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Thread: CVS now sells GIFs !

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    Default CVS now sells GIFs !


    Although I just learned how to make GIFs, I found it very fun to make them.
    I'm new at this so don't expect much of my GIFs to be good.

    I'll be taking requests as a good way to practice.

    Request form

    Links of pictures or videos you want in it :
    Time [ If it's from a video ] :
    Text you want :
    Size :
    Examples ;

    NOTE ;
    I will post both the original GIF and the GIF as an avatar if it is possible.
    Some GIFs may be too large to convert any smaller without ruining the whole thing.
    I will post the GIF as an avatar if it is possible. Sorry if I can't make the GIF into one.

    Working on ;


    Requests ;


    Finished ;
    Name | Original GIF | GIF as avatar

    Keroppu | x | x

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