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Thread: Bathing/Showering Patterns?

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    I shower every morning. Or whenever I wake up, which is sometimes the afternoon. I mean, if I'm not going anywhere I'm not gonna rush to shower, I might eat some oatmeal or something first. But yeah, everyday early in the day. I'm a 19 year old guy. I don't play any sports of work out. Also I shave everyday. When I'm in the shower.

    I brush my teeth everyday too, right before or right after I shower. Just sayin'. It came to mind.
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    It's okay to shower every morning. Actually, I also go to the shower regularly, but before I had a terrible bathtub, and it was even unpleasant. I searched the internet and found this website. In general, the professionals saved my bathtub and reglazed the tile. Now everything is clean and light

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