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Thread: Thunder Breaker vs Dawn Warrior vs Wind Walker

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    Icon7 Thunder Breaker vs Dawn Warrior vs Wind Walker

    Hey guys,

    I was planning to make a Cygnus Knight but im not sure which one to make. I was actually tossing up between Thunder Breaker or Dawn Warrior more than wind walker.

    Please give me suggestions and opinions, and why one is better than the other.

    Thanks :)

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    Dawn Warrior is faster from 90 to 120, and Thunder Breaker is faster 70-90 as I remember. Thunder Breakers have a more active and involved training style, whereas Dawn Warriors generally spam their most powerful attack.

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    Wind Walkers aren't much special. My friend has a 200 bowmaster, and 120 wind walker, and he said the windwalker is about the same (if not worse) than archer/ranger. He said it was an awful class, and I'll take his experienced word for it.

    Thunder Breaker is my personal favorite KoC, and it's what I'll make for the possible upcoming buff. As WMA said, it's a very active training style. They get passive crit in 3rd job, and a great variety of mobbing skills. Because of crit, they're actually stronger bossers than buccs until at least 14x.

    Dawn Warriors start a bit more slowly, but are still great. Their holy elements make late training at gallos very fast.

    I personally suggest Thunder Breaker.


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    ahhh alright :) Tyty

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