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Thread: Guide and hunting ground for blaze wizard

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    Icon1 Guide and hunting ground for blaze wizard

    Lvl 1-13: Do all the training in erev.
    Lvl 14-20:Keep doing all the missions. When u are lvl 20. Go visit Pia and get quest to defeat mano.
    Lvl 21-30: Kerning Party quest
    Lvl 31-38:Do the remaining missions of Knights Of Cygnus. Then go to Mushroom Castle and do all the quest there.
    Lvl 38-50:Go ludi. There are quests and mobs between lvl 33-45++ at clocktower.
    Lvl 51-55:Go mc2/Go all around Maple world to do quests.
    Lvl 55-70:After u get spiegelmann necklace of chaos (or u dont wan also can), go mp3 (Singapore: Mysterious Path 3)and spam fire filar on the truck at bottom lane. Dont go solo and mid or top lane coz it burns ur potions.
    Lvl 71-85:Go magatia, train at Zenumist Laboatory: room 202/Go gspq (wrecked ship in the foggy ocean party quest)/Magatia party quest/mp3
    Lvl 85-90:Train at ftp3 (fantasy theme park 3)/mp3/Zenumist Labotoary:room 202
    Lvl 90-110:Train at spooky (Malaysia: Entrance to a Spooky World)
    Lvl 110-120:Train at Leafre:Revived Memory/Go kill bosses

    Pls add me. Although I am nt lvl 120 yet, bt i noe all hunting ground d.

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    MP3 at lvl 55? My god you like things to be slow.

    MP3 starting around lvl 45. (Better yet, go to GS2 or GS5. You'll never use an HP pot for 10 levels.)

    Windraiders starting around lvl 55. They already get to be slow by around 64-65. Train here until you can get to Blue Kents.

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    You also forgot Cold eyes at level 38-44, then, as Thorr stated, MP3 for the next 20 levels. fastest experience ever.

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    I've never heard someone suggest magatia room 202 for lvl 71-85 o.o seems like a REALLY long time to stay at a training ground that isnt as good as most others. Try Blue Kents, Himes, and skeles o.o

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