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Thread: I need some directions getting to Herb Town

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    Icon10 I need some directions getting to Herb Town

    Hi there fellow Maplers,

    I kinda need help in getting to Herb Town. Any of you has any ideas getting to herb town?? Lol. It's kinda a very noob question to ask but hopefully you guys can take time and answer it. Thanks alot.


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    From Ellenia:

    Ellenia > Orbis > Mu Lung, Once here, I believe you go all the way right, and find the ship. The same ship you got here on, and talk him him, he should offer a ride to Herb Town. Pardon me if I am not much help, I haven';t been there in over a year. All I know s that you get there form Mu Lung.

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    There are two variations of heading to Mu Lung or Herb Town for that matter. If you are in Ellinia, you have to take a ship to Orbis and you have two separate paths once you reach Orbis:

    1) Head down to the platform and ask for a ride for Mu Lung through Hak the Crane. He will carry you for a fee of 1.5k and if you want to ride Hak again just to head to Herb Town, another 500 mesos.
    2) Climb down through Orbis Tower and into Aqua Road. Once you reach the Aquarium, talk to the Dolphin, ask if you want to go to Herb Town for a fee of 10,000 mesos.
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    Nice! Thanks for the help guys! I really appreciate it :D

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