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Thread: Fionah's Guide To Dragon Mastery (Work In Progress)

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    Good evening friends, Well I have a doubt about the guide ..

    He says that should be level 20 and 62 INT Level 15 begins to position points to Dragon Soul ..

    I'm Level 15 and I just reached the INT Lv 13 to 14 to 62 but stop when you reach up for the climb Level 20 to 62 and Luk is well .. but all that will continue for at 20 Place Points = /

    and at about Level 13 already filled to the Magic Missles 10 ..

    Here I leave a picture of how I have the Skill Point and my AP
    I hope I can help a lot Thanks

    I respond if I could write with good spelling as Translates the page with Google Translator, ^ ^ I speak Spanish, Thanks

    See You Later ~

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    just follow the build like a magician going 4int 1 luck , all int or 30 - 40 luck rest int

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