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Thread: How do you get to Showa Town?

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    Default How do you get to Showa Town?

    I've been wanting to get a bathrobe for women. I don't know where showa town is at all. Can you guys tell me specifically how to get there? I would probably need to be showed from henesys...

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    Talk to Spinel if you're in Henesys.
    Er...use the HS Database for maps and directions from there. X_X

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    Like neo said, talk to spinel- she's in about every town except sleepywood i think. You get transported to a place called Mushroom Shrine with npcs selling japanese related foods. Go in the far right portal. Keep going, there are many powerful monsters for lvl 50+ so just die later on when you killed all the level 30-35 monsters, if you can't ask a high leveler to help you out. You arrive at a place that looks like ancient japan. So you find the bath house, a npc will be standing right in front of it, click on her but i forget if she charges you to go in. Anyways go in the portal and you see another npc. buy a bathrobe and a strawberry milkshake to get back to mushroom shrine. Then see spinel and she'll take you back to Victoria.

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