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Thread: Flame Wizard Guide and Training Locations(Luk less)

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    Default Flame Wizard Guide and Training Locations(Luk less)

    This a guide for the class flame wizard :D Im currently a level 92 Flame Wizard in MapleSEA and trying to chiong to 120 but there is a server check now -.- okay now for the guide.
    I'm going to start with equipments.
    Generally i recommend pure int because 1int=1ma which will mean you will have much more dmg than a normal luk. If you have some godly normal luk eq.. you can sell and get godly maple items :D
    I'm not too sure about elemental staff/wands because currently i'm unfunded and i'm using a maple windam staff i got from the evan event. Your helm.. you can choose 1,Bamboo Hat 2,Maple Hat 3,Zhelm(lvl50) 4,Scarlion/Targa Helm(lvl90) and others that you can think of. Currently im using a Maple Hat 4(lvl90) but scar/targa helm is much better. Capes and shoes is really just your own choice. For capes funded ppl will probably be using a PuPC but im on the maple cape.

    Im going to say the training spots before skill build to make it more convienent. (i hope it is)
    Lvl 1-13 Erev Quest
    Lvl 14-15 Koc Quest. Just do the henesys part. I didnt bother with the rest
    Lvl 15 - 17 Green Mushroom (Go to the dungeon to take up the 99 green mush quest and do arwen and ellinia)
    Lvl 17-20 Blue Mushroom/ Horned Mush (i was 1-hitting the Horned Mush at 18)
    Lv 21-23 Evil Eyes
    Lvl 24-30 The Remembers quests(the one building up to mush castle)
    Lvl 31-34 Mush Castle
    Lvl 34-37 Cold Eyes
    Lvl 38-50 McPq1( i know alotta ppl will say its boring but its the best way to hit 50 asap)
    Lvl 51-54- Gs1
    Lvl 55-78- Mp3(Some will be like WTF MP3 FOR 23 LEVELS???) well i was kinda dying at blue kents at 6x becasue i couldnt hit em properly so i stuck to mp3
    Lvl 79-84 Blue Kentaurus
    Lvl 85-110 Peak Of The Nest(Skeles and Nest Golems) Also you can Flame Gear the newties map(45min per lvl on 2x on my nightwalker.. not sure bout FW)
    Lvl 110-120 Newties

    Skill build
    1st job- 1st ap to Magic Claw
    Max Out Max Mp Increase
    Max Out Magic Claw
    Max Magic Guard
    Max Magic Armour
    Rest to Flame

    2nd Job
    1 Teleport
    Max Fire Filar
    11 Booster
    Max Meditate
    Max Teleport
    15 Fire Arrow
    15 Slow

    3rd Job
    1 Flame Strike
    Max Flame Gear
    3 Amplification
    Max Seal
    20 Fire Strike
    Save For Ifrit
    Max Infrit
    + 5 Amplification
    Save For Meteo
    Max Meteo
    Max Amplification
    Max Flame Strike
    Not sure how much on elemental resistance
    Sorry kinda rushing thru it abit.. I'll update it asap

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    This seems like you put it togeather really quickly. o.o It seems sort of disorganized and rushed, and the skill builds didn't seem like you put much effort into them either. Other than that, I suppose it's good information, although it's info you could find on virtually any other Blaze Wizard guide there is.

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    Yea.. sorry >< I'll update the guide asap and i'll go more in depth in the skill build and others. Thanks for the comment :D I'll make sure my updated/next guide will be much better :D

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