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Thread: Perfect Bandit guide.

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    Default Perfect Bandit guide.

    This guide is not intended for people new to Maple Story, and will cover alot of in-depth topics about Bandits.

    So this is my first guide. Guess I'll just get into it.

    There might be some minor errors when adding LUK in the AP section.
    No big deal, just bad math on my part.

    Use CTRL+F to find sections easier.

    ==========Table of Contents==========
    Second Job Advance--------------SJA02
    Second Job Ability Points-------SJAP03
    Second Job Skill Points---------SJSP04
    Third Job Ability Points--------TJAP05
    Third Job Skill Points----------TJSP06
    Extensive Testing---------------ET07
    Training Locations--------------TL08
    What gear to buy----------------WGTB09

    ----------- -------------
    ----------- -------------
    First off, when making a bandit you must be at least level 10 with 25 DEX.

    Go see Dark Lord in Kerning City. He's in the bottom of the Fusion Bar.
    Once a thief, you should choose whether to use a claw or dagger.

    Starting as a sin has its ups and downs. Most people say starting like that is useless, but I think it's faster.
    A funded character can hit between 400 and 900s by level 30 when starting as a sin, but using a dagger,
    even though funded, you may only be hitting 500 max, and you have no long range attack, making training slow.

    The choice is yours, I usually start my bandits as sins because it's faster.
    When starting this way, you should probably have an assassin already, so you can
    re-use the stars and claws.

    Next you want to choose if you're going to be a regular, DEXless, or STR bandit.
    I'll start off talking about the reasons you'd like to choose any.
    Regular bandits use DEX daggers.
    Stinger, Forked Dagger, Reef Claw, Gephart, Shinkita, Deadly Fin to name a few.
    The upside of using DEX daggers, are they are very common and cheap compared to DEXless and STR.
    DEX bandits have more of a balanced attack (using Savage Blow) than STR ore DEXless, though their attack is generally lower.
    (e.g. Level 50 bandit using full China outfit and a clean Shinkita may only hit 450~560 when using SB, compared to a STR bandit
    hitting around 280~680 with a Sai or Diamond Dagger)

    This information is from personal experience, say whatever you want about it.
    A lot of people argue of this contraverial issue over which type of Bandit is more stable.
    While I was testing, I took both of my bandits, (Both level 50 at the time)
    and gave my STR bandit a clean Sai, and gave my DEX bandit a Shinkita.
    All other equips were exactly the same.
    When attacking the same monster (Blue Snail), my DEX bandits damage was more consistant and balanced than my STR bandit, but my STR bandit had higher overall damage, though less stable.
    ================================================== ===============

    STR bandits use STR daggers.
    Coconut Knife, Iron Dagger, Cass, Sai, Serpent's Coil to name a few.
    The upside of using STR daggers, is they generally have higher attack, but are often more expensive.
    STR bandits have a less balanced attack range compared to the other types, but have higher attack
    than regular bandits.
    AP distrabution and skills. So far you should have 25 DEX and the rest into LUK. (23 luk and 25 dex by level 10)
    =================ABILITY POINTS=================
    If you are NOT being a STR Bandit, replace anywhere it has STR in the AP section with LUK.

    10 +1 Double Stab
    11 +5 Luk(28)
    12 +5 Luk(33)
    13 +5 Luk(38)
    14 +5 DEX(30)
    15 +5 LUK(43)
    16 +5 DEX(35)
    17 +5 DEX(40)
    18 +5 STR(9)
    19 +1 STR(10) +4 LUK(47)
    20 +5 LUK(52)
    21 +5 LUK(57)
    22 +5 LUK(62)
    23 +5 DEX(45)
    24 +5 DEX(50)
    25 +5 STR(15)
    26 +5 LUK(67)
    27 +5 LUK(72)
    28 +5 DEX(55)
    29 +5 DEX(60)
    30 +5 STR(20)
    10 +1 Double Stab(1)
    11 +3 Double Stab(4)
    12 +3 Double Stab(7)
    13 +3 Double Stab(10)
    14 +3 Double Stab(13)
    15 +3 Double Stab(16)
    16 +3 Double Stab(19)
    17 +1 Double Stab(MAX) +2 Nimble Body(2)
    18 +3 Nimble Body(5)
    19 +3 Nimble Body(8)
    20 +3 Nimble Body(11)
    21 +3 Nimble Body(14)
    22 +3 Nimble Body(17)
    23 +3 Disorder(3)
    24 +3 Dark Sight(3)
    25 +3 Dark Sight(6)
    26 +3 Dark Sight(9)
    27 +3 Dark Sight(12)
    28 +3 Dark Sight(15)
    29 +3 Dark Sight(18)
    30 +2 Dark Sight(MAX) +1 Nimble Body(18)...... 1 Dagger Mastery(After Job Advance)

    By level 30 you should have 72 LUK, 60 DEX and 20 STR to be able to use full gear and a Cass dagger(level 30)
    And should have MAX Double Stab, level 18 Nimble Body, level 3 Disorder, and MAX Dark Sight.

    The reason I chose to max Dark Sight, instead of Nimble Body, is pretty simple:
    As a higher level (75-200) you will be using Dark Sight A LOT while training, and Assassinate requires Dark Sight to use.
    Max Dark Sight doesn't decrease your movement speed like it would if it was level 19.
    Meaning you can have max Haste while using Dark Sight.

    ======================SECOND JOB ADVANCE-SJA02======================
    Yay, now you're level 30. Or reading ahead.
    On to get your Second Job.
    First head back to Dark Lord in Kerning City.
    He'll ask you to go to the Thief Job Instructor two maps to the right of Kerning.
    Talk to him (at the top of the map, can't miss him) and he'll send you into a new map.
    Kill the monsters untill you have 30 Dark Marbles, then talk to the instructor again.
    After being awarded Proof of a Hero, go back to Dark Lord.
    If you've done it correctly, you should have the choice between Assassin and Bandit.
    If you chose Assassin, get the hell out of my guide, this is for Bandits you noob.
    Congrats, you're now a Bandit.
    ================================================== ===============

    ================SECOND JOB ABILITY POINTS(STR DIT)SJAP03==================

    31 +5 LUK(77)
    32 +5 LUK(82)
    33 +5 LUK(87)
    34 +5 DEX(65)
    35 +5 DEX(70)
    36 +5 LUK(92)
    37 +5 DEX(75)
    38 +5 DEX(80)
    39 +5 STR(25)
    40 +5 STR(30)
    41 +5 LUK(97)
    42 +5 LUK(102)
    43 +5 LUK(107)
    44 +5 LUK(112)
    45 +5 LUK(117)
    46 +5 DEX(85)
    47 +5 DEX(90)
    48 +5 STR(35)
    49 +5 STR(40)
    50 +5 LUK(122)
    51 +5 LUK(127)
    52 +5 LUK(132)
    53 +5 LUK(137)
    54 +5 LUK(142)
    55 +5 LUK(147)
    56 +5 LUK(152)
    57 +5 DEX(95)
    58 +5 DEX(100)
    59 +5 STR(50)
    60 +5 LUK(157)
    61 +5 LUK(162)
    62 +5 LUK(167)
    63 +5 LUK(172)
    64 +5 LUK(177)
    65 +5 LUK(182)
    66 +5 LUK(187)
    67 +5 LUK(192)
    68 +5 DEX(105)
    69 +5 DEX(110)
    70 +5 STR(55) +5 LUK for 3rd Job Advance(197)

    ===================SECOND JOB SKILL POINTS-SJSP04======================

    31 +3 Dagger Mastery(4)
    32 +3 Dagger Mastery(7)
    33 +3 Dagger Mastery(10)
    34 +3 Savage Blow(3)
    35 +3 Savage Blow(6)
    36 +3 Savage Blow(9)
    37 +3 Savage Blow(12)
    38 +3 Savage Blow(15)
    39 +3 Savage Blow(18)
    40 +3 Savage Blow(21)
    41 +3 Savage Blow(24)
    42 +3 Savage Blow(28)
    43 +2 Savage Blow(MAX) +1 Dagger Mastery(11)
    44 +3 Dagger Mastery(14)
    45 +3 Dagger Mastery(17)
    46 +3 Dagger Mastery(MAX)
    47 +3 Dagger Booster(3)
    48 +3 Dagger Booster(6)
    49 +3 Dagger Booster(9)
    50 +3 Haste(3)
    51 +3 Haste(6)
    52 +3 Haste(9)
    53 +3 Haste(12)
    54 +3 Haste(15)
    55 +3 Haste(18)
    56 +2 Haste(MAX) +1 Dagger Booster(10)
    57 +3 Dagger Booster(13)
    58 +3 Dagger Booster(16)
    60 +3 Dagger Booster(19)
    61 +1 Dagger Booster(MAX) +2 Nimble Body(MAX)
    62 +3 Endure(3)
    63 +3 Endure(6)
    64 +3 Endure(9)
    65 +3 Endure(12)
    66 +3 Endure(15)
    67 +3 Endure(18)
    68 +2 Endure(MAX)
    69 +3 Steal(3)
    70 +3 Steal(6)...... +1 Assaulter(After 3rd Job Advance)
    ================================================== ===========
    Congrats on hitting level 70.
    "Go to El Nath - Chief Residence and speak to Arec. After talking to Arec, head back to Victoria Island and talk to Dark Lord
    which is located in Kerning City. Next, find the Door of Dimension located at Monkey Swamp II
    and it'll bring you to "The Path of the Glittering Crystal". Walk until the end of the path
    and enter the portal to defeat the wiseman's dark side to obtain the Black Charm.

    Return to Dark Lord and exchange the Black Charm for a Necklace of Strength.
    Return to El Nath after that and give the item to Arec. Head on to the Holy Ground at the Snowfield
    (Sharp Cliff II). 1 Dark Crystal is requirred to answer 5 questions to obtain the Necklace of Wisdom.
    Again, head back to Arec in El Nath and give him the Necklace of Wisdom."~

    Too lazy to actually put that in my own words.
    Quotations and where it's from means I'm not plagiarising. :D
    Okay, so you've done all that. Now you're a Chief Bandit!
    ... More writing for me...

    =====================3RD JOB ABILITY POINTS-TJAP05=================

    71 +5 LUK(202)
    72 +5 LUK(207)
    73 +5 LUK(212)
    74 +5 LUK(217)
    75 +5 LUK(212)
    76 +5 LUK(227)
    77 +5 LUK(232)
    78 +5 DEX(115)
    79 +5 DEX(120)
    80 +5 STR(60)
    81 +5 LUK(237)
    82 +5 LUK(242)
    83 +5 LUK(247)
    84 +5 LUK(252)
    85 +5 LUK(257)
    86 +5 LUK(262)
    87 +5 LUK(267)
    88 +5 DEX(125)
    89 +5 DEX(130)
    90 +5 STR(65)
    91 +5 LUK(272)
    92 +5 LUK(277)
    93 +5 LUK(282)
    94 +5 LUK(287)
    95 +5 LUK(292)
    96 +5 LUK(297)
    97 +5 LUK(302)
    98 +5 DEX(135)
    99 +5 DEX(140)
    100 +5 STR(70)
    101 +5 LUK(307)
    102 +5 LUK(312)
    103 +5 LUK(317)
    104 +5 LUK(322)
    105 +5 LUK(327)
    106 +5 LUK(332)
    107 +5 LUK(337)
    108 +5 DEX(145)
    109 +5 DEX(150)
    110 +5 STR(75)
    111 +5 LUK(342)
    112 +5 LUK(347)
    113 +5 LUK(352)
    114 +5 LUK(357)
    115 +5 LUK(362)
    116 +5 LUK(367)
    117 +5 LUK(372)
    118 +5 LUK(377)
    119 +5 DEX(155)
    120 +5 DEX(160)


    Now this is the simplest build possible.
    You SHOULD have a Zhelm, making up for
    alot of your DEX/STR.
    And other equips like DEX shoes/Earrings.
    Remember, if your Zhelm has 15 DEX, keep your DEX low.
    The more DEX your equips give, the more LUK you can add to your AP.

    =======3RD JOB SKILL POINTS-TJSP06=======

    70 +1 Assaulter(1)
    71 +3 Chakra(3)
    72 +1 Meso Guard(1), 1 Meso Explosion(1), 1 Band of Thieves(1)
    73 +3 Band of Thieves(4)
    74 +3 Band of Thieves(7)
    75 +3 Band of Thieves(10)
    76 +3 Band of Thieves(13)
    77 +3 Band of Thieves(16)
    78 +3 Band of Thieves(19)
    79 +3 Band of Thieves(21)
    80 +3 Band of Thieves(24)
    81 +3 Band of Thieves(27)
    82 +2 Band of Thieves(MAX), +1 Assaulter(2)
    83 +3 Assaulter(5)
    84 +3 Assaulter(8)
    85 +3 Assaulter(11)
    86 +3 Assaulter(14)
    87 +3 Assaulter(17)
    88 +3 Assaulter(20)
    89 +3 Assaulter(23)
    90 +3 Assaulter(26)
    91 +3 Assaulter(29)
    92 +1 Assaulter(MAX) +2 Pickpocket(2)
    93 +3 Pickpocket(5)
    94 +3 Pickpocket(8)
    95 +3 Pickpocket(11)
    96 +3 Pickpocket(14)
    97 +3 Pickpocket(17)
    98 +2 Pickpocket(MAX)
    99 +3 Meso Explosion(6)
    100 +3 Meso Explosion(9)
    101 +3 Meso Explosion(12)
    102 +3 Meso Explosion(15)
    103 +3 Meso Explosion(18)
    104 +3 Meso Explosion(21)
    105 +3 Meso Explosion(24)
    106 +3 Meso Explosion(27)
    107 +3 Meso Explosion(MAX)
    108 +3 Chakra(6)
    109 +3 Chakra(9)
    110 +3 Chakra(12)
    111 +2 Chakra(15)
    112 +3 Chakra(18)
    113 +3 Chakra(21)
    114 +3 Meso Guard(4)
    115 +3 Meso Guard(7)
    116 +3 Meso Guard(10)
    117 +3 Meso Guard(13)
    118 +3 Meso Guard(16)
    119 +3 Meso Guard(19)
    120 +1 Meso Guard(MAX), +2 Chakra(23)

    So you end up with:
    Max Band of Thieves.
    Max Meso Guard.
    Max Assaulter.
    Max Pickpocket.
    Max Meso Explosion.
    And level 23 Chakra.

    (fubar'd stats on first go. I believe I fixed them now.)

    Why only level 23 Chakra?
    Because you only need 23. Any higher is a waste on your other skills.
    Why Chakra instead of Shield Mastery?
    Bacause Shield Mastery is useless with Meso Guard. Meso Guard cuts ALL damage in half,
    while Shield Mastery only doubles the defence on your shield.
    At level 120+ you'll be using Chakra A LOT. When you get hit by a boss, use Chakra.
    The "invincible" time in between getting hit is long enough to use Chakra, giving you full HP, saving LOADS on potions.

    In my extensive testing, I took two level 200 bandits(STR and DEX), gave them the same equips, except for the dagger and shield.

    The STR bandit having 814 luk, and the DEX bandit having 880 (+66 STR for the STR bandit making it have slightly less LUK.)
    The attack ranges came to:
    STR 2212 ~ 3856 (no clean/average Dragon Khanjar. Clean/average 95 attack Double Gold Knife)
    DEX 2248 ~ 3992 (no shield, clean./average 93 attack Blood Dagger)

    BUT. This is where it gets awkward. STR bandits have the option of a Khanjar at level 80(7 attack shield. req.60 STR.)
    AND a Dragon Khanjar at level 120(15 attack shield. req.75 STR)

    Adding that into the equation the STR bandits attack range now becomes:
    2496 ~ 4351 making the STR bandit alot stronger. And high attack Khanjars are cheaper than high attack DEX shields or Common shields.
    Ranging from 10m for a clean Khanjar to 400-500m for a 19-21 attack Khanjar, and over 1.3b for a 19-21 attack Common (Maple Shield/Black Phoenix Shield)
    And 20m for a clean D-Khanjar to 500-600m for 25-30 attack.(31-35 often becomes around 800-1b+, but is still alot higher attack than other shields)

    DEXless bandits cannot use 90% of the equips the others can, because they don't have the DEX/STR to wear them (DEXless is the name for a reason)
    But, having that extra LUK makes them very strong (untill around level 90-120)
    And require A LOT. And I mean A LOT of funding.
    High damage
    ... Thats about it...
    Low defence
    Unable to use high level equips
    LUK robes and DEXless daggers are VERY expensive.(to the point where a 100 attack Dark Mate(hammered) can get up to 500m, whereas a 100 attack Deadly Fin is only 300m)
    Damage decreases after level 100.

    ================================================== ============

    ======================TRAINING==================== ==TL08

    10-21 HPQ, or Horny Mushrooms.

    21-30 Wild Board/KPQ

    31-50 CPQ1. It is literally the fastest way to level 50. Unless you're getting BF leech.

    51-70 CPQ2 for unfunded people, or at around level 60 you can try Lower Ascent. (Only try it if you can hit 800-1.1ks on WRs. But even then, CPQ2 is faster)

    71-73 Lower Ascent.

    70-74 Lower Ascent(Wind Raiders, 16k HP and 800 exp a kill)
    Just use Savage Blow. Simple tactic. You should be hitting at least 1ks by level 70, if not more.

    73-85 Evil Dead:(Elder Wraithes, use Meso Explosion. 9 bags of 1,800 is enough to kill 6 EW's And giving you 14,880 EXP per.)
    Elder Wraiths are very very VERY good exp. Remember to use Meso Guard when training, cuz they 1 hit K.O. you with out it.

    85-100/120 Typhons(VERY GOOD EXP. Alot of CBs train at Typhons from about 85-120 and even after. It's great exp)
    Use Band of Thieves. Try not to get knocked off the map.
    It will be frustrating at first, but it will come second nature after a while. If you're decently funded use M.E. when lots of bags drop from the monsters.

    ====================WHAT GEAR TO BUY=========================WGTB09

    FUNDED: Untill level 50, you don't really need too much. Good WG, high level main (100+), 10+ Dex Snowshoes, 8-10+ LUK or DEX earrings.
    Level 50, find yourself either a Shinkita, Diamond Dagger, or Sai. Preferably 80+ attack. And a 2+ attack 6-10 LUK or DEX. Find a 10-15 luk China top and 5-10 DEX China bottom.
    Level 60, get a 90+ attack Serpent's Coil or Deadly Fin.
    Level 70, 100+ attack Kandine or Golden River. 15-20 LUK top and 10-15 DEX bottoms.
    Level 80, if you chose STR dit, get a 14-23 attack Khanjar. If you're reg, try to find a 10-15 attack Shield, and good luck finding one cheap.

    UNFUNDED: Try to get at least an 8 attack WG, and a Zhelm by level 50.
    Level 50, 70+ attack Shinkita, Diamond Dagger, or Sai.
    Level 60, 85+ attack Serpent's Coild or Deadly Fin.
    Level 70, 95+ attack Kandine, or Golden River.
    Level 80, STR dits find a cheap clean or poorly scrolled Khanjar (7-14 attack), try to find 10-15 LUK Studd top and 5-10 DEX Studd bottoms. If you had a good dagger from level 70 (100+ attack)
    keep it untill level 90, and save for a new dagger with alot of attack. (110+ attack)

    I'm sorry I didn't really get into the DEXless side of the guide, but I may update at a later time.

    Guide will be updated at some point. This is all from personal experience, and I find this build being the fastest to train.

    If you have any questions, you can post a comment. I'll probably read it soon.

    Please do not use this guide without my permission. Please do not distribute this guide without my permission.

    Take the attack ranges I have given and subtract the lower number from the larger and you have your difference.

    DEX 2248 ~ 3992 = 1744 difference.
    STR 2496 ~ 4351 = 1855 difference. Meaning the STR Dit IS MORE UNSTABLE. Simple math people. Tell whoever told you that DEX dits are more unstable to do the math.
    Last edited by Avengalist; 1st September 2010 at 06:29 AM. Reason: After Balance patch skills had changed, so I reconstructed the guide to make better use of those changes.

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    Woah nice thorough guide.. I'm saving and thanking everyone for them.

    Thank you! :) For the gear, are you funding it from other characters money, or by the money you make as you journey along?
    advertising is not permitted - wigum

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    Ahh no problem, just took me a while to put together. About 5 days lol. But there was no help, or I would have cretided them.

    Uhhmm to answere your question, a little of both? Lol.
    I get like 95% from selling and buying stuff at the FM. And like 5% from random crap I find on another char.
    Last edited by Avengalist; 28th June 2010 at 09:27 AM.

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    Don't you think 160 is a tad high for DEX?
    by Cryopon

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    110 base DEX is a tad bit too high


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    100 base DEX is normal.

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    I'd say it's a bit much now, but not over-the-top. 80 base is probably better for a minimally funded character. If you already have 100 base, it won't kill you, but if you're making a new character, keep it under 80. I always say, you NEVER know what equips you may get later on, so leave room.


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    nice job on this guide! thanks

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    Now this is the simplest build possible.
    You SHOULD have a Zhelm, making up for
    alot of your DEX/STR.
    And other equips like DEX shoes/Earrings.
    Remember, if your Zhelm has 15 DEX, keep your DEX low.
    The more DEX your equips give, the more LUK you can add to your AP
    That makes up for it.

    Yeah I know it's a little big, but I built it for detail. There's allways a few of those "GRR WHAT SHOULD I DO FOR THIS?!" questions, I just tried to iron them out.

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    should luk dit equip str eq for using khanjar ? it is worth ?

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