Hi, people.

This has been nagging me for quite a while. I think that I have to release it or I won't be motivated for updates of any fiction I'm writing. Excuse my ridiculousness, so this might become another five-chapter-project again before I throw it away, but I need to condense the thoughts and ideas I'm having into something else.

Enough of the fifty-page-introductions.

Introduction: Feelings that have a human attached to them

A stormy day.
The cruel rain was attacking anybody who didn't have a roof above his head. Puddles were building everywhere, and every person with a bit of common sense ran home.
What is home...? Where am I at home...?
A little boy with chin-length brown hair, deep blue eyes, dressed in a light t-shirt and jeans, about eight years old and all wet, was standing in the middle of the street. The rain mercilessly poured down upon him.
The people ran around him, no one seemed to notice a little kid such as him; especially in a weather like this everyone cared to get their own heads into dry places.
"Where are you, Sis...?"

Eight years later...

"One week left until graduation, huh?"
"It's not really graduation, or is it? We just... reach a new level, I suppose, it's not like we're leaving."
"But the people who don't pass the test?"
"True... but they get another chance next year."
"Attention now!"

A nineteen year old woman with glasses in front of her cyan eyes stood in front of the class. Two streaks from her blonde hair hung down to her chest, the rest was tied up. She was pretty tall for a woman, had a slim, slightly trained figure and seemed rather smart, probably due to her glasses. She smiled at her students.
"Yes, as you've all probably realised by now, we'll have the graduation tests in a week. Whoever passes becomes a senior, therefore being trained to become a mercenary. The next week will be special for every student in this class - you've spent the last six years learning theory over theory, tactics, strategy, first aid, everything except for the battle, which most people are eager to learn.

Many people who weren't patient enough have dropped out due to an important lesson we can't teach everyone: Combat is not the key for all of life's problems. Therefore it is the very last thing you learn here, at the Eagle's Academy.

All over the world we live in, people are surpressed by other people. It is fear that makes people do these things. Fear of being the weaker person, fear of losing power. Our duty is to teach you not to have fear. On the one hand, you could care for yourself, live a happy life, build a family, but it might be fear that could destroy that very happily-ever-after life you were dreaming about. I believe most of you have signed up at the Eagle's to fight for righteousness.
If so, you must understand one thing. Righteousness is not always what you want it to be. Sometimes it's better to make a small mistake that can be fixed, rather than risking making a big mistake.
The six years you've been here were supposed to teach you things that we think are right. Still, while many of you might leave after this year, living their lives as mercenaries or soldiers, the people who stay and work for the Academy will endure bigger problems than the people who will leave.

I hope you will make the right decision. I've come to know you people a lot in the passed two years. I'm proud of every single one of you."

Slowly a female student in the class started clapping for an applause, and the whole class joined in. The instructor smiled.
"You've been well prepared for this week. Now, the last step is to learn how to control a weapon. Recently all of you have gone through tests, and in junction with your wishes and personalities, we have decided on weapons for everyone of you. Please understand that it's not possible to trade weapons with friends, if you are unhappy with the decision we made for you, then please tell me and together we can work out a solution. The weapons will be handed out in the equipment section of the seniors.
The next week, you won't have any classes with me. You will learn to use your weapon in the senior training section - the seniors are banned from that place until the week is over."

After a second, the first few people got up and left the classroom; others chatted happily, the girls and boys left mostly in groups together, trying to anticipate what weapon they would get, what they would do after the test in a week, in general having a good time.
The only person away from all that was a sixteen year old boy with chin-length, bright brown hair. He had dark, deep, blue eyes and was dressed in a black shirt and normal jeans.

The classroom had four rows of benches with five seats in each row, that made twenty people per class, and the room almost emptied. The boy was still sitting there, and the instructor noticed him as she was done packing her things.
"Want to go there with me, Klayton?"
"... Fine."