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(Feedback - GMS Database) Chaos Drops & Mesos - Help Needed!
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Thread: Chaos Drops & Mesos - Help Needed!

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    Default Chaos Drops & Mesos - Help Needed!

    This topic is specifically only for drops & mesos dropped by the monsters in the Big Bang Chaos patch.

    Feel free to post your findings on the new drops & mesos here - me and any of the Database Moderators will go through them and update the database as soon as we can.


    Also guys, I'd really appreciate it if you guys could separate the drops by their categories as it'd help us update the database quicker. :) Use the following format and simply fill them in (feel free to add additional info if you think we missed out on any):

    HTML Code:
    [B]Monster's Name & Level (optional):[/B]
    [B]Maker (for Magic Powders):[/B]
    Also one more thing, do indicate if the equipment is for (M) or (F) as there are a few equipment (particularly Thieves') that have the same name for both the male and female varieties.

    Update 2: Since the Chaos patch has been released, it would make more sense to rename this thread as Chaos.

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    Do we need to post screenshot, or only what monster actually drop something? Sorry if this is not the place to ask, but I see nowhere else...

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    It would be better if you could post a screenshot too - else we accept submissions solely on your words because we trust you guys. :)

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    I will help if I get the time. :D

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    I'll post what I can, though I cant say I'll be able to SS everything as my SS button does not work and Prt Srn + Paste on MS Paint is not the best method for multiple screenshots.

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    how do you post a screen shot...

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    Green Snails: Green Shells, Red Potion, Blue Potion, 1 meso
    Blue Snails: Blue Shells, Red Potion, Blue Potion, Orange Potion, Hardwood Wand, Blue Bandana, Red Bandana, 4 meso
    Red Snails: Red Shells, Red Potion, Blue Potion, Orange Potion, 11 meso
    Slime: Squishy Liquid, Red Potion, Blue Potion, ? meso
    Orange Mushrooms: Orange Mush Caps, Red Potion, Blue Potion, Orange Potion, ? meso
    Octopus: Blue Potion, Red Potion, Orange Potion, Bronze Ore, Octopus Leg, 13 meso
    Stump:Blue Potion, Red Potion, Orange Potion, Branch, 14 meso

    Lol, that's what I got so far. xD
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    Skeles still drop Green Ciaras

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    Drakes drop Drake's Blood, Drake Skin,Drake Skull, Blue Goldwind Shoes and Mithril Hildon Boots so far.
    And Snack Bar spawn in Cave exit map. If that info is needed as well.

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    Blue Snails: Red bandana

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