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Thread: BW training spots lvl31-85

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    Default BW training spots lvl31-85

    this is my first day and my first thing i hav ever done on a forum i hav no knowledge of html skills so this is the plainest u can get (im really sorry about it i know it is really lame i still hope it helps though)
    lvl 30 u can do the kerning pq lvl31-38 hunt ligators in the kerning sewer

    lvl 35-40 go to orbis and hunt jr.grumpin(if u think they are still too hard continue with ligators)

    lvl35-40 u can try mc but not many ppl will want u and the exp u gain is pretty sad...

    lvl41-50 ludi pq or mc (monster carnival)rm3/4 max trojan/rombot(rombot reccommended at lvl 43+)
    get ur titiana at lvl 50 if u can afford it if not wait till ltr the titiana cost 10mil mesos(i got mine at lvl60i could not afford it back then)

    lvl51-55 mc2 2 min/5min (2 min is u ask the other pt to leave at 7min59 sec without summoning 5min is ask other team to leave pt at 4min59 sec u should ask them to max klock /ghost pirate (ghost pirate if u pure int but reg can oso)MAKE sure they SWAP wif u

    lvl55-70 mc2 (ghost pirate or death teddy),orbis pq (not reccomended)&/or hunt at magatia also can go mp3 to hunt Alcadno Research Institute: Lab - Area C-2 NPC: - stand one platform lower than the yellow star is and spam fire fillar(u get $$ this way cos they cant hit u until u come down to pick the drops if u r lucky u can get 150k/h at min (inclusive of etc items exclusive of pot money)

    at lvl 70 (ur big day has arrived !YAY!)prepare a dark crystal (10dark crystal ores +100k+vogen(at elnath, ore refiner=1dark crystal go to nineheart and do the 3rd job ad u will have to give him the dark crystal and he will give ua search warrant go to the last map on the left (the one where u did 2nd job ad and lvl10-13 training )click on OZ . OZ(a shapeshifter dun worry not ur job instructor) will change into the boss u need to kill.with i think 100k hp, healing and cancel buffing (he loves to cancel ur magic guard) he deals around 700dmge and has knockback skill we warned the cancel buffing causes u to die easily so u need to keep ur eye on the activated skills on the top right DO NOT use fire arrow its a bit too slow and that would be one or your downfalls... u finally defeated the bad guy .collect the etc he drops and go back to oz and nineheart he gets u up to 3rd job (YAYYYY!!!!!) at lvl70 u do mc2

    lvl71-75 well i trained on extra Ds but if u have windraiders go do the windraiders (ms sea does not have...)

    lvl76-80 yetis i suppose cos that was where i trained to get the horns for my maker skill

    lvl77-85 booper scarlions at fantasy theme park 2 malaysia (im not sure if global ms has) 80-85+ vikerola (fantasy theme park 3) after this i hav no idea cos im not there yet... i hope this has helped u with your training spots feel free to post what is better if u play on gms u can try blue kents(leafre) and death teddy(ludibruim) or other fire weak monsters of your choice i recomend blue kents though(more exp)

    pls tell me if there are more possible training spots so i can add it in ty [/SIZE]
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    Well 75~85 You can do Blue Kents at leafre

    And 85~110 Flame Gear build lets you do Peak and you will level almost every hour . Peak yields 100%+/hr at level 8x and early 9x

    110 Is when you get your ultimate so you might as well go spam it everywhere such as Newts, Crimsonguards, Blue Wyvern , Ice part of time temple , Skeles , Galloperas

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    wtf is a titiana?

    Also, i heard cold eyes were also an excellent source of experience and one can start at level 33.
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    Unreadable guides is unreadable.

    Punctuation please.

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    I'm quitting maple for good

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