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Thread: Mastery Books

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    My apologies, I completely forgot that Evans had more than 4 growth.

    When Evans hit 120+, they have skills that require Mastery books that may drop from monsters. All skills obtained from before this growth may require a skill that is CS exclusive.
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    Thank you, I don't remember how many skills there are in 9th and 10th growth, but I do know that most of the books I have seen in the FM are of that variety. Seeing as how I am only on 5th growth right now I don't really know which skills require CS books other than Magic Guard. However there are 12 other skills I have yet to get to and I don't know if any of them require mastery books to max out. Does anyone else know which skills require CS books to complete?

    These are the skills (copying from Fionahs Evan Guide here on Hidden Street Forums)
    6th Growth- Critical Magic, Dragon Thrust, Magic Booster, Slow
    7th Growth- Breath, Killer Wing, Magic Amplification, Magic Resistance
    8th Growth- Dragon Fury, Earthquake, Phantom Imprinting, Recovery Aurora

    So my question is which of these would require CS books to complete?
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    Critical magic and magic booster can only be leveled to 5 unless you buy the CS mastery book.
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    lol, figures, they cut the two buffs that would really help set evan's apart from other mage classes.. >.> anyways thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaosBeoulve View Post
    Critical magic and magic booster can only be leveled to 5 unless you buy the CS mastery book.
    magic guard as well

    i believe they are the 3 cash shop only skills
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    well, MG is slightly less of a big deal, I have noticed that Evan's have more HP than a normal mage, though not by much. Honestly with the Ice Breath skill, and then Dragon Thrust, the whole point of those two skills is making sure that you don't get hit at all. But one drawback is most of the higher end skills are a bit sluggish, so magic booster would really help with that. *sigh* I suppose I will end up having to buy a freakin pre-paid card next time I go to wal-mart or something... >.<

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    That won't last long. Eventually, you'll need either Magic Guard or Auto-pot and godly HP equips to train effectively.


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