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    Hi! and uh...this is my animation gallery. I started playing since like...2006, and since 2007-2008 I never heard of any bannedstory forum, so I wasn't good as they were back then. But now this year, I am starting to get more involved in the bannedstory animation category and I feel like I've improved since then. I wish I could have put these in youtube with a SWF converter back then...but instead I had to wait on the sidelines and watch others post their stuff...
    These little packets of sunshine are kind of...strange...but here they are, in an orderly lineup:

    The ones in red are actually worth watching cuz you might get at least a laugh from them xD.

    Red = The good ones
    Blue = The Collab Entries
    Green = Any youtube things
    Yellow = Any silly/miscellaneous things


    My Very First animation ever
    Maple Adventures part 2
    Rematch of me vs. bully from Part 2 final boss
    Vs Overlimit

    1 year hiatus~

    Nov-Dec 2008:

    Maple Story Fight episode 1: Bandit VS. Dragon Knight


    First vcam test
    Vs spritefan2 (remix of the other one)

    first animation ever to be put on youtube

    My second anime opening

    My third anime opening

    Vs mali (Muzickid)
    vs another muzickid
    Vs. modern spritefan2
    Wall Smash Collab Entry
    Fail attempt at color wars
    Unfinished Music siggy/first actionscript


    Scania choochoo train dance (wait 1 mins for it to load)
    Vs. Turtlebear sig
    Hi Ougi Attempt
    Color Wars R1 [WIP]
    Color Wars R1 preview
    Vs. Jun3 *click spoiler.
    Ke$ha MMV-Tik tok first MMV in flash LOL (request)
    Vs. Ubernub
    Smash Wall Collab 2 Entry

    Vs. Muzickid part 3

    Ray Vs. Tate [WIP] cinematical test(no one has seen dis yet :P)

    I don't want to hear any negative comments. But please enjoy these, as I will be updating this thread once something is complete every so often.. (90% of my things btw)..
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