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Thread: Luna's Random tales.

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    Default Luna's Random tales.

    First Account: The Hat. PG13.

    Well, the thought that eventually comes to any MapleStory player from between the ages of 7 to 60 years old, level 30~71, came to Luna (not for the first time) on a bright morning.

    "I think I'll CPQ on that godforsaken wizard-character of mine that I spent a precious $10 on. But I'll eat something first."

    So it was. Luna dragged herself downstairs and dumped a box of cereal into her mouth. Done? Done. She then went back upstairs and gave her computer a kick, which caused it to sputter back to life and (unfortunately) chomp off a piece of her toe.

    She now sat- awake by this point, and missing a chunk of her big toe- at the login screen of the world's most creative and innovative MMORPG, MapleStory! Really, not so much.

    During the login process, Luna's neck extended like a Slinky, vacuuming her face into the monitor. Login complete! She can now begin long hours grinding, or PQing, which specifically the one she will choose doesn't really matter, because she'll take another month to get 10%, either way.

    So let's skip the trivial CH1 spamming, shall we? Luna's sitting in a room with a mexican dual blader (one of the masses, anyhow) typing "Hablas Espanol" over and over, at her, who at this point is doubting if a real boy is behind a computer, and not Spanish-spamming automaton created by Nexon to make the gaming experience more pleasant.

    Then, suddenly, he pulls it out.

    No, of course not, you weirdo! THE HAT.

    Luna asks for it, and the dual blader promptly replies "pague con su cuerpo." What a nice guy.

    Feeling insulted, she re-logs onto her main character of an extremely mobile class (the hermit). Luna then decides to go collect rice cakes and give them to a strange lady in a bunny suit in Henesys. She knows she needs fifteen rice cakes to get the hat, and quickly recruits two ignorant noob HPQ slaves for her endeavors.

    Everything goes great! They're on a quaint hill and it's strangely warped time to night, and the Primrose Seeds have miraculously bloomed. Skilled noobs, huh?

    She then proceeds to pick up ALL the rice cakes. When the time is up, they get kicked out - and they're sent to the failure exit stage. And her rice cakes are gone. WASTE OF TIME. Luna senses someone from the orange font pointing out her error a bit too late.

    The second time, she hands the 10 cakes to the upright-standing tiger, who then punts them over to daytime again, and the rabbit woman! Great. And Luna gives her... five extra cakes. Great. Time to go again.

    The next round, and the round after that, she gets two at a time, and eventually achieves her 15th extra rice cake. They leave, and she thanks the noobs. She hands the last rice cake to the rabbit-woman...and NOTHING HAPPENS. She remarks in outrage to the orange font, and the they tell her to make space and try again. Her inventory was full, so she clears it, and talks to the woman again. No rice cake headgear. Unforgivable.

    After finding some friends, she complains about it over 10 times. Finally, to some avail. One of her friends, who just happens to be spanish, informs her he may have that hat on one of his characters. He leaves. Luna is left with a gaping hole in the conversation due to the lack of complaining.

    So she gets a message notifying her that her friend has found the hat, and she's overjoyed! She rushes to the market, and it turns out that character of his is the dual blader from that morning's CPQ. After a quick facepalm, she accepts the hat with many thanks, and then balances it on her head successfully. Awesome!

    So after all the fuss, it totally looks great, doesn't it? It does? Right? WRONG.
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    What kind of cereal did you eat?

    And do you speak Spanish yourself? Fluently?

    Strange story. I had the same thought when I got my rice cake hat for the first time.
    by Cryopon

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    I love the innuendo there...
    Do thoughts of rice cake hats always lead you to this?


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    I did one PQ hoping to get the hat. Then i read the proper instructions on how to get one. I quit. It was too boring.
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    Default Excerpt from what would be quite a long book.

    [ mind you, this imaginary place-thingy was based off of herb town ]
    I'll be back in the comedy department in a couple weeks, children. Here's a cheesy bucket du frommage for now.

    10 nov


    Two figures draped in green flitted between the reeds. Sound was scarce. Even in the dim light, the path they tread was well-worn, even amongst bamboo. Tracing their steps carefully, they eyed the surface. No movement. Only the moon, pale like a rice paddy, reflected on the still waters.

    They were still children, and as small as they were to the landscape, they knew it well. Their path was a swift one. In little time at all, their pace slowed.

    "Look," one whispered to the other.

    "I know. We have to be quick about it this time, or the old people will be grumpy."

    The mist cleared. Dotted among the kneeling willows, were peach trees, in full bloom.

    The one who spoke first looked down into the woven basket. Where were the words? If they did not come soon, they would not come at all.

    "I'll hand them to you. Stay within my reach."

    The silhouette of a girl leapt into the branches. The other, waiting, hung her head as the one in the tree turned away. The basket grew heavy in her hands.

    Look at the way that swan flies. What ease, she thinks. I can't do it like that.

    Then, she had an idea. One by one, she collected peaches in her dress. It was difficult for her scrawny arms to hold it up, but she said nothing. Her friend dropped more peaches into the basket from a low limb, and smiled.

    "We are done. Let's go." she said, jumping down.

    The other nodded, not speaking. If she had, she feared she would expel a heavy breath, shaming herself.
    This isn't difficult, she repeated in her mind. she could do this without a sweat. This is nothing.

    They began their journey back to the village. Dawn was breaking, and the girls walked back in the early morning light on the thin strip of land they had come. They were careful, careful, as the one that carried the basket peered over her shoulder, watching the other's trembling hands. It was more humid than before, and they could hear the cries of stirring birds and see the blue hazy outlines of mountains in the distance. It was peaceful, but more reeds sprung up, and the land grew muddier and rougher. She was looking behind her shoulder more frequently now, but neither of them uttered a word.

    All while doing this, they kept their vigil over the waters, and thick bushels of bamboo. We are doing fine. She suppressed the urge to check over her shoulder once more. She is doing fine. Her hands are strong like mine, blistered from the fields, but smooth.

    It continued like this until their village was visible, tucked behind the trees. The fingers holding the dress were hurting, and would have rather been eating the peaches then transporting them, but held the dress all the same. As she stared distractedly around, her wooden sandals carelessly forgot to mindlessly, mindlessly avoid the clump of reeds that did not bode well ahead. The first girl softly stepped over them, but she was not so lucky.

    Whomp and the peaches bounced one, two times, and settled in the mud. A splintered reed lay ne
    ar her hands, which were shaking.

    "Are you okay?" She pressed her hands to her mouth. "Iris? I'm..."

    Two watery green eyes came, then the nose and mouth. She raised herself up and dusted herself off, sadly admiring the scattered peaches. She reached for one and held it up. Even with the grime, it caught light in the sun.

    "They'll be dirty." she said.

    "We can wash them."

    She surveyed the peaches that still lay in the basket.

    "These peaches will have mushies." she mumbled.

    The other crossed her arms defiantly. "When my mother complains about soggy rice, my father gets cross. 'It's still rice," he raises his head from the plate and says. 'When men marry wives with lean faces or big arms...' "

    She started laughing. Iris broke a grin too.

    "Or when the crop is few and my luna-bird tilts her head at me as if to say..."
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    I already made a base idea of this story just from this short passage. Well written. A bit.. calming, somewhat.
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    Working on it - Purple.
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    Hatred of you is what drives me, and i'll take solace in breaking your mind. I swear i will to whatever gods there may be, even if it's the last thing i do.

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    I sleep. I eat. I eat a lot. How do you think this red, red hair grows so long?

    I wish I could export ideas via brainwaves. brrrrr
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    kawaii hat ;-;

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    Third Account : Trucking Traffic

    Once upon a time, shortly after Big Bang, before truckers were equalized, in CBD...

    "OUT OF MY WAY!"

    "This place is mine. Get out."

    "Filthy mutt, learn some manners."

    "You called your friend? Seriously?"

    Luna did what she could amid the chaos. KSing the heck out of the others. New arrivals were streaming in, and people were shouting and cursing.

    "You're 120! What the heck? Go to mp3!"
    "i d0 whut I liek! u nt my mom"
    "ruaaaaaaarghhhh! you idiots!"
    "hablas espanol senorita?"
    "No! NO! I took Luna from LATIN! GO AWAY!"
    "hablas espanol hablas espanol"
    "hablas espanoooooooool?"

    Mentally screaming, Luna continued annihilating truckers left and right before the pirate, evan, or assasin could touch them.



    People went flying everywhere. Assasin's stars backlashed. The evan went flying backward into Mir's jaws. Luna started shining, and shining, until the glow burst her hair into white flames, and rockets appeared on her boots. Her entire body was engulfed in a super-saiyan like aura, and she shot up through the sky like a rocket. Leaving the truckers area completed desolated.

    someone entered the barren wasteland.

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    Sounds interesting! I really want to read it :)

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