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Thread: Help with Flame Wizard

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    Icon4 Help with Flame Wizard

    Hi, Im now a lvl73 normal Flame wizard and was wondering if I could grind at Blue kentaraus *Sorry for wrong spelling*.

    My MA stats is 521
    Int 410 and Luk is 74

    Flame gear > 7
    Flame Strike > 3

    Hinomaru fan = ma100

    And Im planing to up lvl till lvl90 in 2weeks is tht possible??

    Pls give suggestion, Im nt reli a pro

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    Well i trained from 65-92 in 4 days so im sure you can :D But you may wanna switch to skele at 86 or 87

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    Hmm... in 4 days ??? Like how ??? Wer did u train ??

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    This might be a really really late reply and I'm sorry bout it >< I was at mp3 till the late 70s and kents till 87 after which I went to skele. On 2x xp I was gaining about 8-9 levels of training for 5-6h at skele. But you'll have to know it burns pots like hell. And wow you're in Cassiopeia also? :D

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