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Thread: A Nightwalker Guide from an experience Nightwalker and Assassin LOL (In progress)

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    Default A Nightwalker Guide from an experience Nightwalker and Assassin LOL (In progress)

    Okay this is my 3rd guide on cygnus knights. Though i know the patch will make adventuerers stronger than KOC but then again.. Nightwalkers with poison bomb will train faster than your standard hermit. I recommend it for a first character as its really really fast at the 8x to 120. Very easy method to gain a decent Blessing Of Fairy. My Nightwalker is level 100 but i will apply all my knowledge to guide you to 120.

    Okay first job.
    Its relatively easy, basic introduction of the job. Training is fast and easy. There are two kinds of build for it. One is generally for mobbing while the second is for training at places with low spawn and good xp?(maybe) e.g sniping ligators at 1x?.

    Mobbing build.
    (It's generally spamming L7 to maximise dmg)
    Lvl 10 - 1 Lucky Seven (1)
    Lvl 11-16 - 3 Lucky Seven (19)
    Lvl 17 - 1 Lucky Seven (Max) 2 Nimble Body
    Lvl 18 2 Nimble body(3) 1 Keen Eyes
    Lvl 19 and 20 3 Keen Eyes(7)
    Lvl 21 1 Keen Eyes(MAX) 2 Nimble Body(5)
    Lvl 22 3 Nimble body (8)
    Lvl 23 2 Nimble Body(Max) 1 Disorder
    Lvl 24 2 Disorder(3) 1 Dark SIght
    Lvl 25-27 3 Dark Sight(MAX)
    Lvl 28,29,30 7 Disorder 2 Darkness.
    This build is generallly favoured in assassins(L7 over range first) as they dont need it at octs... but NW have KOC quest so im not so sure.

    Range first
    Lvl 10 1 L7
    LVl 11 3 Nimble Body
    Lvl 12,13 3 Keen Eyes
    Lvl 14 2 Keen Eyes(max) 1 L7(2)
    Lvl 15-20 3 L7(max)
    Lvl 21-30 is the same :D

    I dont recommend this unless you're funded. Anyone one who has seen lvl 1 L7 damage will agree. Yet most guides recommend it. I feel Maxing L7 for more damage is better than hitting long range.

    Lvl 10 1 L7
    Lvl 11 2 L7(3) 1 Nimble Body
    Lvl 12 2L7(5) 1 Nimble Body(2)
    Lvl 13 2 L7(7) 1 Nimble Body(3)
    Lvl 14 3 Keen Eyes
    Lvl 15-18 3 L7(19)
    Lvl 19 1 L7(Max) 2 Keen Eyes (5)
    Lvl 20 3 Keen Eyes (8)
    Lvl 21-30 is the same.

    I recommend this build. With my experience on my Assassin, i found 3 keen eyes is the most efficient ratio of range to damage. It makes leveling faster and i recommend it.
    LVL10-15 KOC QUEST.(trust me.. waste of time.. flying to erev..) Green Mushrooms
    Lvl 15-18 Blue Mushrooms, stay at GMs if your dmg is low
    Lvl 19-25 Horned Mush and Zombie Mush.. (where else? Ant tunnel..), Evil Eyes(high spawn.. dont come till you 1 hit them), Ligators
    Lvl 26-30 KPQ, Evil Eyes, Ant Tunnel, Ligators.
    Basically what you'll get from any guide except with a more detailed first job.. I know i know.. i wasted 10minutes writing it because no one really cares about first job.. i mean.. you're a cygnus.. you cant screw up your build.. :D (unless you max darkness over L7...)

    2nd Job
    Well I've been busy with schoolwork so I couldn't really update it. I'll try to finish the 2nd job build and training now :D The advancement is not easier than an adventurer but it sure is faster.. Every mob drops the item so you'll only need to kill 30 mobs :D Okay skill build is based on my experience and preference.
    Lvl 30- 1 Flash Jump(I chose haste. I regretted it alot.. Lvl 1 haste sucks)
    lvl 31- 1 Vanish 2 Haste
    lvl 32- 3 Mastery
    lvl 33- 2 Mastery 1 booster
    lvl 34- 3 Booster
    lvl 35-44 30 Critical(max)
    lvl 45-50 18 Haste(max)
    lvl 51-56 18 Vampire
    lvl 57 2 Vampire(max) 1 Flash Jump
    lvl 58-63 18 Flash Jump(max)
    lvl 64-68 15 Mastery(max)
    lvl 69-70 6 Booster(10)
    The skill build is based on your preference. Why vanish at lvl 31? Well I accidentally added it and I never regretted it. It speeds up exiting dark sight as I never figured out how to do it without clicking it :D Flash jump early is a real pot burner but.. You won't regret it. You'll be like twice as fast as a averge sin and it's crucial in mcpq :D i've heard of 1 booster and maxed vanish builds which kinda made me laugh :D if you've tried being in mcpq with lvl 1 booster.. That's like using booster 60 times a mc? Not smart.. Maxing haste before flash jump is basically preference
    but I think the sp is spent better on haste because higher level haste means better flash jump and I couldn't solo more than 1k cp on my sin without maxed haste in rm3/4 as i think lvl 18 haste will get you over a Trojan and robo. Late mastery is quite understandable if you bothered to read the lucky seven discription that it's mastery is based on luk and not influence by other sources.
    Training spots.
    Lvl 31-34 Mushroom castle/Block Golems(decent dmg)
    Lvl 35-51- Mcpq. Alternative at lvl 45 is golden temple.. Try the second highest level goblin as the lvl 66 one is hell till 5x
    lvl 51-55 Golden Temple, Stone Golems, Coolies (Old school but effective. Coolies give decent xp as the standard 5x Nightwalker can 1 hit them) Gs2(Crowded in MSEA but it's good xp with low spawn for Vamp-less NW comfort)
    lvl 56-60 MP3(For a decent vamp lvled NW it's quite good xp.. Beware of map raiders -.- I kept my Flame Wizard there to chase them
    away :D) Golden Temple(Grinding there on my sin and it's good xp. With vamp.. It's like COW FAST :D)
    lvl 60-70 Golden Temple, Mp3, Golem Forest(I did this on my windbreaker from 5x to mid 60s) Squids(Needs accuracy gear.. Did this on my windbreaker from 6x to mid 70s..)

    Okay this is the second job build. Note.. I'm a MSEA(Cass) player :D i don't have Crimson Wood and I only just got Golden Temple on MSEA.. I'll do the third job skill and training ASAP. Feel free to PM in game.. I don't go online till Weekends usually night.. SoulOfNNight(Nightwalker lvl 100) Heart0nFireD(Flame Wizard lvl 110) xValkyrie57(Windbreaker lvl100) HeartInDark(Assassin lvl 56) my sin is my most active and My nightwalker is second most.. Retired my windbreaker already.. I'll update it by next week.. Till then.. Good luck :D (Note lvl 5x to 70.. Grind like hell levels)
    3rd Job.
    The same as hermit, it's the longest but not really the hardest part of the journey. I struggled at the start as you'll probably won't feel to much difference or enjoyment till you get triple throw. Now here is the build I used. It's not horrible and not ideal.
    Your standard hermit would laugh at this build..
    Lvl 70- 1 Poison Bomb
    Lvl 71-73 3 Shadow Partner(9)
    Lvl 74 *2 Shadow Partner(11) 1 Shadow Web
    Lvl 75-77 3 Poison Bomb(10)
    Lvl 78 1Shadow Partner(12) 1Alchemist 1 Avenger
    Lvl 79 3Shadow Partner(15)
    Lvl 80 1Shadow Partner(16) 2 Poison Bomb(12)
    Lvl 81-86 3 Poison Bomb(30)
    Lvl 87 3Shadow Partner(20)
    Lvl 88 1 Shadow Partner(21)
    Lvl 89-93 3Avenger(16)
    Lvl 94 1Avenger(17) Save 2
    Lvl 95-100 Save 3
    Lvl 100 20Triple Throw
    It's a really really messy build and I regret it. It was my first experience with a theif and I was learning.. The only reason I wrote this guide is make sure no one screws up their builds like me. An Avenger build is dumb and I shouldn't have done it.. Shadow Web was an even worst idea. I'm only lvl 100 but i'll go thru the skills till 120 so don't worry :D
    Shadow Partner early build*
    Lvl 70- 1Shadow Partner
    Lvl 71-79 3Shadow Partner(29)
    Lvl 80 1 Shadow Partner(30) 2 Alchemist
    Lvl 81-90 3Poison Bomb(30)
    Lvl 91-93 3Alchemist(11)
    Lvl 94 1Alchemist(12) Save 2
    Lvl 95-100 Save 3
    Lvl 100- 20 Triple Throw
    Lvl 101-102 3Alchemist(18)
    Lvl 103- 2Alchemist(20) 1 Avenger
    Lvl 104 1Avenger(2) Save 2
    Lvl 105-110 Save 3
    Lvl 110- 20 Venom
    Lvl 111-119 3Avenger(29)*
    Lvl 120 1 Avenger(30) 2 Shadow Web.
    I think my math is wrong somewhere but no matter what.. The build from 70-110 is correct :D*
    Though most builds give you the same result, I recommend this for MSEA nightwalkers(there is a hybrid of PB and SP that maybe better) But for GMS.. I heard there is a good PB-ing place at the late 70s? Then I'll suggest this build :D
    Lvl 70 1Shadow Partner
    Lvl 71-80 3Poison Bomb(30)
    Lvl 81-86 3Shadow Web(18)
    Lvl 87 2Shadow Web(20) 1 Alchemist
    Lvl 88-94 3Alchemist(19)
    Lvl 95 1 Alchemist(20)
    Lvl 96-99 3Shadow Partner(13)
    Lvl 100 1Triple Throw 2Shadow Partner(15)
    Lvl 101-105 3Shadow Partner(30)
    Lvl 106-109 3Triple Throw(13)
    Lvl 110 1Venom 2 Triple Throw(15)
    Lvl 111 3Triple Throw(18)
    Lvl 112 2Triple Throw(20) 1Venom*
    Lvl 113-118 3Venom(20)
    Lvl 119-120 3Avenger(6)
    Okay why web you may ask? This build consist mainly of a poison build. It means that it was specifically designed
    for training with poison bomb. I learnt from training at mong(himes) at 8x that not every ideal poison bombing place consist of stationary monsters. And monsters like kents and skele can still hit you when you dark sight, hence shadow web is useful. Like every build it has good and bad points. The good point is that it gets rid of poison bomb early to provide effective training while still having shadow partner to train with till bomb is like lvl 10+. The bad part is you can't boss properly till 11x since triple throw is maxed at 112(though in the first place NW can't zak or Ht). From my nightwalkers experience, the standard max triple throw early build is useless unless you plan to train at wyverns or attack newties. But it's not ideal. I was using a set of ilbi every 5min at wyverns. Secondly, triple throw cancels out shadow web which means you'll be in trouble at the nest golems if you have less than 3k hp. Poison training is effective but to be honest.. Boring. The monotony of bombing the map over an*over*again..*Well*this*is*the*training for the MSEA nightwalker that may have choosen this build.
    Lvl 70-75 Ghost Ship Party Quest
    Lvl 76-82 Kentaurus (try red)
    Lvl 82-87 Himes
    Lvl 88-105 Newties
    Lvl 105-110 Duku
    Lvl 111-120 Skeles
    Okay I know.. It's rather boring to choose the build because it's training at the same spot for a hell lot of levels (IMO).. It gets rather boring without 2x.. But newties is the place you'll never wanna leave. They don't move, they don't attack you when you're in dark sight but then.. No gains in terms of mesos..
    Okay the next build is a hybrid. It's for those who want quick training but at the same time what the ability to boss properly at 100.
    Lvl 70 1Shadow Partner
    Lvl 71-73 3Shadow Partner(10)
    Lvl 74 1Shadow Partner(11) 2 Poison Bomb
    Lvl 75-83 3 Poison Bomb(29)
    Lvl 84 1 Poison Bomb(30) 2 Shadow Web
    Lvl 85-90 3Shadow Web(20)
    Lvl 91-93 3Shadow Partner(20)
    Lvl 94 1Shadow Partner(21) save2
    Lvl 95-100 Save 3
    Lvl 100 20 Triple Throw
    Lvl 101-103 3 Shadow Partner(30)
    Lvl 104 1Alchemist save 2
    Lvl 105-110 Save 3
    Lvl 110 20 Venom
    Lvl 111-116 3 Alchemist(19)
    Lvl 117 1 Alchemist(20) 2 Avenger
    Lvl 118-120 3Avenger(11)

    Okay well this is the ideal build. You get web, bomb, avenger, shadow partner and alchemist all to decent levels while still getting the 4th Job skills(TT and Ven). Training spots is really really flexible for the build :D*
    Lvl 71-80 Ghost Ship PQ
    Lvl 75-80 Wolf Spiders, Kent Bombing
    Lvl 81-84 Bomb Himes, Wolf Spiders, Sharks/Squids
    Lvl 85-100 Newtie bombing
    Lvl 101-105 Newtie/Wyvern Attacking, Peak of Dragons Nest
    Lvl 106-110 Bomb/Attack Peak, Duku bombing, Timeless Temple
    Lvl 111-120 Duku Attacking/bombing, Newtie Attacking, Peak Attacking, Timeless Temple.

    The*last*part*of*my*guide.*Equipments. Though skill builds are more important, it doesn't mean equipments are useless.
    The most important to me is the gloves and stars. A good weapon at most will last 20-30 levels whereas a good attack glove will last you the whole game. If you're funded, yea sure go get a 27atk BWG :D but for the sanely funded nightwalker, here is a breakdown into differnet attacks for your funding. If you have 1mil, I'd recommend sticking to the king mush gloves which gives 1wep atk, pick up a couple of Gfa for quest and sell them. In MSEA a 60% GFA is 18m+/- so you can get them and basically upgrade to a better glove. With 10mil you can get a 3Attack 0 Slots WWG, crappy but useful. 50mil will get you at least a 6Attack 0Slots glove. 100mil should get you a 10Attack Glove. Anything over that I'm not sure but basically try to get a 10Attack Glove by 100. Next is stars. There is quite a simple rule for it. From 10-3x you should have at least 5 sets of the star. At the mc levels, you can afford to have 1main star and 1 backup since you can restar every round. At 5x, you should have at least 8 sets of a star. But if you train at golden temple, 4 ilbis will last you the 30mins. At 70 you should have 10sets of at least steely to accomodate shadow partner. By 100, have at least 10 steelies and at least 5ilbis. Triple Throw ups star consumption so it's best to be prepared. Generally I recommend for the unfunded, to go with oranges. It's a decent attack star available from Showa. Slowly upgrade to icicles then tobis. I don't see the use in getting kumbis and others below that. Steelies are a decent star that is the basic requirement for a decent nightwalker at the 7x. The best help I can give is the pricing of them in MSEA(cass) Tobis are 2mil, Steelys are 2.9-3.5mil
    Ilbis are 20-30mil Hwabis are 150-250mil and Magic Throwing Knives are about 2bil. Well for me I'm on 5ilbis 20Steelys. I'm selling buff to upgrade to 20ilbis.
    Weapons are crucial in decent damage but not the most important. There are 2 kinds of weapon users. Dexless and low-dex/Normal Dex. Dexless use the maple weapons while normal/low dex(I'll refer to them as dex NW)
    A garnier 100%-Ed should last. But get a 100%-Ed Bathrobe at lvl 20 should allow you to use the steel titans. At level 35 a 100%-Ed Maple Claw is good enough as it will only be used for 8 lvls. The next claw is the kandayo. You can put more effort into it but don't blow more than 50mil on it as you'll only use it for 11 levels. Next is the Musashi Claw it's requirement is lvl 55 but I don't recommend it as an end game weapon. I bought a 40attack 3luk for about 70mil but I prefered the 25 avoidability the scanda gives. The musashi is basically to ease the pain for 55-64 and again is not a weapon you should put alotta effort into. The final weapon for the dexless nightwalker. The maple scanda. I love this weapon. 33Base attack, 3Luk, 25Avoidablity.. It's a great claw. I recommend you get a scanda that was at least 60%-Ed. Though 47 attack isn't alot, it's better than 40 attack right? My scanda was 40 attack and I got so sick of it I upgraded to a Craven. Tsk Tsk.. I wasted 3 60% on the Scanda I tried scrolling.. So I gave up.. Wasn't funded back then.*
    Dex Nightwalker.
    I won't put much detail into but all I can say is don't recommend it early on. You should be dexless till the late 80s as that's when the scanda starts to lose it's flare. The weapon most choose is the scarab. It's a really nice claw. Try for a 55 attack scarab. It should be your end game weapon. If you get a 55 attack Mamba it's decent also. But when it comes to a Casters, aim for at least 60 attack. The Red Craven.. I love it the most. 50 base attack.. Try and get a 75 attack Craven and it will last you till 120. A dragon sleeve is uncommon but if you want, go for 80 attack. Worst choice ever but still.. A Lampion. Get a 90 Attack Lampion..
    It will last you ummmm forever?*
    Well I hope my guide was helpful. If you need any help, feel free to PM in game or on the forum. I'll try to reply within a few days >< Well until I finish my Assassin, I doubt I'll make another guide. But feel free to check out my Flame Wizard and Windbreaker guide :D*
    -SoulOfNNight (Level 100 Nightwalker)
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    Nice..... but most ppl follow the thumbs up..... SO TELL US ABOUT THE SECOND JOB, WILL YA?!

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    Calm down, as noted in the title, it's a work in progress.

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    not bad, may want to follow it

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