what I needed to hit guys. Its worth taking the time to do so to add that extra bit of dmg that is oh so helpful to the unfunded warrior like myself.

    5) Parting Words of Wisdom [WARNING: they may contradict each other]
    When you get to a certain point in your maple career, just stop, and look.

    If you can train/do other things efficiently, PLEASE don’t add more DEX.

    If you’re not adding DEX, go to the next higher training area, and see if you can hit the monsters. If you can’t, go buy some ACC and DEX equips. If you still can’t hit them, put a LITTLE amount of DEX in, but only for emergencies.

    If you picked a DEX build, and are struggling, just… think it over again.
    Weigh the EXP, mesos, and DEX, and decide for yourself whether to stick with your build, or go up a level.

    Oh, and as for funding for the poor:

    Warriors have VERY cheap ways of DEX/ACC compensation.
    Let's use 30 DEX as a basis for this example.
    Why 30 DEX?
    Because 30 DEX [24 ACC] can make a HUGE difference as opposed to a 10 or 20 DEX change, and a 40-50+ DEX addition is only for those crazy dexless BSUCLA types.

    How to make up 30 DEX (24 ACC) CHEAPLY:
    ~14 DEX level 35 overall (4 DEX + 10 x 100% scrolls [35k per])
    ~3 DEX Green Bamboo Hat
    ~or 3-7 ACC Brown bandana
    ~5 ACC work gloves [since atk will be too expensive]
    ~1-2 DEX shoes [level 30, 35, or 40]
    ~Sniper Pills [give 10 ACC for 10 minutes, 500 ea]

    14 DEX overall + 3 DEX bamboo hat + 5 ACC work gloves + 1 DEX shoe + Sniper Pill = 18 DEX + 15 ACC = 29.4 ACC
    14 DEX overall + 5 ACC brown bandana + 5 ACC work gloves + 2 DEX shoe + Sniper Pill = 16DEX + 20 ACC = 32.8 ACC

    Overall: 112500 mesos [armor] + 350000 mesos [scrolls] = 462500 mesos
    Hat: 50000 mesos [bamboo] or 1-5mil [bandana]
    Glove: 40000 mesos [glove] + 175000 mesos [scrolls]
    Shoe: 100000 – 300000 mesos
    Sniper Pills: Any amount.

    So this all turns out to be… anywhere from 827,500 mesos to…6 million mesos that can last through level 40s, and maybe even through 50s and higher.

    For well funded warriors, the choices are simpler.
    A good scrolled ACC red snowshoes,
    A good scrolled sauna for DEX or level 35 overall for DEX
    [no DEX gloves, as attack gloves are better]
    A good brown bandana
    …and sniper pills.

    Okay, so… my guide kinda went downhill, after I fell asleep typing the adding DEX for second job part.
    yeahyeah, whatever.

    I thank…
    ~Myself, and my high DEX 7x DK, Low DEX 7x Sader [not mine anymore though...], very low DEX 3x Page, and high DEX 4x Fighter.
    ~Legato88, a 9x DK at Himes
    ~A random 12x Sader at Gobies
    ~DrkAgiIity, my 10x DK friend who has crazy low DEX [15, I think]
    ~ProjectNeil, my 8x Sader friend [Neil’s catchphrase is: “no u”]
    ~SwordAdvance, my level 5x friend who has 60 base DEX and says it’s “low”
    ~iDagger, my crazy rich friend who quit… );
    ~The rest of my BL…!
    ~“music,” somebody from HS forums I leeched off of for a different DEX build
    ~All the guilds I’ve been in… you guys are all godly!
    [ImaginAsian, Debonair, Pastel, ScarletMoon, PQLeqends, Dharkan, Recondite, Ambience, Literacy...]
    ~HiddenStreet, because I had to go look up some junk
    ~MapleTip, for being my backup maple
    ~Wizet and Nexon for making and maintaining GMS
    ~Tiger, cause everybody likes curry now, and because he inspired me to be a DK ^_^
    ~Viewers like youse.

    ~'Lexy's Guides~

    Contributors [not people who said, "nice guide!", sorry... though you guys are awesome too! :D]
    SiThBeh [aka Neil]

    For the original Guide, with all my rants and omfgwtfhax comments, go here:

    Finally, here's a more... mathematical and practical approach to warrior DEX!

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    Looks pretty good and useful, though I haven't read through the whole thing yet. I may do so later, though.
    I've found one mistake so far: in the dexless section, where it says:
    Base DEX: 4-15
    How much to be “funded”: Infinite meso :]
    Nowadays, there happen to be quite a few "dexless" warriors out there, and all of them [unless they're super-crazy] are incredibly rich.
    The ACTUAL definiton of "dexless" is having DEX as low as you can go, which happens to be 4. This is obtainable by using the convienient and expensive cash shop item "SP reset."
    it should be "AP reset," not SP. SP is for your skill points, such as into power strike and such. AP is for dex, str, luk, and int.

    snai1man - Level 45 Spearman (Windia) (Retired)
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    Click here to help end world hunger! (And spread the word meanwhile)
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    The text above is false.

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    Oo, I read it all I must be bored. 8D

    Well, it sounds good to me. Good enough to be pinned so theres not 1000000 threads on "omgee when i cap dex gais!?!" It should bring the count down to a few a week anyways...

    Anyways, I've yet to have anyone ask me about my fighter. My dex is capped at 80 right now and 90 somethin with equips. I like where it is. I also did the lvl x2 two build and had it capped by 40. Leveling and all still went fine.
    Course if gms ever get ribgols I'll have to raise it 5, get a zak helm, 10+ dex cape, 10 dex earrings...

    I iz a pokeymon! : D

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    Thanks, snai1man for catching my typo x]

    And xkarumi, we'll just have to wait for rigbols... T_T
    Oh, and you don't have a zhelm?
    I saw pictures of your inventory in the "OMG look what I found" thread and you had more than enough in items to buy a helm

    But then again, I'm in scania, maybe khaini's different? :confused:

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    I spend my money too quickly to save enough for zhelms. Either way I'd rather not buy one. I wouldn't feel special. :p

    I iz a pokeymon! : D

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    Quote Originally Posted by xkarumi View Post
    I spend my money too quickly to save enough for zhelms. Either way I'd rather not buy one. I wouldn't feel special. :p
    Erm, okay.
    But I really advise you get a zhelm, cause the 20 accuracy alone is just.... x_X;

    Well.... your choice.

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    oh snap. I haven't used these forums in ages. ;___;

    Hi Alex. <3 I didn't think I'd helped you at all with this guide. =D

    Also, one thing about 3rd job, mainly 80~90 ('cause I'm not pr0 enough to talk about anything higher. <w<) If you don't have a Priest (i.e. lol WK, lol Crusader) and you're still getting 0+ mesos per level, you're doing something wrong. :3 If you're poor - i.e. less than 40m to spare for those levels (not including equips) - I'd consider raising my DEX to as high as I can. 100 is very inviting. ;___;

    ProjectNeil - Level 54 AxeFighter
    SiThBeh - Level 50 F/Pizard
    aPirate - Level 34 STRBandit

    I lurk a lot. :ninja:

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    Quote Originally Posted by SiThBeh View Post
    oh snap. I haven't used these forums in ages. ;___;

    Hi Alex. <3 I didn't think I'd helped you at all with this guide. =D

    Also, one thing about 3rd job, mainly 80~90 ('cause I'm not pr0 enough to talk about anything higher. <w<) If you don't have a Priest (i.e. lol WK, lol Crusader) and you're still getting 0+ mesos per level, you're doing something wrong. :3 If you're poor - i.e. less than 40m to spare for those levels (not including equips) - I'd consider raising my DEX to as high as I can. 100 is very inviting. ;___;

    Holy crap, Neil.
    Level 54 axe fighter?
    How many decades ago did you make this account?
    Well.... you showed me the proper way to die at wolf spiders WHILE BEING 8X OMGOMGOMG :]

    Er, okay. I'll put Neil's advice on there. :3

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    If only someone would make a guide like this for Assassins and Bandits. This is an informative guide :)
    God! Why the hell did I have the same signature for so long? I don't even play Maple anymore. =.=

    Play for a worthy cause.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkSkill56 View Post
    If only someone would make a guide like this for Assassins and Bandits. This is an informative guide :)
    Why, thank you. ^_^
    And I agree with you.
    I have like, very little idea about other classes [besides magicians and warriors], and my STR dit is totally screwed over ><;
    ...some pro thief should make a DEX guide for thieves...

    It only took me two days [3 hours in total] to think and type this up, so it shouldn't be TOO hard. :confused:

    Bleh, whatever, time to go to sleep.
    I'll be busy working on my guide to making mesos for a while, so, probably won't be able to reply. O;

    It's gonna be as good as this one, or maybe better! I promise! :]

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