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Thread: Luna's Random tales.

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    it's not that long

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    Pretty good from what I've read. I'll read more after I get some sleep.

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    Fourth Account: It's a girl thing

    Someone omniscient, like Chuck Norris, would have laughed at the scene. Compared to a year or two previously, the hilarity was practically repeated. What had changed? Angela was 120. Luna was 75.

    And Luna's beloved red mop of hair was gone.

    Luna drummed her fingers on her armchair. "I don't know, Angela. I really don't think I should go through with this..."

    Angela raised an eyebrow and flitted her eyes back toward her friend. "You seem to want it an awful lot for someone who says they don't want to do it."


    "Girl, think Sonara! You lived for Sonara back in the day. I thought you weren't ever gonna get a man, walking around so in love with hair like that."

    "But you know what happened, Angela-" Luna bit her lip and chanted "Desires are our downfall, desires are our downfall..." unconvincingly.

    Oh, Angela certainly knew. Sonara and Luna had been an item. Luna spilled her pockets for that hair, and man, she was betrayed. If other hairs were sensible housewives, then Sonara was a flashy high-end hooker. Gone faster than her money.

    Well, of course, Angela had been there then too. A hair guru bearing the scars of her own hair-hunting exploits; she lent a hand to silly Luna. Well, donated to an uncontrollable sobbing mess, more like. Thanks to Angela's kindness, high-end Sonara beat it; leaving behind an older, wiser Jean.

    Had they learned from this experience? Of course they had! They learned where they should never, ever spend their money -

    -and how to return once again and pursue the same effort.

    "Sweet mother of..." said Luna. "I'm going to pass out just from the perfume in here. We need to leave."

    Angela grabbed her as she was numbly heading for the door. "Oh no you don't. We have business here."

    Heaven forbid Angela isn't every inch a businesswoman, thought Luna.

    Deep inside her, however, stupidity called. Luna, Luna, spend your money~ you'll be successful this time, I promise. I promise, I promise, I promise.

    I lie.

    Oh, to hell with it, thought Luna. I'm only young for another thirty years. Why let my wasteful economic decisions stop now.

    "Angela, I'll do it." Money burning, I hear money burning, money burning money bur-

    "Atta girl!"
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    Your previous relationship of getting that legendary hair? Lulz.
    I'm Retired.

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    Fifth Account: Mayor of Cynicism

    It was a crammed day at jesters: bodies flying everywhere; yelling and shouting and maybe even a little criminal offense - typical. Luna wasn't in the mood to do any of this (she hardly ever was) but Jocelyn had put her up to it, and you don't let Jocelyn down. Of course, we all know the deal, right? Even Luna as motivated as she was by fellow comrades, we all have to - and will - go down.

    So, fifteen minutes later, Luna's somehow wedged into the chimney with her face covered in soot. The steward looked over with disdain. Tired, dirty, and her whiny nature taking control... Ed arrived.

    Well to be accurate, Ed doesn't arrive. Ed has always been there. When you take your second faceplant of the day into a turdpile? That's okay. Ed's been there too.

    But Ed's special. He doesn't just faceplant and get back up, he walks away with the supreme logic of someone who scorns turdpiles and rules tyrants. Ed's a little bit of a mastermind. But he's also a little bit of a procrastinator, like you and I, too. He's also got the work ethic of an insane person. Like someone who beats the Dojo* endlessly to get a black belt. In a day. Luna couldn't do that for an hour, mind you.

    Ed's not perfect though. Ed carries a little bit of the turdpile within him, which is the price of understanding the turdpile. That, he says, makes him a little bit of a "jerk". I say it's maybe more of a cynic.

    So we awknowledge Luna's nature - "I don't EVEN - Jocelyn made me, why can't training be EASIER, people are so rude you know -"

    After knowing Ed for some time, a mini-Ed (that is to say, Luna's cynical consciousness) had been produced in a dusty corner of her brain. It spoke now.

    The Ed said something meaning, "You're lazy." Only it had that euphemism of cynical, Ed-like classiness that cannot be produced by any other than Ed. Like "I spent an hour training today and I gained 10%. Then I died. You trained for five seconds and got shoved in a chimney."

    Again, special. But more blunt.

    So then Luna stops whining and tries to follow in Ed's Ed-like likeness for a moment, but returns to being a simpleton quickly. Stupidity is her green zone.

    Luna goes, "I know."

    * Mu Lung Dojo

    [ Author's Note : Depending on how you interpreted the Ed (pun on 'The End' - ahaha, I'll shut up now) you may think that Ed does not equal Ed. But people, I beseech you, think of the Ed in your life. Having the Ed is a good thing. We all need good ol' cynicism. In fact, there is no one better than Ed at predicting extra server maintainence. Or extra selling ratios. Or higher, more inconvienent and more stupid anything. Which is usually a nexon complaint. But don't you need that? Don't you want a spokesperson for all the BS? Find your inner Ed. ]
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    You be good at writingz.

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    Sixth Account: Fin des essais

    Luna had been out of action for a while, preferring the comfortable throes of her leather chair on a sunny day, as she meandered away her worries. Which were not getting clearer.

    Well, Luna's life would go on. It just does. But somewhere between passing out Sunday morning to missing play auditions, it had become painfully clear she didn't have the resolve to go home every day and boot up her computer and wait patiently for the game to load for a chance to see... well, let's call her friend Unicorn.

    The irony was that when Unicorn wasn't around, Luna had been perfectly content with mindlessly wasting her time like that. And she wasn't just devotedly performing this task like a dog, she had found time with Unicorn. Unicorn's words were always funny. Unicorn's smile was dazzling. Unicorn's mane was pretty. Unicorn's tail was shiny.

    But Unicorn's words weren't enough. Unicorn's smile was forgotten. Unicorn's mane was thinning. Unicorn's tail was always disappearing around the next corner.

    Luna said, oh well, and went back to reading.

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