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    Default Ariant Competition Guide

    Table of contents
    1. What is Ariant Competition?
    2. How to enter
    3. What to expect from the arena
    4. Hints and Strategies
    5. End of the Line

    1. What is Ariant Competition?

    Ariant Competition is not a party quest; it’s more like a competition match on who can compete to collect the most jewels. It’s much like the gladiators fight except instead of teamwork, they compete for becoming number one. But for some odd reason, it’s still called a party quest. It’s abbreviated as ArPQ because it would confuse people with Amoria Party Quest.

    2. How to enter the arena

    Before you enter, you must enter the dimensional mirror and if you are level ranging from 21 – 30, you are qualified. Select Ariant coliseum. The dimensional mirrors are located in every town.

    As you enter the outside of the arena, Cezar has 3 places to hold the matches per channel. Depending who creates an arena first, the leader can decide how many people can enter, and the level limits the person can enter by its level. Now you are in the arena, be ready to be basked in chaos.

    3. What to expect in the arena

    You have only 8 minutes to accumulate as many jewels as possible. And by accumulating jewels it means capturing Red Scorpions. And by capturing Red Scorpions, it means inflicting damage at their weakest point to capture. The more jewels you obtain, the more experience points you get and helps bring you closer to the Palm Beach chair. If you manage to compete with 5 other people and came out on top, you gain more experience points and more points to get even closer to the chair.

    Before you start fighting, speak to Cezar before you run off! You must have the following objects on your hand: 50 Magic Rocks to capture scorpions at their weakest point and 5 bombs to knock people senseless to make them drop their jewels. If you managed to run out of Magic Rocks, ask Cezar on top and he’ll give you 50 more Magic Rocks.

    If you managed to destroy the Red Scorpion and not capturing it, it also drops the following items that will be instantly used as you pick it up:

    • The bubble helps protect you from explosions by other people who would go planting bombs.
    • The fist boosts your weapon and magic attack temporarily to inflict more damage on scorpions making capturing easier.
    • The skull reverses all your opponents control making a lot harder to turn to places. An example would be if you press left on your keyboard, you are actually going right if you have the skull icon on your head.
    • The wing boosts your walking speed and jumping height temporarily which can help you in certain ways.
    • The bomb is the same item that you received from the beginning. It does not go off automatically but kept inside your inventory.

    4. Hints and Strategies

    Hints on how to get more jewels:
    • Attack till the Red Scorpion has 1/8 of their health left and capture. Repeat.
    • There are portals in all directions either between North and South, and East and West for those who can plant bombs well.
    • Place Magic Rocks on hotkeys to make it easier to capture Red Scorpions when weakened.
    • Nimble feet can be handy too if you know how to utilize it.
    • Powerups can help quite a lot.
    • When obtained the skull, use the bombs.
    • The bottom of either far left or far right is the best way to implement bombs to trap somebody.
    • Timing is also an important factor on whose winning.

    5. End of the Line

    Once time is up, it shows a chart of whose rank depending on a number of players in this arena. Few seconds later, you will be transported to the queen’s room.

    Don’t leave the room just yet. If you want to walk away with experience points, speak to Areda and she will award you experience points depending on how many jewels you collected. You can also ask Abdula the 8th to see how many points you accumulated to get to the Palm Beach chair requirements. The amount of points to obtain the Palm Beach chair is 200 points.

    So, in pros and cons about this competition:

    Positives: Slightly higher experience rate than Kerning City Party Quest if obtained large number of jewels and Palm Beach chair can be sold for a decent rate.

    Negatives: People bring their worst personalities in these matches, players can perform anything from stealing, looting and bombing and can get away with it, (it is part of the game) experience rate is poor if have little amount jewels and Palm Beach chair is very difficult to obtain.

    Credits: There aren't.

    This guide was revamped from my last guide.
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