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Thread: [Zakum] Zakum Expedition Squad (work in progress!)

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    Icon3 [Zakum] Zakum Expedition Squad (work in progress!)

    Zakum Expedition Squad

    by Foopah of Khaini (Warrior)


    • Introduction
    • Prerequisites
    • Zakum Statistical Information
      • Zakum's Arms
      • Zakum's 3 Body Phases
      • Zakum Spawns
    • Character Statistical Information
      • Warriors (incomplete)
      • Thieves (incomplete)
      • Magicians (incomplete)
      • Bowmen (incomplete)
      • Pirates (incomplete)
    • Zakum Attack Plan
      • Overview
      • Non-Ranged Parties
      • Mixed Parties (Ranged and Non-Ranged)
    • Zakum's Death
    • Credits and Reference


    Hi, my name is Foopah, I've been an active character (for the most part) on Khaini since September of '06. I am the author of the Adobis Mission: I, II & III posting here on, which was first written in December of 2006. Since then I have been on many Zakum Expedition Squad runs on Khaini and have developed this guide to help those who have never been involved or invited. It is a very comprehensive guide and changes are made to it from time to time to reflect the evolution of Global Maplestory versions. The original guide was posted by Kajitii to the Khaini Paladin forum on June 2008. This version is a complete revision and re-write of that guide.

    Some of you may have killed Zakum a few times, some a lot, and some may probably have little clue what to expect. This guide is intended to be a comprehensive break-down analysis of what to expect when on a Zakum Expedition Squad run.


    Make sure you have completed and obtained the following:

    • Level 50 or higher
    • Completed Adobis Missions: I, II & III (MUST have ALL 3 missions COMPLETED)
    • Be in possesion of the Eye of Fire (A manmade seed of Zakum tree, which is actually sealed up. Used as the sacrifice to the altar)
    • Party of 3 or more to sign up for Zakum Expedition Squad
    • Be at El Nath: The Door to Zakum before your run begins

    Some limits to consider:

    • 5 minutes to enter squad into battle. Once timer runs out, new party leader must be selected to restart the clock
    • Once inside Zakum's chamber, you have 15 minutes to summon Zakum or you will be booted out once time limit is exceeded
    • No time limit to kill Zakum - nice for solo'ing
    • Once Zakum is defeated, you have 15 minutes to exit, then you will be booted out once time limit is exceeded
    • You may only participate in 2 runs per 24 hours.
    • You can only carry ONE (1) Zakum Helmet per character.

    Please bring the following pots at the MINIMUM:

    • Warriors: 500~1000 Ginseng Root Elixer's / 300 Mana Elixer's (500 more is required if you're using hp-only pots for the majority of the run, such as Honster Elixer's)
    • Magicians: TBD
    • Thieves: TBD
    • Bowman: TBD
    • Pirates: TBD
    • 100 to 200 allcures (these may be bought from Alcaster if you have done his quests)
    • 2 to 6 Onyx Apples for Zakum Body phases (depending on total party size, the more people, the less apples)

    Zakum's Statistical Information

    A breakdown of statistics for each arm (8 arms total) and each body (3 body phases total) are in the spoiler. This detailed analysis goes into what to expect from Zakum during the run.

    Zakum Arms


    Zakum Body (3 phases)


    Zakum Spawns


    Character Statistical Information

    Typically, anyone who is still a 3rd jobber on the runs, attack with whatever you have maxxed out and make sure you don't run out of pots. For the 4th jobbers, here are some of the breakdowns in the spoilers:











    One last thing to note is that there's a hidden teleport at the bull skulls on the top of the platforms on each side of the map. Play around with it before the actual battle if you want.

    Zakum Attack Plan


    First, get your party to El Nath: The Door to Zakum. Make sure each party member has an Eye of Fire along with having all 3 Adobis Missions completed. Failure to complete all of the Adobis Missions will NOT allow someone carrying an Eye of Fire to enter the altar. On the right side of the screen after the NPC Adobis is the Altar entrance. Only channels 4, 5 & 6 are currently reserved for Zakum Expedition Squads. Press UP at the portal and you will now be in El Nath: Entrance to Zakum Altar.

    Once inside El Nath: The Door to Zakum, the party leader needs to talk to the NPC Adobis and agree to enter the Zakum Expedition Squad. The party leader will them be assigned as "Leader of the Squad" to lead the Zakum Expedition Squad and a timer starting at 5:00 minutes begins a countdown. ALL members going into fight Zakum must now REGISTER to be able to go in. A MAXIMUM of 30 members can register for the run. The party leader has the ability to look at who has signed up as well as expel people who do not belong in the squad.

    Once everyone who is going in has registered, the party leader must click on Adobis before the timer runs out to select Begin the Expedition(needs to be double checked).

    Once everyone is inside of Last Mission: Zakum's Altar, you will then have 15 minutes to begin the fight. Either the party leader or someone in the expedition must drop an Eye of Fire in front of Zakum. Within a few seconds, the Eye of Fire will disappear and Zakum's Arms appear and start attacking immediately (Zakum's Body is already there, just not active yet).

    • If for ANY reason you wish to leave the expedition at ANY time, you can click on the NPC Adobis who is inside the altar to exit back to the El Nath: The Door to Zakum screen.

    Now the fun begins!

    Arms numbering is found in the spoiler:


    Attacking order can vary. It is recommended that for lower level party squads to follow the appropriate attack sequence.

    For Non-Ranged Parties

    The order for attacking arms is 5, 6, 3, 1, 8, 4, 2, 7.

    Attacking begins on the left side, bottom platform and bring down the Curse arm (5) in order to spare using Allcures during this phase.

    The next attack is the Buffs/Heal arm (6) to stop the regeneration of HP and to make damaging the arms go a little bit faster.

    Next are the F/P arm and the left drain arm (3/1) since these arms will be easy to take out for the moment.

    Following that is the right Quake arm (8). This is so that there will be less attacks raining down on the Squad party while the I/L arm and the right Drain arm are next (4, 2). +19 jump is recommended for taking out the right Drain arm (2). This is so you only have to make two jumps instead of climbing all of those platforms in order to attack. The higher jump skill, the better!

    Lastly, the left Quake arm (7). This arm is purposely left to be the last arm so that when it's killed and Zakum body phases begin, we're not caught on the right side of the screen. All of Zakum's attack kickback people to the left, and being on the right side would be bad for someone with low HP.

    For All Mixed (short and long ranged) Parties

    The order for attacking arms is 8, 6, 4, 2 concurrently, then 7, 3, 1 concurrently, leaving the curse arm for last.

    Warriors are generally responsible for the right lower/lower-mid arms (6/8) and left lower/top-mid arms (7/3).

    Ranged parties will be responsible for left and right top arms (1/2) and right mid-top arm (4). This is mostly due to the distance between the platform on each side in relation to the arms. Warriors have a difficult time hitting them, so if you organize your Squad parties the right way, your Ranged attackers can bring those arms down.

    The last arm to attack is the right Curse arm (5). The reason for leaving the Curse arm last in a mixed party is to take a short break before taking out the arm (5) and beginning the attack on the 1st of 3 Zakum bodies.

    For all 3 phases of Zakum body, it is strongly suggested that everyone in the Squad use Onyx Apples. Onyx Apples can be used during the Arms stage, though, it's up to the Squad Leader on when Apples should be used if the party that's running are all lower level players.

    Please take care to stand as far away as possible from each Zakum body phase when attacking, as it does an incredible amount of touch damage and may instantly kill the weaker Squad members. Also, standing too close to the body risks having a freshly summoned minion bumping you into Zakum. The distance you should put between yourself and Zakum should be enough space to able to spare a KB or two in the event you get stunned or something. Many things are possible.

    NOTE: It is unsure at this time how effective Boogie spawns are at stunning Squad party members. It is highly doubtful that any contingency plan may have to be put in effect, but if the various Squad parties are incapacitated on a consistent basis, other measures may have to be taken by stronger Squad members to deal with them as they spawn.

    Zakum's Death

    When Zakum is finally defeated, it will drop MANY items, including meso bags. Some items cannot be traded unless used with Scissors of Karma (SoK's). The number of Zakum helms that drop vary from 1 to as many as 6. Squad party members will have 15 minutes in order to collect all the drops and leave Last Mission: Zakum's Altar. If all of the drops are not collected at this time, they will disappear once you are removed from the screen and teleported back to El Nath: The Door to Zakum.

    Credits and References

    Thanks to Kajitii, a Paladin on Khaini for the original write-up; thanks to the other legit and ranked Paladins of Khaini for their support and input in completing most of this guide; thanks to other Khaini players who through the years have allowed me to join their runs and learn more about Zakum so I can write this guide.

    Website Reference:
    Statistical source:

    Since this is a work in progress, stay tuned for more as information is posted!
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    I noticed that I can't add more than 10 images to the post. Should I break up the post or can the image # level be increased? I need about 10 more graphics to be added to my guide.

    Also, the TBD sections need to be worked on quite a bit. I call upon all Heroes and Dark Knights to help with the Warrior section, and Thieves, Magicians (Evans included) and Pirates to help within their own sections as well as each of the Aran classes. I will add to those sections as they are posted and discussed about on HSN.

    Thanks in advance to all who contribute!
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    Sorry about the bump, I am planning some revisions and additions to this guide, those who have been on the run and are other character players who can give me some input as to what you bring with you on a run (pots and whatnot) and your experiences in being on a Zrun would be greatly appreciated.

    I should be updating this guide with all of your inputs by the end of this (August 2010) month.
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