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Thread: Lame-ass guide to F/Ps

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    Nest golems give 4450 exp, not 8k.

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    Quote Originally Posted by emailbox View Post
    I don't think they increased Explosion's cast time =/
    Quote Originally Posted by lionheart365 View Post
    I'm pertty sure it was decreased.

    Sorry, I meant decrease, not increase, not sure what i was thinking at the time i posted that
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    Quote Originally Posted by lionheart365 View Post
    Nest golems give 4450 exp, not 8k.
    I'm talking about the transformed ones. The ones that spawn after you kill certain Jr. Newties.
    Peak (With the normal Nest Golems) isn't a great place to train due to the low spawn.


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    Hi I'm playing on SEA server and I dont have twisted jesters to go to at lvl 50+. Im now a lvl 52 low luk hybrid fire mage and I kinda keep dying at yetis. Is there anywhere else I can go to to train.

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    Until you get Poison to at least 28, you'll probably be levelling very slowly. However, you can try to get into a few CPQ2s (I'm assuming they have them in SEA), which should take you to 60 pretty fast. Otherwise, EllinForest PQ is good EXP until 56 (which is what I did before Jesters).
    After you get level 28 PB, you can start hunting higher leveled monsters. The pre-jesters monster to kill was Death Teddies, but they have an insane pot cost (1.3k touch damage+)
    I do recommend you try them though, as you'll have to get used to being two-hit by monsters you train on; once you hit mid-late 3rd job you'll be training on skelegons which will pretty much require you to pot after every hit. I recommend you try to secure some HP equips as well as (maybe) some speed equips. Because the map is large at DTs, you'll be climbing ropes and jumping a lot, so the speed will help. Remember that your damage is not important when training with PB.


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    thanks a lot! awesome guide.

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    Wow, not a bad guide. My F/P sucked.. I'll make one based on this

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