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Thread: Where did you train?

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    I'm lv.57 atm, and a normal evan (not lukless/low luk etc.). I'm looking where to grind. I've been grinding at roid/neo huroids since lv.50 and I'm wondering where to go next.

    I see WRs as an option, but actually getting there and the faith which I put into my character, I do not think it is strong enough to handle them. Is there another alternative besides WR? Something more secure and easier to access?
    I would consider WRs later when I feel confident.

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    1-30, Evan Quests
    25-30 Kerning City Subway PQ when not doing an evan quest
    30-40 Mushroom Kingdom
    41-50 Iron Mutaes/Kerning City Square
    45-65 Nett's Pyramid
    51-62 CP2/Slimies/Jr Selkies
    63-78 - Wind Raiders/Quests/Dojoing
    79-81 Red Kents/Vikerolas(I am currently 81, prob will stay at Vikerolas till I can Gallo at 85ish)
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