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Thread: Current Evan level?

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    lvl 50 finally, I hated that mount quest, spent like an hour and a half just waiting on ships >.< Anyways, I plan to go back to roids and whatnot but I'm looking for a place to train after I get to bout 58 or so. I know thorr said he went to windraiders at 60 but I don't think I would do to well since I train solo. I thought about that haunted house place, but the voodoo's aren't affected by freeze according to the database so I'm kinda stumped. Anyone have any ideas?

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    Well he is 34 and in the middle of Mush Kingdom...

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    Where do you think? (double meaning ftw)


    mine is 71. pretty freakin fun class if you ask me. my favorite attack is dragon thrust :D
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