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Thread: can a lukless BW with no good equips still do good dmg?

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    Default can a lukless BW with no good equips still do good dmg?

    hey guys i have a lvl 30 BW thats lukless and all i have is a clean sauna, brown bamboo, clean lv 26 shoes, starting wand, and a pair of 100% earrings. I plan to get a maple staff but thats pretty much it for a while cause i have no money. would i still do more dmg than a reg luk BW? and also i still have time to switch i could be reg luk by 35, should i go to reg luk or stay with lukless? thanks

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    I can easily train at jesters on my BW at lvl 63 with a lvl 8 wand. So yes, a lukless BW with no gear can still train faster than most other classes
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    Yes you would have more dmg than a reg luk. Becasue since 1int= 1ma, a reg luk would have 34 less ma than you at lvl 38. The fairy wand has 53ma compaired to the wooden wands 25 which is still more than the fairy wand. But it would be better if you could get some maple eq or else your dmg would be far lower than your average pure luk BW

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