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Thread: pls post a guide

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    Icon7 pls post a guide

    Tesiqurasa, can you pls create a night walker guide like your low dex sin

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    Tesiqurasa doesn't play KoC classes as he doesn't consider them real classes. Why not just make an Assassin instead?


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    Yeah, just make a normal sin.
    by Cryopon

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    i have no more slot in main account, that account got 1 night walker. So i just play it

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    Yea, as Email said, I have only played two KoC. I made one when they came out (Wind Archer), and one a while back as a CPQ mule. You can follow the AP build as a sin, just add all of the extra points into Luk. I assume the 2nd job is pretty much the same as Sin. Crit, Haste, Mastery, Booster, etc. I would max Crit right away, then 6 booster, then maybe that Darkness mobbing move... You can probably get by without max Booster if you want that mobbing move. Upgrade haste to the point that you have 123% jump 140% speed.


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    delete the night walker and replace with sin?
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    This is what I did

    30: 1 FJ
    31: 1 Vampire 2 Mastery
    32: 1 Mastery 2 Crit
    33: 3 Crit
    34: 3 Crit
    35: 3 Crit (11)
    36: 3 Crit
    37: 3 Crit (17)
    38: 3 Crit (20) 40% success rate, critical damage 170% (solid enough for CPQ)
    39: 2 Mastery 1 Booster (5 Mastery: Claw mastery 25%, accuracy +5, maximum number of stars +50)
    40: 3 Booster (4)
    41: 2 Booster, 1 Crit (6,21) 6 Booster: Attack Speed up 60 Seconds
    42: 3 Crit (24)
    43: 3 Crit
    44: 3 Crit (30, Maxed)
    45: 2 Haste 1 FJ
    46: 2 Haste 1 FJ (4,3)
    47: 2 Haste 1 FJ (6,4)
    48: 2 Haste 1 FJ (8,5) 5 FJ gives MP -48 Cost rather than 60.
    49: 3 Haste
    50: 3 Haste (14) Speed +28, jump +14 for 140 seconds

    That should last you until the end of CPQ,I'll continue when you're passed that.

    You may be wondering what Vampire is for so early, Well it knocks back mobs 4 times per cast, and is fast enough to perpetually knock back the cpq Mobs, even at level one, You can also, add max haste instead of FJ if the extra MP cost does not bother you. I put booster in the middle of Crit because I personally couldn't stand doing one skill over and over again, especially when it's only a passive, And booster speed is pretty useful once you can take down roms, which should be about level 35ish for you if you're dexless. And you have no reason not to be.
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