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Thread: 1h or 2h?

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    Icon10 1h or 2h?

    Im going to make a slightly funded 80 base DEX dawn warrior and id like to know would it be better to go with 1 handed swords or 2 handed swords? And by better i mean more damage, not necessarily more pot efficient.

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    The general rule is that 2h outdamages 1h.
    It does depend on whether you mean damage per second or damage per hit.
    With a sufficiently strong 1h sword with their higher speed and a good att shield to boost it, 1h swords can out-DPS a 2h.
    The cheapest and easiest solution is the 2h.

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    thank you very much and ive decided that ill use 2h until like 90 or 100 when getting a sweet wep atk shield would be worth it

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    I did 2h until 100 when I can use a Sparta (lvl 100 1h) and a gold kalkan (lvl 90 shield). Scroll the shield for att.

    *note, 1h swords do roughly 87% the dmg of a 2h when both swords have the same att value. But 1h is faster.

    And don't go 80 dex. You can go with 50 unfunded because of the maker skill and useing cheep scrolls.

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