Guide to Completing ZPQ

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What is ZPQ?
Why ZPQ if you only get keys?
Requirements to Enter ZPQ
Once you Enter
Room 16
Inside Chests / Rocks
Collecting Keys
Collecting Documents
Completing the Quest
Tips on Partying For This PQ
Selling Your Scrolls!
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What is ZPQ?

Zakum Party Quest (ZPQ) is the first stage of the 3 quests required to enter Zakum. The goal of the quest is to collect 7 keys in order to unlock the chest and acquire another piece that is needed to make Eye of Fire (the etc. item needed to summon Zakum) ZPQ is located at the map before Zakum, where the npc "Adobis" is.

Why ZPQ if you only get Keys?

Ahh, well there is another aspect to this quest. As well as collecting keys, there are 32 documents (30 needed) that once collected as well as the keys, you can receive 5 Dead Mine return scrolls which can sell for a few hundred k each (varying form world to world). However, you can do the quest without collecting the documents, if you were just soloing for the purpose of completing the quest in order to go to Zakum.

Requirements to Enter ZPQ

1. Be level 50 or higher.
2. Have permission from your 3rd job instructor who is located in El Nath: Chief Residence
3. Have a party of 4-6 people. (This is recommended, you CAN solo this quest)

Note: The pq has a time limit of 30 minutes.

Once you Enter

You will be in "The Main Room"
Now, the main room has doors or mine openings. There are 16 rooms that you can access from this Main Room.

Also, each room has well more than 1 room.
For example, when you enter room 4 you may notice your mini map says "4-1", and if you go all the way to the other side and go into the other mine, you will be room 4-2. Some items you need are in the first whereas others are in the second.

Here is a visual to help you navigate the Main Room:

3 4 5 6
2 14 15 7
1 13 8
12 11 10 9

How to read this:

Basically each # represents a portal/mine opening in the map.
So, when you enter, go all the way to the left and go in, and you will be in Room 12-1. Also, you may notice that there isn't a room 16 on my map. Booh this map is crap. Actually, it's because you have to enter room 16 via 10-2 or 7-2. So, if you enter room 10.1 then proceed to room 10-2 then next room you can enter will be room 16.

Room 16

Yaya room 16 baby! Well when you enter room 16 you may notice that it is similar to the Main Room in that there are different openings you can go to. Just like the main room the openings aren't labelled.

Here's your visual to navigate room 16.

Start Here.
16-3 16-5
16-2 16-1 16-6

Inside Chests / Rocks

Inside these rooms are rocks and chests. To receive keys or documents, hit the rocks or chests until they break.
The outcome of breaking one of those two things is:
1. Nothing
2. Returns you to the Main Room (only chests)
3. Summons 3 Mimics (only chests)
4. Drops elixir, power elixir, fried chicken, red bean soup
5. Drops a key
6. Drops a document

Collecting Keys

So, there are 7 keys in the quest to be collected. Are you supposed to go to every room and hit everything you see? Of course not!

They are all inside chests unless it is mentioned.

4-2 (rock)
16-5 (rock)

Once you have all 7 keys, give them to any party member and have them bring the keys to 16-5. In room 16-5 there will be a huge chest. Drop all 7 keys in front of the chest and out will pop a Piece of Fire Ore. Have the member pick it up and return it to the leader.

Collecting Documents

So, there are 32 documents inside the pq. You only need to collect 30 of them.

All of these are inside rocks unless noted.
As well some rooms have 2 documents represented by (x2)
Lastly, the rooms with 2 documents, the documents drop separately not together.

Main Room (x3)
3-2 (x2)
7-2 (x2)
8-1 (x2)
9-2 (x2)
10-2 (x2)
13-1 (x2)
16-5 (chest)

Completing the Quest

Once you have all 30 documents (or 32), bring them all to the main room and give every single one to the leader.
Now, having the Fire Ore and the 30 documents, talk to Aura (the npc). All party members must exit through the portal before the leader otherwise no rewards will be given out!


20k experience
A piece of Fire Ore
5 Dead Mine Return Scrolls (woot)

Tips on Partying For This PQ

This is where I provide advice for some simple partying in this pq.
First of all, ZPQ is best done planned, not a spontaneous decision. So, gather your buddies or guildies and plan a time maybe once or twice a week to go ZPQ at a reasonable time where most people can attend.

Gather all members, preferably 3-5 (including yourself) in El Nath about 10 minutes before you plan to go. Then, have each member use a Dead Mine return scroll (yes the ones you get for the reward). This cuts down the time and effort it takes to get to ZPQ. If someone chooses to walk, the 10 minutes provides them time to get there.

Now, when I lead runs, I liked to assign all members rooms before we entered. There are a few methods to assigning rooms:

1. Evenly distribute (works for 4 people)
You have 4 people, 16 rooms divided by 4 people is 4 rooms each, with the strongest pqer getting rooms 12-16 because 16 is the toughest / furthest away room.

2. Attempt to evenly distribute (lol) (5-6 people)

With 5 people, you can have 3 people doing 3 rooms, 1 person doing 4 rooms, and 1 person doing rooms 15 + 16 (once again because 16 is the trickiest)

With 6 people, you have 4 people doing 3 rooms, 1 person doing 2 rooms (a first timer / the worst or slowest member) and 1 person doing 2 (15 + 16)

3. Horizontal / Vertical (works with 4 people)
As you saw the map earlier, the rooms are assembled in a 4x4 pattern from the main room. This is quite easy, just assign a row or column to each member.

Selling Your Scrolls!

So, now that you have 5 Dead Mine Return Scrolls, what are you going to do with them? Look at them? Of course not! You sell em!
Of course, you don't sell all 5. Because next time you need 1 to be able to get to ZPQ quicker. Or if you go twice, sell 9 and save 1.

Now, I can't give you a selling point, but atleast in Broa they go for 200-400k (usually). So, 4 x 200k = 800k for about 10-20 minutes work. Then again, 4 x 400k (tricky to get 400k) is 1.6mil!
It all depends on how you quickly you wish to make mesos.

Lastly, try to sell for the higher price to improve the worth of Dead Mine Scrolls. If you constantly sell at 200k, people are going to want to spend less and less for them. If you sell for 400k, people may not want to buy at first, but if you are persistent, people will buy them!

However, do remember that you must keep the price balanced, because if too many people start ZPQing to sell at a high price, competitors will try to sell lower and lower in order to get the sale.

Good luck making millions!


v1 - Sat October 3rd/09
Everything up to Tips for partying

v2 - Mon October 5th/09
Tips on partying and selling section added

Credits / Legal Crap

Thanks to:
- MapleWiki (Chest/rock drops)
- Hidden-Street (NPC names)

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